Former Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has published his list of “fake news” outlets he claims are responsible for leading the United States into a war in Iraq, lying about ObamaCare and colluding with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

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  • The truth will set you free, and that’s what the government, all branches of it, don’t want. If that happened, they would need to get a job, and a new life, they want to stay in the money rut that they have been living in, just doing what their told, don’ rock the boat, you might fall off. Well, I can always hope, can’t I? Or has that been made against the law as well.

  • Trump can always morph RADIO FREE AMERICA into an interactive daily Fireside Chat Room open to all, and bypass controlled mainstream media entirely. Roosevelt found his stride talking directly to us and now we can post comments live.

  • Finally, the scaffold’s being built for the vehement propagandists; let truth reign.
    Now if we can only get the Holy-Wood to stop feeding tripe to our youth, i.e. occult symbolic entertainment, snuggled within the guise of decency.
    Oh happy be that day 😉
    Thanks AB


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