Gender Dysphoria is distressing enough without it being turned into a political football to divide people against each other. It is probably one of the most weaponized topics of our time.

According to a peer-reviewed report, “Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Study of Parental Reports” by Lisa Littman, an Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Brown University, 87% of young people reported by their parents to have “come out” as trans did so after binge-watching social media, such as “transition” videos, a massive genre on YouTube and after “cluster outbreaks” of gender dysphoria among their groups of friends.

Young women at onset of puberty with no previous complaints of gender dysphoria seem to be more vulnerable to peer pressure or online influences than young men. In addition, of these young adults who “came out”, 49.4% subsequently tried to isolate themselves from their families; 46.6% only trusted information about gender dysphoria from transgender sources; 25.0% stopped spending time with non-transgender friends; 22.7% expressed distrust of non-transgender people.

Brown’s LGBTQ Center released a statement saying news of the study “has emboldened bigoted and discriminatory attitudes that have real-life consequences for members of our community especially trans youth. This has been harmful and dehumanizing to our students as well as staff and faculty.”

Under such fierce pressure, Bess Marcus, dean of Brown’s School of Public Health, had the article removed from the university’s website, saying the study could be used to “invalidate the perspectives of the … transgender community.”

There are, of course people with starkly different views on the recent explosion in young adults coming out as trans, an increase of over 50% since 2009, in Littman’s study.

Jon Rappoport recently wrote that, “Technocracy is shaping a new world based on twisting morality into pseudoscientific ‘facts’ that demand compliance. It’s a hoax on a grand scale…The op goes this way: Shift a decision about morality into a decision about the right to obtain medical treatment. For example, claim there is a disorder called Gender Dysphoria. Claim many children suffer from it. State that gender reassignment is the treatment that cures the disorder. State that every child has the ‘right’ to choose the treatment—AND parents who oppose it are illegally restricting their children.”

Indeed, parents have lost custody of their children for opposing their wishes for transgender medical treatments.

This video is a medical animation of male-to-female sexual reassignment surgery. It would certainly require an enormous amount of conviction and commitment to undergo this procedure. I first read about how it was done when I was a teenager and to finally see it is fascinating (and terrifying) and much more complicated than I’d imagined.

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  • No normal person would willingly undergo this, and that’s why I do NOT believe there’s any kind of globalist agenda about this. It’s not like any amount of persuasion will convince 99.9999% of people to want this. Much easier to popularise things that REALLY make people controllable like prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, sports, politics, religion, and black/white “us vs. them” thinking.

  • YES, you too can be what ever the government tells you you want to be, and if they don’t like what you choose they will censor you. Talk about propaganda, this “world” is in a state of madness. Now that is my point of view, take it or leave it, but you “can’t” change it. No matter who you think you are. Kind of like air planes brought down the World Trade Center, the government said one lie after another, and told you it was the truth. Do you believe them? LOL, I should keep my opinions to myself? Big smorgasbord, to keep us divided, lots of choices, and none of them matter. Best wishes for all your choices. May you live long and prosper, at what ever you choose.

    • It wasn’t that long ago that a woman who wore pants or had bobbed hair was “controversial.” True, the whole trans/tattoo/piercing subculture is a politically acceptable “standard deviation” (pun intended) where nowadays being “unique” means having a unique body, but beware if you REALLY try to Be Yourself where it really matters: in the mind. That’s because the mind is a lot more dangerous than any BODY can ever be to TPTB, which is why THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) tacitly condones drugs, alcohol, and crime by popularising it in movies. It’s to stop people from actually thinking on their own. The whole recycling agenda applies primarily to IDEAS.

      • I’m all for freedom of expression and for people to be happy but I think it’s a very Materialistic and Consumerist trend, this idea that you can buy yourself happiness by mutilating yourself and relying on hormone pills for the rest of your life. It’s a deeply unspiritual trend, where people are convinced that their egos know better than their higher selves and God about the wisdom of their incarnation.

