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    Today, the Pfizer building was surrounded in Paris by a crowd, shouting at Macron and Pfizer executives, calling them “Assassins!”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The criminal corporations need to be dismantled. It probably won’t happen easily, but we need to keep staying on the right course, don’t let the demons take our souls again

    • “ASSASSINS” is the right word, across the board……These bastard
      assassins are going to forfeit their own lives.

    • Assassins.


      Literally true, and of course such criminal intent, so i am led to believe, totally invalidates ANY claim to legal immunity Big Pharma might try to make.

      And, as Reiner Fullmich tells us the damages, both for theinjuries and punitive, might tpotally bankrupt thesecompanies

      • You can’t sue them, but I don’t know, there has to be a loophole or something that people can sue them we just have to find it. They need to pay up for the all the harm and deaths done to humanity. These are down right criminals and it’s time they need to face consequences, they have been committing genocide all over the world and it’s time they need to be stopped.stop taking the damn vaccines people, we have to find that loophole where we can sue the shit out of them. I’m gonna do my research on this. They cannot get away with this anymore!

    • Well, Nova Scotia’s response is both provincial and civilized: simply make the expression of displeasure illegal. That should settle the matter.

    • Time to round them all up for the Crimes against Humanity and violating Nuremberg Code. and there are a bunch of them… Chapel Hill knew they were making a Bio-weapon and that’s why the experiment went to Wahun China…Isn’t that right Dr. Peter Daszak and Dr. Anthony Fauci?

    • The protesters are definitely going to affect the stock price of Pfizer’s poison jab sauce in France. The government’s respond will be to double up on the purchase of said poison shots to show the people what they think of the loonies who should be lined up and shot with booster # 9. I like the spirit but we need to see a few pitchforks in the crowd and a fire coming from the building nearby. They need to go full Antifa on their asses since no charges will be forthcoming.. but they will have to put the masks back on.

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