No word yet on who did the false flag gas attack in Syria on Sunday.

These text-to-voice robots are getting better. This one reads the following Associated Press report:

4:14AM EDT   The Russian military says the Israeli Air Force was behind the airstrike in Syria and had launched eight missiles on a Syrian air base.

A Syrian military official also says Israel was behind the attack.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says two Israeli fighter jets launched the attack on the T4 air base in central Syria from Lebanon’s air space in the early hours on Monday.

The ministry says Syria shot down five out of the eight missiles that targeted the base. It says the other three landed in the western part of the T4 base.

Syrian state TV meanwhile quoted the unnamed military official as saying Israeli F-15 warplanes had fired several missiles while flying over neighboring Lebanon. The TV gave no further details.

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  • More MIC bullshit from our corrupted traitors in American politics and international corporate criminals. So fucking obvious this is a war the MIC wants.

    Hang ALL these traitors.

  • Meanwhiel I know that there is poisened DNA, where this poison provokes all kinds of wars, as well inside as outside the own material body.
    My question here is: Who/what made it possible that the DNA of peace and the DNA of love can not appear on earth?

  • The Rothschild’s are at it again, provoking another war, now why didn’t Trump send in a strike force from the base that is on Syria to keep a watch on aggression ? Oh, that’s right, it was Rothschild aggression, can hurt the bankers association of war mongers, and false flag terror CIA style. Oh, maybe I’ve said too much. Remember, follow the money to the oil pipe line to be installed after the war, that is about to start.

  • Well of course we know this is false. Assad is always attacking himself and blaming Israel. Every time Syrian military has things under control Assad bombs or gasses himself. He is suicidal and America must come to his rescue to save him from himself and liberate Syrians who are mad for trying to keep their heads attached to their necks. It’s a form of mass mental illness and America much help them. I suggest we send them John McCain to replace mad man Assad.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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