This 19-minute segment features in my opinion two of the greatest American heroines alive today. The clip comes from a private member video offered as part of Catherine Austin Fitts’ financial service, The Solari Report and it features Former Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney.

McKinney is shown here in 2006, grilling the dumbstruck former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld during a hearing of the Armed Services Committee about the war games alleged to have taken place on 9/11, as well as about the $2.3- and $1.1 trillion missing and unaccounted for from the Department of Defense’s budgets for 1999 and 2000, respectively. Rumsfeld blanks out completely, evincing a total loss of control of his mental faculties, possibly due to post-hypnotic suggestions (mind control). Rumsfeld’s deposition is completely unbecoming of someone in his powerful position. Defense Department Comptroller, Tina Jonas does appear to be in control of her mentation but is no less evasive in her responses.

Fitts comments on the clip of this hearing, “What we see is that the Appropriation Clause and the War Powers Clause, in combination or not being enforced – and until and unless they are enforced…you’re literally seeing the machinery that’s going to destroy the world…You have a machinery where a group of people in the Deep State can print or borrow an infinite amount of money and spend it on a non-disclosed basis, completely outside the Constitution and this allows them, literally to run an entire planet by force.”

Fitts writes, “The list of presidents, congressman, senators, mayors, government officials, soldiers, journalists, activists and honest business and civic leaders who have been assassinated, ‘suicided,’ poisoned, falsely slandered and framed, entrapped, or dirty tricked in rigged elections is long and growing. The allegations of control file operations that depend on pedophilia, financial fraud, and organized crime also increase. The number of dual-passport citizens within the Congress and our federal bureaucracy calls into question just who is in charge and whose national interests direct our military. We have the senate minority leader declaring on national television that the President is not in charge – he must do what the intelligence agencies tell him. The governance questions are profound.

“Money and violence are the heart of these issues. The United States has spent $14 trillion on global wars over the last 30 years because Congress finances war and because Congress tolerates illegal and unconstitutional financial practices at the US Department of Defense and US Treasury. In 2015, the DoD alone was missing $6.5 trillion in undocumentable adjustments. Even now the US Treasury cannot produce audited financial statements for the US Government, as required by law, and has not produced accurate and understandable place-based financial reporting.

“Now we have reached a fork in the road. We can continue to become an inhuman society in which the law no longer respects or protects the average person and his or her property, or we can try to remain a human society, in which the rule of law protects one and all – including the people in the developing world who have been the target for much longer of the disaster capitalism and lawlessness attacking US and European communities…

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  • If Bush Sr had let Casper Weinberger go on trial and blown the lid off Iran/Contra, he would have been impeached. So he brought his Mena drug partner (Bill Clinton) in to be President. Now President Trump is caught up in a TURF WAR between the Clinton Crime Family (Comey) and the Bush Crime Family (Mueller) and, instead of the Clinton’s taking over the Bush/Clinton Crime Family with Hillary (Comey) like they planned, they’ve had to RE-UNITE against TRUMP using Mueller/Comey to save the Bush/Clinton crime family and try to stop President Trump from draining their “criminal” swamp. It’s just that simple.

  • Meet the New World Order .. Once it is understood Communism and Zionism are both trees split from the same trunk and the same root system, the picture becomes clearer. Both had the same goal: World Domination. Which one won? Putin, a Christian, stopped the ZioCON/Communists (dual citizens) looting of Russia and, when he started to prosecute them, they fled to Israel. Today they’ve shifted their focus to the USA and, and in addition to looting the USA, they’re bringing their Iron Curtain police state down on us. Until Trump, at the risk of being called an anti-Semite, gets the courage to do what Putin did and toss the ZioCON/Communists (dual citizens) out of the US Government, the USA will continue its’ downhill slide and, if they ever get the guns, millions of Christians will die, just like they did to the Christians in Russia.

  • Iv reposted this several times under the heading – USA TODAY- 911 is still the Biggy , 911 will crack this gang of traitors wide open, it will happen keep the faith , repost & let the sheepie see the real enemy – AIPAC.

  • The world is broken, we attempt to elect “people” to fix things in this country, then after being elected they are hypnotically put in place by the fixtures in DC, to follow a different plan. It’s old news to some who watch the change happen. A little power, a little sex, a little movie, another one joins the club. I love this country, the people in it, but, it’s got to be taken back from the controllers, or, do as the constitution says, and replace it. If you can’t follow what I’m saying, forget it, we are sinking.

  • Hi Elle I’m replying to your reply below but ran out of space. By green shoots, I mean that UK contemporary artists are exploring these issues that Alexandra is talking about. I’ve been looking for these topics to emerge in the arts and I’m seeing them increasingly in the arts, intelligent analysis, not parody which is what we want. Hurray! As far as the behaviour of a whole nation being neatly summed up I think you’re in danger of over simplification. But its probably true to say that the UK is slower in waking up than you guys are. I’m in awe of your alt media. I recently collaborated with a journalist (I’m an art student) and she used the term fake news. it was the first time I’d heard that term, she was referring to alt media. I found myself having to self censor because I love the alt media, I’ve never been in that position before and I felt a bit shocked. I really don’t want to live in a society where I have to self censor, you know what I mean?

