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Dr David E Martin gets into the manipulation of language during this fake pandemic during a Q&A with Dr Judy Mikovits after a screening of the film, ‘Plandemic’.

“One of the most unfortunate things about this story is we’ve all been given a script. And the script we’ve been given is actually containing a bunch of falsehoods. And then we ask questions about the falsehoods.

“So let’s start at the beginning. SARS Coronavirus. And you heard what I said: SARS. Let’s get really precise. SARS Coronavirus and all of its subclades are entirely man-interfered. Let’s get precise with this…

“SARS Coronavirus is a man-manipulated compound. It is a bioweapon. It is not a virus. Listen to what I’m saying and this is so important. We get trapped in saying words that can then be proven false. And if we said the truth precisely, we wouldn’t get in the trap…

“But when we get caught up in their lexicon, that was given to us to confuse us, the bioweaponization of what’s called SARS-Cov-2 took place, funded by Anthony Fauci in a grant in 1999. That’s when the bioweapon was built…

“Anthony Fauci has spent – listen to this number – $191 billion – not $3.7 million, not $30 million – $191 billion of audited funds for the bioweaponization of viruses against humanity. And it’s your money that has been spent. $191 billion! And do you think you can get any agency or oversight body or any politician to even take this investigation on, despite the fact that we have every grant recipient, every person – their address, their phone number, their laboratory? We literally have the entirety of where that money went – and not a single investigation agency in this country is willing to look.

“This is a bioweapons program designed to kill us. That’s what it is. And it’s not just designed to kill us, it’s designed to kill massive numbers of the population. We do not have a virus, we have a biological weapon.”

This is the time to re-watch Plandemic and to send it to all the zombies you love in this world.

Plandemic II: Indoctornation


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I have said numerous times that philanthropy should be illegal. I say this because after years of research on the Rockefeller and Rothschilds it became obvious to me that their so called philanthropy of these people was nothing but Bribery. And nothing more.

  • The anti-acid drug Ranitidine (Zantac) had been widely prescribed for 40 years, was even on the WHO’s List of Essential Medicines, when suddenly it was withdrawn from sale in September 2019- just months before the “Pandemic” struck. Is it possible that Ranitidine could have had some off-label use in relation to COVID? A cheaper treatment, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, perhaps?

  • Brilliant! So many questions answered. Thank you.

    Dr. Mikovits says that Covid is NOT a virus and is NOT passed from person to person. Does anyone know the mechanism of how one gets it? Dr. Martin says it was placed in specific cities. But it has showed up worldwide – if it is not passed person to person then how are people getting it, especially many in the same household? Would LOVE to know.


  • Thank you so much for all your Beautiful truth that reminds people that their identity and worth is in Christ alone

  • Great information.
    Get the wording correct though; Ezekiel 45:9 tells us that justice is for the leaders to execute and Romans 12:19 tells us that “Vengeance Is Mine saith the LORD”.
    Need to be correct in the wording otherwise you are adding to or taking away from which is strictly prohibited.

  • Love it all! Finally, the transparency we all need. Stop all the lies from our government.
    The bioweapon of COVID-19 virus and vaccine is genocide. GOD BLESS THEM! I pray
    for their protection.

  • Not a virus?
    “132:48 next slide please this is
    132:52 what source code v2 looks like and if
    132:54 and i will i will send you the video so
    132:55 you can show it
    132:57 of the side on the right shows it goes
    132:59 up and down and you can see the actual
    133:01 source corona
    133:02 cov2 virus uh with its spiked proteins
    133:06 in its corona shape i’ll send that to
    133:08 you so you can play that
    133:10 it’s it’s incredibly important because
    133:13 there are people out there that are
    133:14 actually of the opinion that
    133:16 sars cov2 doesn’t exist and has not been
    133:19 isolated
    133:20 these individuals not only have
    133:22 demonstrated they don’t understand
    133:23 viruses
    133:24 but they interfere with the with the
    133:26 serious discussion going on with this
    133:28 virus “

  • If it is a ‘bioweapon’, then, in the short run, it is not very efficient?

    ” . . . my
    49:09 understanding
    49:10 is that uh the uh the mortality
    49:13 uh is uh right around 100 [%] for the nipah
    49:16 virus
    49:17 uh peter dayzak and and his group at
    49:20 equal health
    49:21 is involved in experimentation with the
    49:23 nipah virus . . . “

  • I Loved your shoe IL pra yous get Thea’s people onto a court in Scotland it is a gangster run organisation all dun for money by corupt government department including the Police force and Thear cangaro court cistem This is what’s happening right around the World keep fighting the truth can never be closed in cilence THANKS verey one

  • Bravo! Thanks Alexandra for posting this here.

    I attest that every answer given to every question was remarkably TRUE. You can tell this presentation resonated with me and my values a 100%.

    I’d only add one more answer to the question asked at the time marking 1:03:00 –
    Which vaccine would you recommend if you were to take a vaccine?
    The answer is…

    Your own urine. The Auto Urine Therapy would probably not have been covered the next day by Dr. Mikovits under the list of treatments! But it is a personalised ‘vaccine’ that knocks out any pathogenic activity within and topically in a very short time. It’s nature’s own trouble shooting means for restoring health, designed by our Maker. Hence it’s FREE of charge and we carry it with us everywhere we go!!! But a paradigm shift is what it takes to make it easier to swallow this truth 😉
    Observe proper hygiene and just catch it and down it as many times a day as possible and you’ll see every disease melt away, even the so-called incurables. The only thing I’m told that urine cannot do is to put together broken bones.

    Having personally experienced the wonder of Auto-Urine-Therapy and other effective alternative cures for almost 30 years is how I could tell at once that the Covid-19 ‘crisis’ was a lie and the unlawful vaccine mandate a hoax.

    Another free means to recovery accompanied with urine therapy I know of is fasting. If fasting without urine therapy, drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes.

    The other list of effective treatments, which may have been covered the next day at the conference I’m sure were Hydroxychloroquine and Chlorine Dioxide, which are better alternatives to vaccines and antibiotics or even other oxidative therapies such as Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide or stabilised Oxygen to be rid of almost all pathogens. Actually the list for effective alternatives should also include Colloidal Silver among others. Who needs an artificial solution such as a vaccine when nature already has us more than equipped!

    The people of the world had been led down a wrong path of consumerism, poor diet, poor life-style choices and deluded by fiction and false sciences for too long now that they’ve ended up in the ditches and turned into pathogen factories!
    Truly sad…

    • My immune system has shielded me from all viral infections for 40 years now. Thanks to God it did so without my resorting to drinking urine,.

  • N A C Protects Against Graphene Oxide—to Cure ‘Covid-19’ :

    “ You will now understand why countless studies in practice have shown that treatment with N-acetylcysteine (which is a precursor of glutathione in the body), or glutathione administered directly, cured COVID-19 disease very quickly in patients. Plain and simple because the glutathione levels were raised to cope with the administered toxicant called graphene oxide. “ :

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