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The Hover Brothers are Ken Griggs and Jeremy Rhys and they’re convinced that the physics community is on the verge of an astounding breakthrough regarding how gravity works on both a quantum and a cosmological level. This, they say will ultimately reveal how to turn gravity off and how to manipulate its direction and magnitude, as described in Ken Griggs’ theory on the Physics Of Entanglements Networks and Information eXchanges (PhOENIX) and this will usher in the technological Golden Age that we’ve been waiting for all our lives.

Griggs’ PhOENIX theory treats all elementary particles as entangled vertices with set matching rules. He says that vertices are a more accurate way to visually represent fundamental particles and their respective matrices.

“The force of gravity or quantum gravity is now being understood as a sort of entropy which evolves out of quantum entanglement in higher order systems…

“If quantum entanglement holds the key to quantum gravity, the best way to test that theory is to shut off quantum entanglement and see what happens to gravity. PhOENIX theory has now given us a working theoretical basis on which to build and achieve just that.

“According to PhOENIX, antimatter is not quite what we thought it was. Antimatter is built upon the same vertex structure as matter but it differs in the way that it entangles outwardly to the rest of the universe…Antimatter terminates itself in time-reversed ordinary matter…”

The PhOENIX theory claims to show us that antimatter has quantum-disentangling properties and that if harnessed properly, antimatter can be used to disentangle regions of space-time, reversing the effects of gravity locally. This would be akin to the warp drive proposed in 1994 by Mexican physicist, Miguel Alcubierre.

The Hover Brothers want to build it and they want your money to do it! Is this a tasty word salad or is there something to this?
Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Quant entanglement by gender fight, where man and woman are separated parts of the one.
    Hellsangels appear hurting each other.
    Quant alignment by gender harmony, where man and woman come together in love.
    Love anfgels appear by loving each other.

    At some time, I discovered that I am a human being, just playing the role of being a father, a brother or a son when needed.
    At some time, I discovered that I am human energy, transforming steadily the organism.
    This can be seen as a rebirth.

    At some time, I experienced an energetic event, where I became re-conceived by a cosmic impact, whereby also became created an new umbilical cord between me and the one.
    Quantum alingment became activ. This happened inside my hara.

    At some time, I experienced an energetic event, where I became re-conceived also by an spiritual impact. My spiritual heart in the centre became opened. The thymine gland was and is still aligend in action, transforming my immune system

    This process wents on, where all kinds of ignitions come into my head for creating my new spiritual presence.

    Again, is this a path only for me???

    • aham,
      It’s admirable that you’re observing the intricate mechanism of feelings and movements of our psyche through the human experience we go through. Most people just react emotionally or rationally in some way or other to life as it happens while you’re trying to understand the mechanism of it all. I certainly empathize with you if you feel alone in this wonderment.

      I’ve been through this quest myself in my younger years and was intrigued and excited when I found J. Krishnamurti’s discourses then that resonated with truth. In his words, ‘the observer is the observed’. So my quest has been for Truth and solution to the human problem at the core, which I find is the ego or ‘self’. In short, the solution I keep finding is death of self. A simple generic example can be demonstrated by our reaction when we experience physical pain, let’s just say a burn on the skin while cooking with hot oil. The sensation is excruciating pain or burning sensation that triggers a natural response to try to quell it by splashing cold water or cooling with ice pads, etc. If we observed the emotions that triggers the reactions we’ll find even the nicest and humblest of persons’ attention would be to get rid of that pain and discomfort. But if just for a moment if we observed the pain to understand every nuances of that burning sensation rather than try to be rid of it, we’d find ourselves learning how that sensation accelerates exponentially to a peak and then subsides to a low point only to accelerate again but each time the peak is lower than it was previously. To my surprise what was initially a scary sensation, now is bearable to a point where your focus isn’t on self (triggered by fear) but on the task or other persons at hand. Even children can be made aware of this approach to pain in showing them the existence of the ego and how it can be defeated.

      I’ve also found that the rampant growth of ego is another word for sin.

  • Inside quantum entanglement the interaction of the split parts of a unity happens without loss of time and on any distance.

    This theory confirms my spiritual experiences, where I in special state that gravitational impact is a merging inside one human being, by maleness and femaleness merging into oneness.
    Therefore, any quantum entanglement happens inside a MATERIAL distance and on a SPIRITUAL distance.
    . When the distance is huge, there is a entanglement theory of hells angels in spiritual bipolar matter. The inner spiritual perceiver is distanced to the spiritual observer, observing the outside.
    . When the distance is zero, there appears a theory of heaven angels by pure spirituality, coming together and where the perceiving souls are one. The outside observer has become the inner perceiver.

    Entanglement happens between two parts, which became split and creating a distance.
    The longing for being one in oneness, for being a “godly being” is present because of a distance. It is for sure hell not to be in alignment with the one. This is called loneliness.

    Therefore, the goal is to shorten this distance, where this distance even can become zero.
    Now zero energy happens inside any human being, by the inner core of which Tesla mentioned, moreover did not discover.

    Inside this zero point, any entanglement transforms into alignment with the one.
    This way I can describe theoretical my spiritual experiences.

    Of course there is much more to say.

    My private website.

    • aham,
      These spiritual experiences you refer to, are they experienced under the influence of certain narcotics (DMT, LSD, mushrooms, marijuana, etc)?

      If so, I won’t be surprised that you’d relate to the quantum entanglement theory.
      Do check out this documentary that unveils to a good extent the sources and motivations and how today science and mysticism are two sides of the same coin.

