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    Given the head-spinning pace at which George Webb and Jason Goodman have been uploading posts to YouTube in their investigation of the body of
    crimes that encompass the murder of Seth Rich, I’ve been hoping since yesterday that the finalized edit of the interview with the private investigator initially hired by Seth Rich’s family, Rod Wheeler conducted yesterday might be up by now.

    Rod Wheeler exploded on the scene about 2 weeks ago, on FOXNEWS and its DC affiliate station. This has almost succeeded in costing Sean Hannity his job, after the latter’s advertisers threatened to pull their funds from his show, in a high-profile and transparent mirror of how the Alternative Media has been systematically destroyed by corporate censorship over the past two years.

    The Wheeler interview should prove to be extremely interesting! It is still being edited. My sense is that Jason Goodman wants to produce a video of professional quality, which takes a lot of work and time in post-production. The duo have been slapping up iPhone videos up on YouTube for weeks and I’m sure he feels that Rod Wheeler, who has been hung out to dry by both the Mainstream Media and by the manipulated Rich family deserves a proper hearing in an interview produced with decent production values.

    In the meantime, we can hopefully satisfy ourselves with this mind-blowing recap of the slew of compelling facts that have emerged during George Webb’s whirlwind investigations during his past few weeks in DC.

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