Two more public massacres have occupied the news cycle in the three weeks since YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam had her 15 minutes. This body camera footage of police interviewing her in her car where she’d been sleeping the night before she shot up the courtyard of YouTube is very interesting.

She shows zero evidence of the violence she would wreak the following day. The police are thorough in their questioning of her. They even ask her if she wants to hurt herself or hurt anybody else or commit suicide. There is  nothing else they could have done to prevent her attack, let alone anticipate it.

Nasim was already at the point of no return and had probably had violent ideation for quite some time, according to the 12 steps outlined by leading forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner.

In Welner’s model, mass killing of all types is the endpoint of a clinical pathway involving a sequence of twelve steps. Clinical intervention to redirect the evolving homicidality of a prospective killer can occur at any time along this path until the end-stage.

1.   Externalizing blame — it is always someone else’s fault when things don’t go well
2.  High or patchy self-esteem — expectations of greatness
3.  Poor characterological resilience — difficulty rebounding from adversity
4.  Social rejection, particularly psychosexual rejection
5.  Identification with potency of destructiveness—destruction force perceived as power
6.  Identification with destructive icons
7.  Isolation and psychosexual incompetence — with very few exceptions, solitary mass-murderers are heterosexual men
8.  Identifying with alienation — embracing alienation in order to blame the rejecting outer world for failures
9.  Failures mount to a degree that they predict further and future failure
10. Anger and alienation directed to destructive fantasy
11. Hopelessness inspires destructive alternative identity and a concrete plan
12. Investment in achieving the destructive mission — the ultimate ambition

Welner states, “In contemporary America and other fame-driven cultures, there is tremendous social incentive for alienated and violently-identified young males who have given up on achieving once-lofty ambition to opt for destructiveness. That incentive is created and perpetuated by 24-hour news media, which conveys a platform for mass killers to refashion themselves into icons for their ideological fellow travelers.”

He suggests that the social incentive to mass killing must be eliminated the same way that bigotry based on race and sexual orientation has been. In the West today, intolerance and insensitivity to such things has been systematically eradicated. He thinks until such forces are marshaled against ideological mass killers, the quest for spectacle through destructiveness will only worsen.

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  • Gal cop’s got her hair fixed like she flaunting being a wombman?
    Trump says we “Bomb” such flagrant acts of discrimination ugh-
    gainst lessbeings!

  • Wow, is that last paragraph off the beam. Since when has “bigotry based on race and sexual orientation” been eliminated? Not yet, I’m afraid. Not by a long shot.

    Dr. Michael Weiner lives in some fantasy bubble if he believes that. He undermines his credibility to make such an obvious false statement. White nationalism and sexual orientation prejudice has made a resurgence since the present administration in D.C. has taken office.

    I think Dr. Weiner needs to wake up from his snooze and really look around.

    • He means in public discourse. It is not socially acceptable to use racist or homophobic language. News anchors can’t say bigoted things in a broadcast or it will be called hate speech and everyone involved will be punished heavily, the anchor will be fired, the network will lose its broadcast license. I’m not sure how one might apply the same censure to mass murder.

      I don’t agree that White Nationalism or homophobia have increased in the past 18 months. I take objection to Trump being called a homophobic Nazi. This is a Democrat smear campaign and it’s total garbage. If it were true, where was the outrage during the decade he was on The Apprentice?

    • Big ahhh Tree for sum butt duh Doctor ain’t likely to peek in ur tiny world for free. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh; home ownership’s uh
      dream eh? BIG TREE yielding HUGE apples in front. Write?
      In front.

    • Thanks to u Mike. I read most of the first sin tense of duh next to last paragraph. Or thank God? Too busy to wonder but for my
      blessings 🙂

  • Reading those 12 characteristics of psychopathic destructive personality, I saw that all of them, individually and collectively looks like a general psychological profile of the United States of America.
    Really. Read them and see how every one of them applies to US policies and investments, foreign and domestic.
    If ever there was concrete proof that this country is a murdering time-bomb psychopath, this is their own official assessment.

    • Rather, I think it’s purpose is to “cover all bases”. We’re not all psychopaths… but we’re all becoming easily “profile-able”.

  • Meh…I started paying attention to the ‘shooter’ syndrome after Columbine. Perps die, cctv confiscated, hueueueueuege control of information beyond reason, far too many on psychotropics and post Sandy Hook, DHS/FEMA/FBI/local law/emt/fire drills day of or day before, crazy confiscation of recording media be it phone, cctv in stores, dashcams, mixed messages from authorities and the list is far longer than I care to enumerate.
    The 12 points are nice but to no mention psychotropics in prolifeation or the jaded efforts surrounding each and every incident is telling a half truth…we ALL should be don with that m/o by now.
    …oh yeh, and let us not forget the fake left go right rise of the crisis actor businesses across the nation…big bucks based on fear saturation that stems from lies…get it folks?

    • Agreed. Once Mountain View Police reported back to her family (by law), they do so first by identifying themselves, which tells her family (and whomever is tracking her) exactly where she is if they don’t already know (because they’re tracking her).

      These 12 steps are designed to broadly identify just about anyone.

  • So, another incidence where a perpetrator was in hand. I have read a lot in which ‘serial killers’ were also in hand and could have been stopped doing what the MSM tells us that they did but were let go for..reasons. I wonder if there was a stand down order in effect here. We, of course, will never know.


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