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    Mouthy Buddha has made probably the best video about the QAnon phenomenon I’ve seen yet.

    He makes no claims about who’s behind Q but he points to the very interesting early coincidences, which lent it credence, as well as to the cognitive phenomena upon which it capitalizes, namely confirmation bias, consilience and the Baader-Meinhof effect, all of which are well explained, with his usual editorial flourish.

    He makes an important point about a certain feel-good message within the QAnon community, that “The blame for humanity’s religious and racial tribalism lies primarily on the shoulders of the elites, who have ‘engineered us’ into hate, and disconnection,’ which he rightly says is a disavowal of “The most complicated parts of human nature. And has elements of a kind of boomer hope p0rn. It’s false, and it wrongly aims the arrow of responsibility, and change, away from us.”

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    • Critical thinking reQuires, in viewing and analyzing any psych-out-op, the application of the ninety ten frame…ninety percent truth easily covers ten percent spin…the ‘knots’ are tied by experts, ask any Eagle Scout.

    • “The blame for humanity’s religious and racial tribalism lies primarily on the shoulders of the elites”

      I’d agree with that if you include anyone with any noticeable amount of power in “elites”. Like, the elders of a tribe in the middle of tribal Africa also count as “elites”. And since every known human society has some kind of power structure, the blame for humanity’s tribalism is essentially human nature. We form tribes because that’s what humans everywhere do.

      • If you’d have continued reading (or listening) you would know that this is precisely what he is criticizing about the whole Q motif:

        “It’s false, and it wrongly aims the arrow of responsibility, and change, away from us.”

    • Kudos! I have forced myself to stop reading the posts from the Q Legions. If you have not already done so, check out Douglas & Tyla Gabriel’s ruminations on Q on their website Aim4Truth. Please Sir–can we have some more? Yes, like the cat who ate some cheese & then waited around with “baited breath!” Best Regards

    • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck, you can be sure it is anything but a duck, especially if it is too good to be true.
      No anything/body/god is going to save anything. Save yourself.
      If you don’t correct yourself, does god bitch slap you on the fly? If you are waiting to be saved, you are in a prison of your own construct.
      Disempowerment is a thing. Do not fall for it. Trust yourself, not some preacher.
      Q = quackery.

    • “The most complicated parts of human nature” indeed. However, not much is said about this in the video. This, which is exactly what we must start to focus upon!

      I responded the following recently to a video by Leo Zagami about the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals (I had conversations with Leo when he lived here in Norway about ten years ago):

      Leo, you are aware of my background with child pornography and also a bit with my spiritual aspect. My perspective on the entire child sex phenomenon is that something major has got to give in. The scandals relating to the Roman Church are clearly part of a culture of license and perceived entitlement among the esoteric elites and percolating down from them to the more visible political, business and cultural elites, to take part in these “exquisite luxuries”. I am sure you will agree that that term is how adult sex with adolescents and younger are perceived among the elites, who have nothing but contempt for the plebeians and their “unenlightened”, restrictive ‒ “silly” ‒ morals.

      There are three essential aspects to this phenomenon that need to be realized fully and contemplated together in order to get a full grasp of the phenomenon:

      1. pleasure
      2. control files
      3. vampirism

      1. The first one is the most contentious one since it requires the realization that very many people, perhaps a majority, perhaps a large majority, of adult human beings could potentially enjoy sex with children and adolescents. What prevents the rest from doing so is not that they are sexually/emotionally/mentally healthy, but merely that they are being held in check by social taboo and socially imprinted morals. This, however, will be most fervently denied by most people who must, for the sake of their self-image consider such attractions and yielding to those, as categorically foreign to them, and that the depraved [sic] and sick [sic] people who indulge in such activities are categorically different from themselves.

      A HUGE majority of ordinary people are NOT going to allow themselves even to entertain a principled and hypothetical discussion of the would-be ramifications that most people might have an innate inclination towards sex with people of a younger age.

      2. Under today’s zero-sum-game paradigm of brute force reign, the people with no morals and completely utilitarian ethics will rise to the top of the power structure. Wielding access to protected child sex is for them an instrument of control in that it, a) atrophies the pre-existing morals of people they would like to have working for them in positions of confidence, hopefully to the degree that those people share their ethics and utter cynicism, or, if this cannot be effected at all or only partially, b) makes the creation of “control files” (Catherine Austin Fitts’ expression) though which the people can be blackmailed and coerced into loyal and obedient behavior, possible.

      3. You, Leo, may confirm or correct this, but my impression of (never having to my knowledge been present during or having otherwise witnessed) occult sex or blood rituals, is that there is a central element of energy harvesting, i.e. “energy vampirism”, taking place; the perpetrators are usurping the energies of the victim. And in that context, energies from children, in their being pure of such that contaminate the energy patterns of people who have reached mature age, are particularly valuable and can be siphoned off for use in further magic(k)al work.

      If the above can be acceded, it becomes clear that dealing with the sexual abuse scandals of the Roman Catholic Church cannot be done separately from the full context. Any such attempts will not in any way go to address the core problem but merely cause some minor or major shifts in the fault lines between the various factions of the elites that all are participating in the child sex phenomenon.