    • The most important issue is to be a self censor, what in particular is of impact for any kind of artist. I call this also meditation.
      What is mostly done is projecting the uncensored self where any violence appears automatically.

      • Yes of course its important to ask who am I and draw down the light etc. But we still live in the material world, and I’m looking for signs that the alt media isn’t alone in this struggle. Other factions are also taking it on and I see that starting to happen in the arts

  • Loved remembering that a US Representative demanded accountability by holding the MIIC Neocons’ feet to the fire. ANSWER THE FREAKING QUESTION you creepy criminals. Cynthia actually went to work?–that’s 1. The holes that allow the continual leaking of money from the bucket committees’ budgets went directly to support the MIIC’s Secret Space Program (SSP)and all the MIIC’s nasty little R&D that supports it. That would be the SSP that NASA, just last week, felt they had to deny any participation in while calling it, wait for it folks!–a “conspiracy theory!!!!!!!”. Run, Forrest run! It’s a theory! If one feels they have to deny, what NASA called “outrageous accusations”, the scythe is moving closer as that pendulum swings. They know they are directly under it. I’m still predicting a move against humanity by the Neocons’ criminal network/Cabal in an attempt to put a cap on the planet before the glasses can go on (They Live) to reveal their true nature to the willfully ignorant and stupid.

    Agree. Definitely an organized crime model and absolutely demonic without question. No other words in English for them. Excellent discussion.

    • I see, interesting. Movement toward a fully awakened population is everywhere in grassroots voices of which we rarely hear. Love it. I have an art history degree myself but do not follow the trends these days. As far as over simplifying the worldwide situation…anything can happen anywhere and I do not hold to static concepts. I’ve said it many times- to “believe” is to halt learning and incorporating new information. An open mind is your most valuable asset. Nevertheless, at my age one has to acknowledge that every culture has a base personality drawn from millennia of overlaid authority. This base reaches far into the psyche of the population. If you ever have a chance to go to a worldwide children’s art event, do it. You can see immediately which culture each child emerged from without ever looking at the location noted. Even having stated this fact, the psyche is flexible and CAN be changed, usually by extraordinary events. But like a battleship it takes a while to turn the thing around. We are all at the helm.

      Here you are a younger student, I assume? You’ve begun to wake-up to what is happening worldwide AND you live in the UK–all buck the trends of the your culture and that of the worldwide authority model that has conditioned you (us all) to sleep, be static, be ruled. I’m up for anyone anywhere awaking to their innate sovereignty no matter how or why that arises. This is what I see happening to humanity worldwide–an evolution of consciousness. It had to happen. We are awakening to the iron grasp of authority and their misuse and abuse of power which has had us in its grip for millennia. When awakened we understand that being pushed about and divided by tyrants who use fear to claim their self-importance over us is ridiculous and laughable. We see the absolute need for choosing personal responsibility in ourselves and, especially, to others. I can be as negative and angry as anyone when I read about those who run this world and their daily crimes against humanity. Still, I harbour hope in people like you who tell of tiny movements, like the breath of a wind in the middle of the ocean sending huge waves to hit the shore across the world. I’m so happy we communicated, Debbie. Thanks for the art update. Be well and safe.

      • Hi Elle thanks for the debate, I enjoyed it 🙂 and you’re right of course but in my Englishness I think of the queen as part of the background furniture, but I also think of Johnny Rotten….lol

  • Someone heroically brave (like CAF?) needs to tell the American people to stop paying their taxes. And we need someone to come to the fore in the UK. I feel like we’re so far behind you guys over here. The critical debate that you now have in the US alt media is very impressive.

    • Yeah, I have family in the UK and I agree with you that the dominant narrative there and in Europe is more monolithic and undisputed.

      • There is a faction that’s taking on these ‘non central discourses’ and that’s contemporary artists. Although in interviews many claim not to believe in conspiracies themselves. At the moment it is all too easy to be ridiculed and have your reputation ruined.

    • England is still a cast system, even though it would deny such today. These cultural things never really die they just move underground in thought and action, much like the Southern USA, also born from a cast system. Point in fact–The Queen still exists, controls wealth her lineage murderously stole from the very people that still stand on street corners saluting her just as the rest of Europe does with their creepy, murderous royals.

      • Oops!
        And yes, a coming forward would be amazing but I just don’t see that happening in England–a cast system for too long.

          • And in any case what is emerging from these various discussions is that the separate nations we understand the world to be comprised of are in fact governed by one collective. Isn’t that your understanding?

          • I don’t understand “green shoots in the arts”. Can you educate me?

            Absolutely–on your second comment. What I’m attempting to say, not very eloquently, is that each nation has a culture. Within any culture we can expect particular behaviors because of individual histories. I hope every day of my life that every nation wakes up enough to “throw the bums out”.

            (There was no REPLY button to hit below your 2nd comment, sorry.)


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