        RT is producing a documentary about old trans people who regret what they did. In the trailer, one complains about how the doctors and the new trans industry are running all the way to the bank. RT will probably be removed from YouTube once it’s released.

  • Always wondered how a sex change happened in the operating room. A very intricate and delicate surgery….and no doubt very expensive as well. Imagine it takes a enormous amount of courage and determination to have it done. If ones’ decision isn’t fixed in bedrock, there is no going back. And then there is no ‘wonder’ as to the enormous emotional turmoil one would have to endure for the rest of ones’ life. It would be the worst trauma for not only the person with the ‘change’ but his/her family as well…endless years of suffering. Young people should never be offered this choice until they reach the age of 21 or even older. No one can say that they know for certain that they understand the ‘whole’ consequences of this decision at any age. It literally removes you from your birth/self. There should be no gov’t financing of this surgery. If you want it….you must step up and pay for it yourself. I would never judge a person for this choice but to make it sound like the answer to ones’ life problems is not the answer either. Your brain is still the same….and it runs the show.

  • A fascinating video which has quelled my curiosity regarding this topic.
    So it looks like sensation was maintained, so I wonder why when I had breast augmentation I lost all sensation in my nipples. I feel this was avoidable and my loss was due to inefficiency from my surgeon.

    • Depending on how the augmentation is performed, and by whom, nerve-endings can be damaged in the process.

      I know that for most breast reduction, which involves repositioning the nipple (sometimes literally removing and then reattaching) obviously severs critical nerve function.

      In these drastic, comprehensive reassignment surgeries, I’d guess most sensation is lost except directly on the clit/glans.

  • The mind control aspects of this demand respect, but not your agreement.

    It’s amazing. Looking back to the 60’s, the 70’s and beyond, at the attitudes then vs now on these topics.

    Mindful that CIA and others continually agitate for social change by creating chaos in the individual, groups, etc and then sens their people to universities, health-care and business, along with troops to government, all in an attempt to create the desired social change, is an amazing plan!

    Now, most of us still think that pedophilia is sick and twisted. But those players are all out there as I type, advocating for social change on that issue.

    Just ten years ago, when first contacting a trans, I felt the very same way towards them, it is sick and twisted. I’d like to say that the mind control hasn’t worked on me but it clearly has. Nowadays, I immediately get the brain message that these folks are human too and it isn’t right for me to judge them. And it isn’t right. But I do anyways. I just no longer admit it. And this is an example of an individual affected by the beamed messages, the social agitation, wanting not to be a bigot, etc.

    That’s how they win. And they will continue to do so. Issue after issue. All the way to our final destruction.

    There’s a difference between not accepting this social change and being a bigot. But in the era of socialists, communists and rampant mind control throughout society, that message is very lost.

    How many got called a racist simply for disagreeing with an Obama policy?


    • It isn’t working on me.

      The “people” who are – and have been pushing this degeneracy have been at it for over a thousand years. (((They))) have an “end game” in mind and have dutifully carried out what they have to do to make it reality – if WE let them. And by the looks of it we are letting them.

      There have been great leaders in the past who have tried to put an end to this, but due to the tremendous resources available to these – parasites who are at home nowhere and everywhere (truly “International”) those opposed to this sickening degeneracy have been unable to stop this.

      They are Nation wreckers whose vast resources allow them to be both the originators of this filth and the “controlled opposition”. They do this of course by playing both sides – LEADING the so called “opposition”.

      Why do you think that when the “Administration” changes, nothing really “changes”?

      Why do we only get to choose Republican or Democrat?

      Who really are “Libertarians”? Bernie Sanders is an avowed Socialist, and a member of this Tribe of psychopaths – so are most other supposed “Leaders” of “change”.

      We need a BENEVOLENT Dictator.

      “Democracy” is two Wolves and a Sheep deciding on what’s for dinner.

      It has to be changed.

      We need another Leader like Adolf Hitler.

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