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The majority of YouTube channels regularly covered on this website were de-platformed starting on October 15th and we are still trying to get the codes from other platforms to properly embed on this website.

please stand by.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I see they are blocking Facebook Messaging also, thus I have sent via email and copied you in.

    ‘Evil’ will not win this war! We have help that they cannot even dream of!

    Stay safe dear Alexandra, I have asked for you to be kept physically protected.

  • I will send your note regarding help to my colleagues at ACIO.

    At the moment they would seem to be on lockdown regarding their efforts with OFOT to rid this world of real ‘Evil’.

    I will ask them to contact you through their normal channels.

    I can but hope dear lady that they will assist you.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I am unsure what is happening and wonder if all is well with you, dear lady?

    Your narrative, which is is normally most illuminating simply states: “test”?

    • There was a catastrophic de-platforming of our favorite creators by YouTube and the embed codes from other video platforms don’t work, so I need help tweaking the codes so that they display properly.

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