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Tired of the US Presidential Election?

Good. Here’s some freaky stuff about Antarctica from Russian TV.

I don’t know that Russia has “Glasnost”, anymore in this post-Gorbachev age –  but it’s obvious, that in the West today, we certainly don’t have that either – unless it’s hacked by WikiLeaks or by Anonymous.

This documentary asks why did he Nazis expend so much capital and materiel towards their exploration and building of a base in Antarctica?

In this high-quality, made-for-Russian TV documentary with English subtitles, we can see another perspective about the US Navy’s well-funded expedition to Antarctica, during the 1940s.

Operation Highjump, led by Admiral Byrd preceded and continued after the end of World War Two.

It was a project where everything appeared to get super-weird. Anybody close the subject knows this.

As a side note, my mother’s paternal grandfather was a Venetian immigrant to Brazil in the 1920s, where he became a chief engineer of the largest brewery in South America, Cerverjaria Antarctica, the logo of which bears a close resemblance to that of Operation Highjump.

That brand has since been bought up by the largest beer conglomerate on the planet, InBev, the same Belgian-based transnational corporation that owns Budweiser.

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