Here’s a short segment from a June 21st, 2014 broadcast of MSNBC News (sometimes endearingly called “MSLSD”).

The show’s hostess, Alex Witt cites a Washington Post study, which found that over 400 military drones have malfunctioned and crashed into homes, farms and highways, with this number is expected to surge as these drone aircraft become increasingly deployed over American skies, in upcoming years.

She interviews journalist and lead writer of this Washington Post article, Craig Whitlock, “When Drones Fall from the Sky,” asking him what the main malfunctions seems to be.

Whitlock cites the number 1 reason for these mishaps as being due to a breakdown in the connection with the crafts’ GPS satellite links, the 2nd reason being mechanical or electrical failures and the 3rd being pilot error.

The various branches of the military have different standards of qualification for operating drones, with the Air Force having higher requirements than the Army but as for domestic use, these qualifications have yet to be hammered out by the FAA.

Witt asks if we’ll be starting to see drones crashing into our windows and backyards, as these craft begin to be unleashed over domestic skies, over the next year and a half and Whitlock says that, indeed this has already started happening, to which Witt says, “Well, you’ve already booked yourself for an interview with us next week to talk about that!”

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