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Alexandra Bruce
February 18, 2014

This is a very moving and very Latin approach to seeing the way things are, on our planet today.

It is a more heart-based way of viewing the phenomena, of which we are all aware than the mainstream American way of seeing things but it is not – in any way – alien to the American way of seeing things – it just pierces your heart and activates your awareness a little more emotionally vividly than the numbed-down “comfort zone”, which this bogus “melting pot” has wrought us into, as “Americans”.

Please listen to this man and FEEL what he is saying – and please make your own decisions about how you will proceed with this information; about salvaging our own species…

Because planet Earth will survive without us. It would be much better off, without us. Think about that – and FEEL it – and figure out what YOU are going to do about this.


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Kyle Bagley:

This video was created to raise your awareness on the conservation of our planet.
Don’t let your INDIFFERENCE take over you.
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Planet Earth is You
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Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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