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Plandemic Film Stars Dr David Martin and Dr Judy Mikovits Q&A Session


Dr David E Martin gets into the manipulation of language during this fake pandemic during a Q&A with Dr Judy Mikovits after a screening of the film, ‘Plandemic’.

“One of the most unfortunate things about this story is we’ve all been given a script. And the script we’ve been given is actually containing a bunch of falsehoods. And then we ask questions about the falsehoods.

“So let’s start at the beginning. SARS Coronavirus. And you heard what I said: SARS. Let’s get really precise. SARS Coronavirus and all of its subclades are entirely man-interfered. Let’s get precise with this…

“SARS Coronavirus is a man-manipulated compound. It is a bioweapon. It is not a virus. Listen to what I’m saying and this is so important. We get trapped in saying words that can then be proven false. And if we said the truth precisely, we wouldn’t get in the trap…

“But when we get caught up in their lexicon, that was given to us to confuse us, the bioweaponization of what’s called SARS-Cov-2 took place, funded by Anthony Fauci in a grant in 1999. That’s when the bioweapon was built…

“Anthony Fauci has spent – listen to this number – $191 billion – not $3.7 million, not $30 million – $191 billion of audited funds for the bioweaponization of viruses against humanity. And it’s your money that has been spent. $191 billion! And do you think you can get any agency or oversight body or any politician to even take this investigation on, despite the fact that we have every grant recipient, every person – their address, their phone number, their laboratory? We literally have the entirety of where that money went – and not a single investigation agency in this country is willing to look.

“This is a bioweapons program designed to kill us. That’s what it is. And it’s not just designed to kill us, it’s designed to kill massive numbers of the population. We do not have a virus, we have a biological weapon.”

This is the time to re-watch Plandemic and to send it to all the zombies you love in this world.

Plandemic II: Indoctornation


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