This latest video from Greg Reese succinctly describes the 200-year subterfuge campaign that has destroyed the US Government from within and how a Russian paramilitary company, the Wagner Group has put out a recruitment advertisement, appealing to patriotic American soldiers to join forces with the only country on the planet that is currently fighting the New World Order: Russia.



The destruction of America from within has been going on for over 200 years.

Seven years after the American Revolution, the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 established the King of England as the Prince-Elector of the United States and America continued paying debts to the Crown.

During the War of 1812, the British torched the White House.

The Act of 1871 created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia, allowing it to operate with its own laws, outside of the US Constitution, creating the Corporation of the United States and a new city-state for the Old World Order, with its financial capital in the City of London, its religious capital in Vatican City and its military capital in the District of Columbia.

These city-states have their own sovereignty.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act gave full control of America’s wealth to a private corporation beholden to the City of London.

During the Nuremburg Trials, only 19 were found guilty, while hundreds of Nazi war criminals were given jobs in the United States Military-Industrial Complex.

If you were to search online for just about any Middle Eastern country in the 1950s, you will see what the region looked like, before the British Petroleum, the CIA and the Mossad turned it into a Hellhole of radical Islamic rule.

Placing psychotic puppets in power, the Old World Order then used it as a catalyst for the War Against Terror, which was then used to destabilize the region and create the catalyst for mass-migration into Europe and America.

Many Americans refuse to recognize the endless crimes against humanity being committed by our own government. And so, by default they blindly support it – even when the American government is caught funding bioweapons labs around the Russian border. Many Americans turn a blind eye.

And so now, the majority of the world stands with Russia and see America as the main threat against humanity.

A new video produced by Russia’s Wagner private military is now recruiting Americans to join them in their fight against the United States, pointing out how the United States has become a force of evil and is no longer what our Forefathers intended it to be.

If Americans were as righteous as we think we are, then we would not stand for such a corrupt government wreaking havoc on the rest of the world in our name.

Instead, most of us are content fighting each other and turning a blind eye.

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  • Unfortunately, it’s all so very true, Greg. And the power that this evil has amassed is frightening. But our very survival as a species, demands it to be stopped. Can’t wait for the return of the Messiah. Can’t wait. Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Turning a blind eye is bullshit. Some of us are devout Christians that are not able to ( fight), we are of an older generation and or are disabled. The Pres. has already said the only way to get to them is with an x-Grande-firecracker. Take it up w/ the city by the eastern sea. It’s not apart of this real nation.

  • Americans need to get their heads out of the sand to realize our country was taken over by the 4 the Reich Deep State Luciferian Globalist Cabal after World War II. London (Banking) Vatican(Religion) and Washington D. C. (Military) were the Luciferian Hubbs controlling the World. Russia and it’s allies are the only ones with skin in the game trying to defeat this Demonic Enemy that wants to Genocide 95% of this World’s Population and Enslave the rest of those survivors here on EARTH.

    • LOL, 4th Reich. While the Third Reich was fighting Communism, Britian & United States was supplying Communist Soviets with millions of $$$ in Tanks, Aircraft & even Pilots. Also
      food, while America was put on rations.
      Germany didn’t start that war, drunken Churchill & Roosevelt did, just like Churchill & Woodrow arranged the false flag of Lusitania in 1915, to bring America into WW1 to save the Britts butts, once again. It is a known fact the Lusitania was carrying 600 Tons of explosives, 6 million rounds of ammunition, 1200 cases of shrapnel shells.
      So, get your “head out of the sand ” Matlock medical doctor…. how funny is that….

  • The Act of 1871 created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia, allowing it to operate with its own laws, outside of the US Constitution, creating the Corporation of the UNITED STATES . It’s too bad the J6er patriots didn’t realise they were marching into a foreign country; and nobody in the alt-media informed any of us( could be wrong and if wrong provide link).Does anyone know of anybody saying, ” don’t go!”

  • How does a person apply for a job with them. That will be funny to see if lots a people team up with Wagner. All the best to them for helping over throw this sick corrupt disgusting regime in this shithole. And in ukraine as well. Killing lots and lots of nazis and nato scum soldiers.

  • US bio labs in Ukraine conducted tests on the soldiers and ppl there. One name Russia released worked on AIDS and “global health surveillance” for global infectious diseases. Aids in africa. Aids was an injected bioweapon- look up the strecker memorandum- warning this is a bioattack alert. HIV is in the cv shots to get the shot to bypass the immune system. There is indeed a pattern that develops. {i looked her name up on her web site for that info}

  • Lesson2
    The United States of America (unincorporated) subcontracted with several subsidiary organizations to provide specific government services: the States of America (international land jurisdiction); (2) the United States of America (international sea jurisdiction); and (3) the United States (air jurisdiction).
    The Constitution for the united States of America resulting from the Treaty of Paris 1778 (Spanish King) is the Original Equity Contract and National Constitution. This governs the delegated international land jurisdiction giving rise to the United States National Government.

