This interview with Catherine Austin Fitts was conducted as apart of the full-length documentary. The full film, when released, will be available at


“My name is Catherine Austin Fitts I’m the Publisher of the Solari Report and Managing Director of Solari Investment Advisory Services…

“For many decades the dollar has been the reserve currency and…the central bankers are trying to bring in a new system but it’s not ready to go yet and we’re in a period of great change and uncertainty, where the central bankers are trying to keep the dollar system going and…they’re trying to lengthen the dollar system and then they’re trying to accelerate bringing in the new system and they have to bring in the new system without anybody quite realizing exactly what it is…

“I describe the new system as the ‘end of currencies’…We’re not bringing in a new currency, we’re essentially bringing in a new transaction system that will be all-digital and essentially end currencies as we know them.

“So, what they’re trying to do involves essentially all the money on the planet. So, it’s big, it’s complicated, it’s messy and the challenge they have is how do you market a system that, if people understood it, nobody would want.

“And of course the way you do that is with a health care crisis.”

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  • I would like to know which planet you are from ? It certainly isnt earth. There isnt 1 person that doesnt know the deep state with other countries helping rigged the 2020 election. So again, when did you arrive from planet ________ ?

  • Why has this interview not been taken down by any of the social media platforms ? How come Fitts gets a pass ? Just a tiny red flag waving in the wind.

      • She has done so many interviews that discuss these topics, check out Dark Journalist on yt, and Corbett report, she has discussed everything on these channels.. about the jab and breakaway societies, the WEF and so on

  • This is typical of the blatant lies being told by the MSM, here in the UK:

    “US politics | Donald Trump has called on his vice president Mike Pence to intervene to incorrectly hand him a second term in the White House, as his baseless claims of mass voter fraud dominated a rally in Georgia meant to boost Senate candidates there. US Editor Ben Riley-Smith reports from Dalton that the outgoing president doubled down on his refusal to accept defeat to Joe Biden. There is growing speculation that Mr Trump may fly to Scotland on the eve of Mr Biden’s inauguration.”

    It makes me so angry, I want to ‘hurt’ them for the damage they do to society!

    For four whole years the MSM in this country has done all it can to destroy P. Trump in the eyes of the British. None more say that our dreadful BBC which I suppose is the equivalent of your CNN?

    • I would like to know which planet you are from ? It certainly isnt earth. There isnt 1 person that doesnt know the deep state with other countries helping rigged the 2020 election. So again, when did you arrive from planet ________ ?

    • It is not only the Americans who need to WTF up … ALL of our so-called Western Democracies are run by the same people and are totally corrupted.
      Unfortunately, it starts at the municipality level and goes right to the very ‘top’. the corruption is so difficult to expose due to the high proportion of [media] control by the MSM, the very same MSM which ensured total control through the politicians we thought would stop the rot. Fat chance of that happening. One soon realises that the politicians and bureaucrats are part of the problem.
      I worked in the Education Dept. and noted that the heads-of-department and supervisors soon transmogrified into useful idiots for the top echelons. It appears so bleedingly obvious that even a moron like myself can spot that this corrupted management structure is all pervasive throughout most public service departments.

  • Most of us understood only too well, all that Catherine laid out, bearing in mind, she is unaware that ‘Our Friends Out There’ are on our side, against the ‘Evil’ of this world.

    Even, if this interview was heard by everyone on this planet, only a minority would believe it. And worse, very few of those would take the necessary action outlined.

    I accept that hopefully, American Patriots will very soon declare to the world their intent to defend the US Constitution, bearing arms, and in so doing, their intention to ensure President Trump is re-elected?

    Sadly, though the rest of the world does not have a Constitution to defend and would mostly roll-over proclaiming either, “I do not believe it!”, or “What can I do?”.

    • well, seeing how they set up ‘patriots” to look like insurrectionist fools on Jan 6th…and now the call to impeach trump…. check mate??? trump certainly is to blame for this travesty. He led them into this trap.

  • Why is that moron interviewer smiling all through this? His constant smiling is making me very angry.

    • I don’t know the interviewer so I would be hesitant to make such an assessment. Is this your area of expertise as a Doctor?

      Interviews can be quite stressful and people can and do act/ react differently to those stresses. He seems to be asking appropriate questions, so I don’t think it’s very kind to impugn his motives or denigrate his intelligence.

  • I was thinking of buying bitcoin. But I don’t totally understand it. Do you think Bitcoin is the way to go? To get away from the banks? Before they take all my money?

  • Market to whom?
    The one percent who are really a string of zeros?

    100 million are in employed in this country alone; 50% unemployment as 100 million number retirees and youth.

    Whom will they market to?
    The robotic workforce?

    Whom will they market to?
    An army of zombies who take their DNA/RNA genetic altering?

    Perhaps the army of angels forthcoming in their merkabas will stop by for a visit? Popcorn anyone?


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