Iran launched surface-to-surface missiles against ISIS positions in Eastern Syria today. The good news is that this was (at least officially) not in retaliation for the US shoot-down of a Syrian military fighter jet, which had just dropped bombs on the town of Ja’Din, currently held by the anti-Syrian government Syrian Democratic Force (SDF). It is the first time in almost 30 years since Iran has launched a missile.

This was also the first time the US has shot down a Syrian military jet. The shoot-down occurred 2 miles beyond the “Deconfliction Line” established by the US and Russia. The US “Coalition”, which is in Syria illegally while it attempts to topple the Assad Regime is obviously not authorized to be there at all, including by the UN Security Council.

Russia said the shoot-down was a step toward a dangerous escalation and announced that they, too will no longer abide by the “Deconfliction Line” and will intercept any kind of aircraft west of the Euphrates River.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford,  said the US would try “in the next few hours” to re-establish deconfliction arrangements with Russia.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports here that Iran’s missile strike was in retaliation for shooting attacks that took place in Tehran earlier this month, for which ISIS claimed responsibility.

Meanwhile, the shut-down of the Al Jazeera news agency is one of the several conditions laid down by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf State allies before there will be any possibility of lifting the economic blockade recently placed on Qatar, due to their accusations of Qatar’s support for terrorism; claims have been vehemently denied by Qatar’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani.

Turkey has denounced the blockade against Qatar and quickly moved troops into Qatar in a show of support.

US-backed Kurds are reported to be preparing to storm two ISIS positions in Syria. NATO-ally Turkey is horrified by the US backing of the Kurds.

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  • HELL YA its about god damn time i dunno y they haven’t been this whole time you cannot trust amerika AMERIKAN BULLSHIT not ever…even with trump i think i know this now too y he gave the military carblonche to do whatever the hell they want cause he knows they will anyways SO ALL THE MORE REASON IT IS TIME TRUMP TELL THE TRUTH AND ARREST THE BASTARDS…END THE FED END THE SHIT DOLLAR STOP AMERIKA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!! THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION OF AMERIKA MUST END!! you guys need to stop using shit dollars fur real demand YUAN RUBBLES DONG RIALS RUPIAH RUPEES or anything else from your jobs businesses…ultimate goal get more silver…BEWARE and be forewarned of cryptos who created bitcoin and y??? is it really a CIA op i think they have big plans for crytpos esp bit coin and eth the big ones we know of esp maybe look into dash but just be careful….they are in control i think no matter what other ppl say…or they think they know…

  • Israel wants war with Iran. Saudi Arabia wants war with Iran. The neocons and liberal interventionists want war with Iran.

    Our actions, all illegal, in Syria, are nothing but foreplay for the end game which is war with Iran, unless they agree to step aside and let the exceptional nation do as it pleases in the ME. War with Russia or for that matter the PRC in other parts of the world is less likely, but we will continue in our attempt to militarily encircle them in a deluded attempt to thwart their economic power, which in the case of the PRC, was helped in no small part by the political geniuses inside the Beltway who told us such economic ties would bring our countries closer together, but who today completely forget their earlier policies and now advocate aggressive actions towards that country.

    Anyone who wants peace must never again vote for the Democratic or Republican parties, the Gemini twins of endless war.

  • What the bloody hell is the United States doing in Syria without permission? Conducting an invasion? Starting to sound like Nazi’s more and more every dam day. All this is about an oil pipe line going from the south to the west that has been planned for quite some time now and the banksters want it no matter who has to die. And that’s a fact jack.


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