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    This montage started in 2021, with Whitney Webb tweeting one of the earliest versions, which at that time included just the Pfizer network TV bumper ads.

    Since then, incremental additions have been made to the trailer of clips of every new instance of Mainstream Media news announcer passing out and/or dying live on air.

    This version is the latest, with CBS LA meteorologist, Alissa Carlson Schwartz, who collapsed on-air on Saturday morning. Schwartz is apparently OK.

    The real question is whether we had ever seen this phenomenon on live television before 2021?

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Yea, nothing to see here!😡😡
      All of these people pushing the jab should be prosecuted..
      Just wait until China has all the power over this genicide. The jab will be mandatory for everyone Check out WHO and Biden turning over the powers to China over all pandemics. Not many people have heard this due to censorship!!

    • Notice on the second to last collapse, while the woman goes down, the asl translator emotionlessly drops both hands down to one side, as if there is a sign for dropping dead. Friggin’ weird.

    • This would be comedic if it wasn’t so serious. Russia is quite aware of our Bioweapon problem via the Karen Kingston Report and if we don’t soon take steps to curtail these Big Pharma Creators might feel compelled to take care of this little Bioweapon problem and “Save Humanity” themselves by purging our country of it, and nothing purges and sterilizes like Nuclear fire.

    • There is something going on for sure, just that we can’t get the accurate number.
      We need to like list down all the names.

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