    The Constitution of the United States of America resulting from the Treaty of Paris 1783 (British King) is the original Territorial Constitution. This governs the delegated international sea jurisdiction giving rise to the Territorial United States Government.

    “The Constitution of the United States” resulting from the Jay Treaty is the original Municipal Constitution. This governs delegated global air jurisdiction giving rise to the Municipal United States Government.

  • Lesson1
    The Supreme Republican Declaration of the United Colonies of America (1775) declares the republican nature of the colonies and claims right of self-defense for each colony (farm family assembly).
    The colonies claimed their air (global), soil and land (national), and sea (international) jurisdictions by natural right in the same way that individual people have the right to self-defense.
    The Unanimous Declaration of These United American Colonies published July 4, 1776 declares the nation-states (people plus soil within prescribed boundaries). Each former colony issues its own nonenumerated declaration defining Georgia, Virginia, Maine, etc.

    The new nation-states combined forces to fight the Revolutionary War and chose a name: “The United States of America” for their unincorporated union on September 9, 1776.
    The United States of America (unincorporated) is fully sovereign; it functions as a Holding Company for the nation-states. The new states had plenary jurisdiction over the soil and via The United States of America (Holding Company), claim to their international and global jurisdictions also.

  • Many Patriots are fighting the evil and see it. Unfortunately so many ordinary people go on the concept of what their country was before it became corrupted. War has changed, it is now the elite and whoever will serve them against the rest of us. A war without borders or nationality. It is the people who woke up trying to convince even their own families to wake up and fight. If all who were awake could find that battlefield the entrenched problem would be over. Even the Ukraine war started by the same evil was so they could go in and take Ukraine, not from Russia, who wanted no fight with them, but to get all the resources and threaten Russia. I was not aware at first but truly the country we are fighting needs to be renamed immoral greed, with the silver lining of the Patriots. Its ally is the inner city of London.

  • Russia is a crappy place to live also…Alex Jones is more than likely getting paid to recruit for communism…
    Go inward to the vastness beyond space and time
    Earth is nothing but a game for the ignorant, the egoist, and Satanists…
    One must learn to save ones self…
    There is no salvation on this planet…

  • People in this former OF, BY, and FOR THE PEOPLE Constitutional republic would rather remain willfully ignorant than get involved in anything of importance. Only when their cell reception is gone and their cable feed is cut will they finally realize the significance of what is happening.

  • Americans are far too busy cutting off their own peckers and getting breast implants to give a sh*t about all the crimes the U.S. government and democrat party are committing all around the globe. So if they’re waiting for Americans to get off the sofa and stop watching Kardashians and social media filth, they’re gonna be waiting a long, long time….probably forever.

    • Rocco,

      Good Points !

      Consider my thoughts :

      – Forwarded Message –

      My below JungianINTP post
      is found here :

      Bill Andrews says
      FEBRUARY 1, 2023 AT 9:07 AM

      This article and previous post on taking advantage of people and kids = Be Gone Satin ! ” We have child labor laws in this country from exploiting children for profits ? ( Prostituition is illegal in 50 states excluding Las Vegas ? )

      JungianINTP says
      FEBRUARY 2, 2023 AT 7:42 AM

      Bill Andrews,

      Re : “Be Gone Satin !”

      Forwarded Message :

      Dear Naomi Wolf et al.,

      The Holy Bible is a compilation
      of tens-of-thousands of years of
      human trials, mostly bloody and
      painful, for passing from gener-
      ation to generation what works
      and doesn’t, in keeping Good
      Civil Society ( keeping good health
      and prosperity—both mental and
      physical Good HEALTH ).

      Yes, human history has been
      recorded – LESSONS learned ? –
      for many, many millennia—both
      those oral and scribed lessons
      ( study Aristotle, who had had
      millennia of written records of
      past civilizations—as he listed,
      in his “POLITICS,” some societies
      pushed toward bloody revolution
      due to race-mixing, as the in-
      herently less capable tribe comes
      to revolt over its seemingly unfair/
      “unjust” social conditions ).

      Watching public television re-
      package Norman Lear as some
      cultural – even spiritual – GOOD—
      with Mel Brooks and other
      TRIBAL folks of his ilk having
      praised him for using humor to
      wreck high-cultural civilization,
      by denigrating WHITE Christian
      men and their MORALITY and
      traditional FAMILY values at every
      turn, bodes ill for all of Western
      Civilization ( modeling what that
      TRIBE had done to post-WW-I
      Christian-Germany—giving rise to
      PAGAN Hitler’s horrific reprisals,
      as that TRIBE – as it does to this
      very day – had sought installation
      of International Communism while
      Pagan Nazism sought to preserve
      Germany by using National
      Socialism ).

