Fast and Furious whistleblower, Jeffrey Prather, a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces says that the Biden administration abandoned Americans mothers and children, leaving them to die in a “planned, purposeful betrayal of Americans in Afghanistan and our Afghanistan allies.”

As evidence of this, he says that Active Specops were relieved of duty for rescue operations. Regardless, many veterans are running private rescue and recovery operations. Horribly, our federal agencies are trying to stop them.

This is an amazing, in-depth report, with a great guest, Peter Donovan – and a great opening:

In Fast & Furious, Obama ran thousands of guns to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico. Those guns murdered agents, Brian Terry, Jayme Zapata and hundreds of Mexicans.

In Baghram, Biden ran hundreds of thousands of guns to the Taliban. Those guns are murdering Americans and our allies, as I speak.

In Benghazi, Obama abandoned four Americans and allowed Muslim terrorists to murder and sodomize our ambassador.

In Kabul, Biden abandoned thousands of trapped Americans, then told them to leave.

Like Kayla Mueller, they too will be raped and murdered.

In Syria and Iran, Obama gave millions to our enemies.

In Afghanistan, Biden gave them billions.

Fast and Furious was an international covert gun-running operation.

Benghazi was an international covert gun-running operation.

Syria was an international covert gun-running operation.

Now Biden’s CIA, State Department, Big Tech CEOs and China puppeteers have turned Afghanistan into Fast and Furious, writ large.

Millions will die by bomb, bullet or jab and abandoned Americans will become Taliban hostages.

China will maintain Taliban and al-Qaeda’s new US tanks, helos and arms. Then, whatever China tells Taliban, the Taliban will tell Biden.

And then, this child-molester-monster will inflict it on us, with a sneer.

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  • My heart is cold towards those who cause great harm, who oppress us. My heart is warmed by my compassion in empathy towards their victims. My heart also demands justice.

  • This is a global resistance against the deepstate an don’t forget about who’s on top of the paramid . The negative aliens dracos,Grey’s, some insectects etc, that want this planet for there kind hiding in the shadows, its not new interstellar wars are always happening. Don’t forget about the true heros doing all the hard work our humanoid family pleidians, Andromeda, an near by brothers an sisters! There gonna fight back so be ready people wakeup your spirit as much as u can .clean your immune system an think about the good aliens our thoughts , energy can reach there home planets! They can send more helpers.

  • As a victim of molestation, a violation that effected my life from age 4 until age 29, it was only during prayer that deliverance took place setting me absolutely free. Children need deliverance as do adults. Memories that assaulted, and drove you to do things you didn’t really want to do were washed away in an instant while pure love and acceptance was poured into my mind and body.

  • Hi, I am having trouble viewing videos from time to time. In addition, I am always asked to sign up when I arrive and I never removed myself from your emails. I think that once this is fixed I can view videos again without a problem hopefully.

    Thank You, Kimberley

  • Alexandria,

    Underlying, Deep State purpose
    for State Department’s Afghan
    debacle :

    View Picture Posted on Sharyl’s Page, here : :

    P I C T U R E of West’s
    Coming / Continuing
    Destruction (( U.S. is
    always subjected to the
    brunt of our embedded
    Marxists’ Divide &
    Conquer stratagems,
    throughout Western
    nation-states )) :

    Divide & Conquer !

    Study my report, “Anatomy of a Revolution,”
    which reveals Deep State machinations, to
    destroy the White Christian West; for instal-
    ling Global Economic Socialism—then,
    “ Brutalitarian Communism “ (( my term—
    see postscript after that report )).


    • My postscript to ‘Anatomy of a Revolution’ :

      [[ —from a collection of my 3000-plus thoughts on the root causes of the West’s steep moral/cultural decline, “Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder” ]]

      2345) Communism is the goal of socialism, which is but a temporary pause in leftists’ forced march of humanity towards hell on earth, about which hell this scribbler has been giving warnings to anyone sympathetic to that cause – to that horrific insanity! – of socialism/communism, which ism’s bottom-line underpinnings are expertly retold by Long Visalo, a returnee to Pol Pot’s communistic Cambodia in 1973, and who gave this horrifying account of an indoctrination seminar for intellectuals at camp K-15, conducted by Khieu Samphan [“Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare,” by Philip Short, pp. 316-317]: “How do we make a communist revolution? The first thing you have to do is to destroy private property. But private property exists on both the material and the mental plane…To destroy material private property, the appropriate method was the evacuation of towns…But spiritual private property is more dangerous, it comprises everything that you think is ‘yours’, everything that you think exists in relation to yourself—your parents, your family, your wife. Everything of which you say, ‘It’s mine…’ is spiritual private property. Thinking in terms of ‘me’ and ‘my’ is forbidden…The knowledge you have in your head, your ideas, are mental private property, too. To become truly revolutionary, you must…wash your mind clean…So the first thing you must do to make yourself fit to participate in the communist revolution…is to wash your mind…If we can destroy all material and mental private property…people will be equal. The moment you allow private property, one person will have a little more, another a little less, and they are no longer equal. But if you have nothing – zero for him and zero for you – that is true equality…If you permit even the smallest part of private property [and private thinking!], you are no longer as one, and it isn’t communism”…[p. 325, employing George Orwell’s 1984]: “The whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought…In the end we will make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that will be needed will be expressed by exactly one word [no hint of what that one word is here], with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten…Every year fewer and fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller…In fact there will be not thought as we understand it now. Orthodoxy [communist orthodoxy] means NOT THINKING [my emphasis]…Orthodoxy is unconsciousness”; an INSANITY, dear reader, that’s lost on all leftists harboring any hope of goodness and truth being found in socialism/communism, and so extreme in its Utopian pursuit of equality that even to THINK of how beautiful a sunrise is or to smile at the missteps of a toddler at play or to feel even a hint of pleasure from a warming morning sun invites MENTAL INEQUALITY, which necessarily leads to material inequality, according to the leftist Utopians. How dare you to steal a mental pleasure that some comrade, somewhere, cannot equally share with you? There can be no private thoughts! And today’s socialism-/communism-/feminism-driven Left within Western democracies is incrementally leading us there, as today’s fairness-driven leftists are tomorrow’s equality-driven Pol Pots – those Marxian ARCHITECTS and their liberal-Christian and secular-humanist dupes! – who’ll eventually come to TORTURE and/or KILL any opponents of their perfect Marxian equality, and which fact about them ought to horrify any reason-driven person anticipating future results of the Marxists’ DIVERSITY MOVEMENT and requisite FORCED INTEGRATION, which their open-borders immigration policies now demand worldwide.



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