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    I really want to talk about other things – but ’tis the season and it’s unavoidable. After today, I’ll try to pretend that the Presidential Selection is not happening, for as long as possible – but right now, I want to make a few important points.
    First, Hillary Clinton is desperate to carry out her war-profiteer masters’ bidding by going to war with Russia, as evidenced by her campaign’s immediately jumping to accuse Russia of hacking the DNC’s emails, when we all know, in this Post-Snowden Era that NSA has everything and that the FBI or CIA can easily request these, as well as Hillary’s so-called “lost” (deleted) emails.
    In fact, NSA whistleblower, Bill Binney, the architect of NSA’s surveillance program surmises that the source of the DNC leak was probably by a “disgruntled US intelligence worker concerned about Clinton’s compromise of National security secrets via her personal email use,” in particular, because she compromised Gamma material, classified by NSA as “extraordinarily sensitive information (for instance, decrypted conversations between top foreign leadership, as this was).”

    Never mind that Clinton knew that Libya’s entire arsenal was shipped to Syria, to arm ISIS and that she lied about it under oath – this, after Gaddafi was mercilessly taken down, for daring to create a gold-backed currency to be used within the poverty-stricken nations of Francophone West Africa – ALL of this information is contained in the hacked emails, which WikiLeaks has made available and easily searchable.

    Her Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland was the main architect of the disastrous coup d’état in Ukraine, where $5B of US Taxpayer money was used to destroy that country and to install its current Nazi (literally) leadership. That’s the equivalent Russia staging a coup d’état in Canada and installing Nazis. How would America like that? Or how would America like 20,000+ troops of Russians and other Eastern European units training along the Mexican border, specifically in tactics for fighting the US military? Well, that’s the equivalent of what’s currently going on in Poland and in the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, along Russia’s Western border.

    At the St Petersburg Economic Forum held in June 2016, Putin was flanked onstage by scholar, author and CNN reporter, Fareed Zakaria and by Kazakhstan President, Nursultan Nazarbayev on one side and by 41-year-old Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi on the other.

    Zakaria, a prolific columnist and the author of ‘The Post-American World,’ has been found guilty of plagiarism on numerous occasions at several prestigious US Mainstream News outlets but has only been given small slaps on his wrist. He’s a gifted political thinker nonetheless, who was born in India to Muslim parents and who graduated from Yale University and is today a member of two notoriously globalist groups, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.
    Putin responds to Zakaria’s comments about the former’s alleged attempts to manipulate the US Presidential Election by saying positive things about Donald Trump – to the obvious delight of Renzi and Nazarbayev – as well as to the audience.
    Putin explains simply that he is pleased that Trump has voiced a willingness to restore relations with Russia, which frankly, I don’t think is a bad idea.

    Avoiding World War III is NOT a bad idea!


    Putin: (To Zakaria) “Well, well, You’re a very famous person in our country, you personally. Not only as a host on a major media corporation, but also as an academic. So, why are you juggling with what I said? Your ‘journo’ side is prevailing over your ‘analyst’ side. Let’s examine what I actually said.

    “I said in passing, that; Trump is a colorful candidate. Do you not find him to be so? I do.

    “I did not ascribe any other characteristics to him. But what I did note and what I most certainly welcome, is that; Mr Trump said he wants to restore relations with Russia. What’s bad about that? We all welcome this. Do you not?!

    “We however do not interfere into the internal political processes of other countries, especially the US! We will work with whatever individual that the American people vote for. As a side note, America teaches everybody else, how to live with their lessons in “Democracy” – but do you actually believe the US elections are democratic? Twice in US history was a President elected that had the most votes from super-delegates, backed by the least amount of voters. Is that your Democracy?

    “And when we try to discuss this with our (US) colleagues – key word is ‘discuss’, not criticize – they say, ‘This is how we do it and mind your own business’. Then, how come you interfere in our business? Sort out your own issues first.

    “I agree that the US election really isn’t our business – despite the fact that there are reports of prosecuting attorneys shooing away international observers from US polling stations. But these are your own internal issues to sort out.

    “The US is a superpower, and possibly the only superpower of today. We accept this. We would like to cooperate with the US. No matter how the elections go, there will be a new head of state with great powers. The US is undergoing internal political and economic changes. The world needs a strong superpower. We need it too. What we don’t need is their constant interference in our business, telling us how we should live, and getting in the way of Europe building their relations with us.

    “The sanctions that you mentioned, do they affect the US? No, not at all, you couldn’t care less about them. Our reactionary measures in response to Europe’s sanctions do not affect the US, at all. Who do they affect? Europe!

    “Nevertheless, Americans tell their European counterparts to ‘hang in there’ for a while. I don’t know why they should have to, but if they want to OK, they can ‘hang in there.’
    (To Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi [Italy’s economy has suffered a large blow by not being allowed to export agricultural products to Russia]) “Matteo, why should you ‘hang in there?’ Please explain. He’s a great orator, as we have just seen. I mean it – Italy has a lot to be proud of!

    “Anyway, we don’t back anyone – it’s not our business. Whoever is elected by the American people is who we will continue to work with. Here’s to hoping that this individual will want to improve relations with Russia and to help build a more secure world.”

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    • OK. Putin is no saint. He was a Lt. Col. in the KGB. But, he has one great character trait that is missing in Western leaders. He speaks the truth, and as said above, he speaks from knowledge. He never needs someone else to tell him what to say, via a teleprompter. You could see the difference recently when Obama’s teleprompter broke down – he was lost, flailing about like a fish out of water.

    • Excellent clip and excellent write up, though I am disappointed that Putin doesn’t need a teleprompter to tell him what to say. Must be something wrong with him.

    • I do believe that Putin is a very great person, also he can see right through the B.S. and speaks to the truth of the mater, we need more “real” people like him . It also speaks about what we don;t have any more in this, once beautiful country, before the Nazi’s took over, excuse me, I meant the C.I.A., no they can’t work in country.(LOL) That’ I feel is what happened to J.F.K. C.I.A. snuff team in Dallas, should ask G.H.W.Bush he was there, probably running things. Well that’s another story. Any way, we need people for PEACE in this crazy world, not people like Kilary Clinton, with her backing from the Bilderburgers, who all have access to the underground world that was paid for buy tax dollars that they paid none of. I always seem to ramble on about how all the corruption in this world is all connected, don’t I?….

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