      I suggest that a viable path forward to effectively and sustainably make inroads towards being able to grapple directly with the core issues that are at stake here, might be to establish a permanent forum for addressing these matters in principle along the lines put forward by myself here. This forum must work under the auspices of powers that are sufficient to safeguard the continued work of the forum and the physical integrity of its participants.

      The over-arching core issues are the following:

      The manipulative practices of elites to control humanity via manipulating people’s definitions of
      – the human being (physical, energetical, intellectual, social, sexual, spiritual)

      and most importantly the following subsets thereof:

      – gender
      – sexuality

      As we see the focus on these two rising exponentially in our culture, we can safely conclude that we are in the endgame, at the end of which our entire civilizational substructure, i.e. our reality paradigm, will be transformed. As for what it will morph into I see nobody pointing intelligently towards what I’m seeing.

      I have since added to the above following a comment on my Facebook page where I had also posted it, where Rebecca Hardcastle Wright (of the Institute for Exoconsciousness wrote:

      I would add a 4th point regarding how RC situation reflects Institutional generations of permissible behavior, ethics, and morals. It goes way beyond control and blackmailing into the ground and history of the Institution. A history spanning millennia.

      This was my follow-up response:

      Very good. I have reflected on that aspect also, though it didn’t come to mind just as I wrote the above. I do believe that groups such as the Rosicrucians have in fact developed such family practices to prime their offspring into superior performance, perhaps with no obvious deleterious complications. But as I have come to believe, the Rosicrucian movement has been critically compromised, the reason why I created the group Rosicrucianism CORRUPTED several years ago. Such practices release vast potential powers when done in the “prescibed” fashion, however, they are very susceptible to corruption with grave consequences.

      I wonder when this conversation will commence…

      • Uh, I see no reason for all of your intellectual digging and delving here Smithers.
        There is no way around the reality that sexually engaging a human, male or female, before some agreed upon level of age (experience in life for contrast and measure by the individual child/adolescent) can have harmful effect.
        Doing psychological harm to a child is without doubt, an egregious travesty…so, please slow the intellectual masturbation and consider the reasons for social mores as they are an accumulation of eons of human trial and errrror.
        To say nothing about the facile pursuit of sensual gratification as a singular life pursuit involving the expense of an innocent.

        • Eek. I didn’t see Halvor’s boywiki article until just now. I had approved his comment after my comment spam filter had waitlisted it. Should I delete it?

          • If you are unwilling, Alexandra, to address the deep core issues rather than join the choir of hysterics who can be stilled every now and then if you throw them a bloody morsel to satisfy their blood hunger, then you are indeed part of the problem.

            I notice that neither you nor the commenter before you displayed any ability to digest any of the points I discuss in depth.

    • Geeeee!…I wonder WHY This post landed in my SPAM folder in my email box??? Hmmmmmm?
      Maybe because SOMEONE thought I would over look This CRAP being dumped into my spam box.
      Kinda SNEAKY I would say…Maybe because they KNOW I am “On-To-Them” and the WHITE mans Sneaky ways of selling LIES to the sheeple…This is all a tactic called “Boiling-the-Frog” scenario.
      I watched the so-called “Disclosure Movement” SLOWLY start moving toward Religio/Political Sales BS….always trying sell TRUMPISM…A Blond Haired-Blue eyed Fascist/Luciferian WHITE Saviour.
      Hitler’s wet dream trying to gain power as HE Did over the entire planet…REMEMBER…Trump recently quoted the VERY SAME words the BUSH’s did: “If I was a DICTATOR thing would be much easier to Handle”
      WHY is it soo HARD for the WHITE Man to speak TRUTH about ANYTHING…Instead he relies on Mystery people with CODED names to leak Phony BS about what’s supposed to be going on.
      What a JOKE!
      I already KNOW where God-Man/Wo-Man is headed…and it ain’t coming from a “White Saviour” type.
      Its coming from “Divine Source Creator” who already EXIST inside of “Hu-Manity”…THE ORIGINAL HUMANITY…NOT “MAN-KIND”.

    • Did U C Q? I don’t no no mo than yo do too. Right out there in public, and we can’t see it either. Just more convoluted BS, or, is it? LOL! Did you get hooked? Lead to the chopping block? Following like good little sheep. If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is, end of story. Unless YOU want to believe…. Then, what next? Hurt emotions? Being taking into the corner, and made to look at the wall… Care for some LSD, to go with that wall? And you will see and feel, things from inside your mind reveled unto you. This long strange trip is near it’s end, or so I hope. Enjoy. Just “my” point of view on Q.

    • It seems to me that Q is becoming a little more than a government leaker, Q has become quite preachy over the past week. My relationship with Q ended when he/she asked all his followers to put on their breast plates of god and prepare to do gods battle. He/she’s now just become preachy, no longer the “information” leaker he/she was. I’ve unsubscribed, unfollowed and no longer read any nonsense he/she puts out, I’m just waiting for the followers of this new game to start doing as he/she says, that’s going to be interesting.

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