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Avi Yemini has great coverage of the Freedom Day rally in Melbourne, Australia.

It was HUGE.

So big that police were embarrassingly overwhelmed and had to stand down, which is unprecedented so far in our dystopian COVID Era.

Many said they were coming out for their children’s future.

The jubilation was palpable and as one observer told Avi, “They’ve been afraid before. Now, when they see the numbers, they will come out. I believe from now, this government has no hope.”

It was peaceful with people from all walks of life.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This supplement points out to ridiculous conflict in the Victorian Government claims. It‘s implied self-confessed lack of legislative powers, etc.

    This document can be downloaded from:

    In my view the State government cannot legally justify any restrictions based upon alleged person-to-person transmission, because it would be within Commonwealth legislative powers, and Section 109 prevents the States to legislate in violation of the Biosecurity Act 2015(Cth)

  • Well done y’all. Watching in from NZ, wish we could be there with you.
    Ke.ep it up, keeping peaceful but standing for freedom

  • ONLY!…When we SEE the “Enforcement” start ARRESTING/Prosecuting ALL Governments that promoted the GENOCIDE that is attempting…WILL WE EXPERIENCE A HALT to this madness!
    Other wise all this means NOTHING AT ALL.
    There were still MANY people there STILL WARING THOSE RIDICULOUS MASK!

  • Yes, Avi does great reporting but there’s something missing as to the intention of his Fight The Fines campaign. A lot people donate a lot of money to pay for a solicitor to defend the fined/arrested in Court, a Court with an ABN number too.
    If people are acquitted, as they most certainly are as it is nshrined in Law that people have the right to protest, then why doesn’t Avi’s solicitor then sue the Police?
    A lot of people are beginning to ask this same question.
    All rank and file Police, in Australia, are sub-contractors. They are not directly employed by their State government Police Departments, which by the way are all companies; look them up on Dunn & Bradstreet and see for yourself; I did!
    By suing the Police a lot more money can be had plus compensation. Just one suit would pay the costs of many fined and acquitted. Then no need for donors!
    That would really “put the wind up” the Police too, because they are personally liable, not the Police Departments they sub-contract to. There’s precedents too.
    Avi’s got plenty of donated money to fund the suits.
    Furthermore, when the fined get acquitted isn’t usual for the claimant defeated to pay costs? It’s usual in Australia for solicitors to apply to the Court for costs but somehow that is being overlooked.
    Does “Fight The Fines” have a Trust account?
    Why, when Avi was arrested and assaulted, and then kidnapped, did he not sue the Police for assault, wrongful arrest and kidnapping?
    Perhaps he did but he’s not reported anything about that.

  • People at the demo are carrying & displaying the Corporate Flag. of THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corporation registered at the SEC in Washington DC, USA!
    Melbourne people need only go to the Shrine of Remembrance and see OUR ONLY flag flying 24/7. That’s right, it’s the ONLY official flag of Australia, all the rest have never been proclaimed or gazetted.

    If people of any country don’t know their flag, they only know the corporate flag of their country, then that’s a big problem of not knowing who they are. Yes, Birth Certificates with their family name written in capital letters is the name of a corporation too. Our parents, when registering our birth, didn’t know they were registering us as a corporation.
    I, only recently, found out the truth of our flag which is why I am commenting. It’s quite a wake up! A good one tho’.
    Also go to Dunn & Bradstreet lookup and put in Victoria Police/NSW Police/etc. Also look up their local councils, local courts, and surprise, surprise…!
    My local council, in Australia, is a subsidiary of a US Gold Mining corporation!!!
    The truth (tho’ maybe shocking at first) will set you free!

  • The sleepin’ giant has awakend…ppl will not go bck 2 sleep…

    Nspite of the ntense media blkout of all the deaths and njuries from the jab….the wrd is still gettin’ out everywhere…

    This is is the bginin’ of the end of tyrants!!

    They r runnin’ scared, now….hahahaha…



    • Hey arent ya glad Epstein Trump arrested Hillary? Oh… wait.. But like Biden he still has a huge FAT blue and white Israeli PHALLUS up his hind end. Trump and Biden serve our ENEMY ISRAEL that is behind this COVID GARBAGE. NOT US!

  • The good people in Australia, have had enough. Actually, not that many. But we’ll see what happens next. I believe the Government just allowed them today to vent. Unless 500,000 show up tomorrow, I’m betting the police will shut them down tomorrow. Either way, they are more awake than our herd of sheep here in America’s barnyard. The big cities here are all full of, … Stanley Milgrem’s book, “Obedience To Power”. You remember the Milgrem Experiment, where they shocked the guy behind the curtain ? No, stop. It’s OK. Keep shocking him. But he’s in pain. You must continue the experiment. Turn up the dial. Now shock him again. Oh, no. Please stop, owwww. It’s OK, shock him again. When I first saw that back in the 1970’s, I thought it was funny. And I knew the guy behind the curtain being shocked wasn’t real. But I was laughing at the stupid people shocking him. And then I knew how the sheep in Germany, were guilty of being complicit with whatever the S.S. wanted them to do. Stupid obedient sheep. But guilty as hell. And if we don’t stand up now, we’re also obediently guilty as hell and deserve what we get. Capt Joe Kelley, retired Merchant Mariner.

  • 1. Beautify by Citizens.
    2. Do not take the Jab.
    3. End fake News.
    4. Practice Socialist Distancing.

  • If we protest we need to keep an eye out for the George Soros funded infiltration. The police and the media aren’t the only problem. But that being said, hurray for Melbourne!

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