      • hln,

        No, I never used narcotics as you mentioned. I even smoked only two sigarettes and never did it again. Yes, I did used alcohol many years ago.
        Moreover, these experiences of what I speak about happened just by breathing exercises.
        Of these expereinces I can write you, when you are interested. I an not sure, whether this place here is right for writing such experiences, also by the amount of text.
        I am not interested in mysticism and perceive observing science as missing the point.
        Still, I will have a look on your suggestion.

        My path is feeling, where any mystic disappears. When you hurt, you feel the pain. Maybe than the mystery is, how this pain can happen, where my answer is: fighting against………… So in fact nuclear fission, or soul fission.

        There is only one “organism” for feeling and it is not even a material organism, nor hormonal. This organism is present as in inner core beyond matter.

      • hln,

        The concern is not the two sides of the same coin, because of the bioplar idea.
        The concern is the coin itself, of who/what am I as a singularity.

        I once said: I crosses the river finding the other shore, where the old shore is observing and the other shore is perceiving. Now I am perceiving inside the midst of the river.

        • Aham,
          that this can happen, to you, to me? to all human beings?, of what so many books, love songs, pictures are made by a hungry, longing soul seem to be impossible. Coming home….. It look likes madness if anyone is talking about that he has acheive.

  • Could this be another attempt to get information out? I’m sceptical about the way this is presented as an independent effort. The coopting of open source collaboration to ‘get people to feel a sense of ownership ‘ would be cynical in the extreme if this is actually a deep state initiative. Also the crucial innovation that society needs is free energy, did I miss any mention of that in this vid?

  • I’ve had it! There’s really no shortage of theories out there for hoodwinking people.
    Just get hold of a few bumble bees (they’re free of charge) and study how they defy your ‘gravity’.
    Not buying this, sorry!

  • Before claiming an understanding of gravity, physics needs to address it’s lack of scrutiny into electro-magnetism, a force ten to the 36th power stronger. Then physics also has the comical problem of inventing dark matter, black holes, anti-matter, pulsars and many other math-centric only BELIEFS.
    Where’s the beef? Albert mind-screwed one hundred years of physics with his delusions…too bad.

  • Forget all your theories, go to the laboratory and build a three dimensional model of a spinning ball and don’t forget to glue water down remember it’s going to be spinning at a thousand miles per hour at the equator ,,,,,then get back to me .thanks and good luck.

    • Happy,

      You mean a spinning ball or is it a doubled vortex, where the entanglement distance is zero. The up spin and down spin form a glass hour, inside the midst is zero point energy happens. Your “ball”?
      See division by zero, where a wave becomes split into lines of attraction.
      This is valid for mattter, moreover also for spiritual matter.
      Spiritual oneness is the result.

      Now the labory is your own material/spiritual body.

      • aham,
        Spinning ball is a reference to the globe earth model, which everyone takes for granted as a given truth. Yet it is really just a theory that has not been proven. NASA’s fake pictures don’t count for proof.

        Here’s something you might be intrigued by – not quite an hour glass but rather a toroidal shape that is emerging from observation and experimentation. Still a theory… Check it out:


        • hln,

          by walking over the surface of the earth, step by step, from moment to moment, being aware of your feet, yes indeed the surface is flat. Looking a bit ahead you will see a bending time/space of matter.
          This is the problem of observing, by sensing.
          Perceiving happens inside the centre of being, by the inner core of feeling.
          Being aligend with the one happens by FEELING and not by sensing.

        • Another example for the failure of observing:
          I stood on the rails, which were 1 meter wide.
          I looked ahead on a distacne, where these rails seems to become closer ot each other.
          For sure, when I would walk to this obeserved distance, the rails would be again 1 meter wide.

          Observing to the inside is coming to the point inside, where the one is at home

          • aham,
            I do not use sensory faculties alone to determine the shape of the earth. In fact I’m only a globe skeptic and will openly declare that I do not know the real shape of the earth. I think we’ll never be able to find out because the Creator has one Upmanship on us created beings on this subject.

            BTW, the bending time/space of matter that you see when looking from afar is the same ‘phenomenon’ that you describe in your second post above with the rails seeming to become closer to each other. It’s called perspective. Things seem to get smaller and things that are placed parallel seem to converge when viewed from a distance. It doesn’t mean that they are actually converging or bending time/space. Yes, this is a problem of observing by sense.
            But this has been one of the biggest proof we’ve been given for believing the earth is a sphere (ships disappearing beyond the horizon). You can disprove it today with the binoculars or a camera zoom and that ship is back in view. It did not go over the curve below. Still flat on the water. And consider water finds it’s level and water’s level is flat, no matter how you measure it.

            The Phoenix project is a paradox when viewed simply in this light. IF they regard the earth as a globe with bodies of water curving intact because of gravity, what are they thinking in trying to break gravity with their project proposal? Wouldn’t that be disastrous for the world in the long run? Why fight nature? IMO, there is so much wrong with the Phoenix project.

        • hln,

          yes, this phoenex project wil reach a border, where it not will funtion any more. There will be a shortage of matterila stuf……..
          Something identical as how many human beings can survive on earth. For how many people is there enough food?

          Landing on the moon was in a certain reach, because of the capacity of being alive as a human being.
          Landing on mars will not be possible.
          And: how is it possible to love each other as man and wife on the moon, within their space suits. Even kissing is impossible.

    • Right on Happy kuhn! We want to see a spinning ball with water stuck on it all around and intact! First things first…. 🙂

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