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Rochelle Walensky Is a Psychopath

The same government that declared monkeypox a National Emergency is virtually silent about America’s Chernobyl. Our government has been hijacked by criminal psychopaths.

Watch how Rochelle Walensky weaponizes bluster to inflict blunt force trauma. When asked by Rep Cathy McMoriss Rodgers (R-WA) if the CDC will revise its guidance to mandate masks in schools in light of the Cochrane review, that shows masks do not curb COVID and they are detrimental to child development, CDC Director Walensky replied that the CDC’s advice on child masking will never change, saying, “Our masking guidance doesn’t really change with time, it changes with disease.”

The reason why the masking policy will never change is the same reason why their guidance on the Death Shot will never change – and the same reason why the Death Shot was added to the Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule last week. These psychopathic bureaucrats are on a genocidal campaign against you and your children and the only way this will stop is when we stop them.

Rochelle Walensky is an administrator in this war, of which the Department of Defense is at the helm – the same Department of Defense that just purposefully poisoned the people of the country that they’re supposed to be defending, including their own troops; the same Department of Defense that oversaw the theft of the 2020 Election and that has tacitly allowed all of our voter data to be sent to China.

It’s the same Department of Defense that just allowed a Chinese spy balloon to do communications sweeps and to rehearse launching an EMP device over our country – and then, superciliously claimed that the additional spy balloons might be UFOs.

None of these garbage clowns have any legitimacy. They are killing us and they are deliberately collapsing our country. They are at war with us.

It’s time for citizen’s arrests.

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