      Lear’s “All in the Family” TV
      series was a CLEVER – even
      demonic ! – reprogramming of
      the American Christian Mind,
      of the GOOD and the TRUE—
      of what constitutes the idea,

      Lear and buddies sought to
      such as SACRED Sexuality
      couched within sacred matri-
      mony—within nuclear families.

      Humor is the DEVIL’s WORK-
      BENCH. If Lear and Brooks and
      buddies can get you to laugh
      at the idea of raping babies, as
      they had done during a ROAST
      a few years ago—you’ve been
      BADLY reprogrammed ( SNL is
      a BULLYING production, and
      weekly reprograms us—towards
      Libertine Liberalism using humor ).

      Here’s what you may not know
      about the bad side of that TRIBE
      —while the good side FIGHTS it to
      no avail, such as Torah-Jew Rabbi
      Daniel Lapin, who has tried but
      failed to do it for decades ( Lear
      and his buddies had destroyed his
      Jew/Christian “Toward Tradition”
      organization, because of Rabbi
      Lapin’s Truth-Telling about
      Lear & Company & Hollywood & TV : ) :

      – SNIP –


      JungianINTP says
      FEBRUARY 2, 2023 AT 9:14 AM



      • Great post, Jungian INTP.

        Recently reading an online commenter’s view of Bea Arthur of “Golden Girls” :

        They said “even without the material I can review online now about EGI ( Elite Gender Inversion), I never was convinced that Arthur was female.”

  • “If you were to search online for just about any Middle Eastern country in the 1950s, you will see what the region looked like, before the British Petroleum, the CIA and the Mossad turned it into a Hellhole of radical Islamic rule.”

    I recommend this documentary,
    The Land Speaks Arabic – Palestine Diary

    The Land Speaks Arabic. A Film by Maryse Gargour
    Reviewed by Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh:

    ‘La Terre Parle Arab’ (2007). Director Maryse Gargour. Arabic, French, English audio with English subtitles, 61 minutes. Winner of several European awards (ASBU, Prix France 3 Medirerranee, Prix Memoire du Medirerranee).

    This excellent documentary on one of the most pressing issues of our time brings together rarely seen footage of Palestine before 1948 juxtaposed with historical research, eyewitness accounts, stunning choreography, moving testimonials, and historical documents.

    We can state the fact that before the Zionist project began in Palestine it was more heavily populated than the United States of today. We can state that Palestine 20 years or even fifty years after the Zionist project was launched was still predominantly Arab. But it is one thing to state a fact and another to have seen it or lived it. The next best thing is to have a film that shows you a video of the era and pictures of the documents of the era. That is what this film does in a very professional, practical, and effective way.

    … Letters in European languages exchanged between European Zionists and European imperialists are read followed by scenes of the impact of these blueprints of social engineering. Articles from newspapers of the late 19th century and early 20th century report on the progress (a poor choice of word in this context) of the colonisation project. We see through documents, including news reports and letters, that the word colonisation was used by the Zionist colonizers, when their writings and their speeches expressed the ideas of replacing the natives with the new population from Europe. We hear from Ahad Haam, Israel Zangwill, Yosef Weitz, Chaim Weitzmann, Theodor Herzl, and David Ben-Gurion. (…)

    • And dear Arabs , what happened the language before the Arab. You exterminated those people with their language together . So STFU!

    • Danse, Palestine was a Region of the Ottoman Empire, never a Nation. It only had 4,000 tent dwellers in 1868 when land was purchased by George David Hardik in Northern Israel, Mount Carmel, a Coastal Mountain Range. He belonged to The Temple Society, from a Moravian Protestant church. Him & another member Christopher Hoffman began to develop infrastructure in the area. In 1898 Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany visited the area & further infrastructure development continued in Haifa & spread to Jaffa, Sirona, all the way to Jerusalem. Waves of pioneer settlers followed 1902-1907. This entire area remained under this Spiritual cooperation to rebuild the Temple, but in April 1920, after WW1, at the Conference of San-Remo, it became under British Rule.
      Israel government recognizes the Germans contributions, that can still be seen today.
      There was never a Palestine people, language or nation.

    • P,S, Danse, Wheat is a crop that was brought through migration of Aryan/Europeans. As well as Cattle. Keep this is mind while viewing that post, that does not come across as being authentic, judging by the architecture of the buildings.
      Germans left behind German architecture in that area, all documented.


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