Amazing Polly takes us on a journey, which reveals the contours of the Deep State, as she follows peripheral characters in the recent Senate report, “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on US Government Policy and Related Concerns,” which was sent to the DOJ for criminal referral.

She finds fine exemplars of the Swamp in one Danish couple, JP and Ulla Bak. Ulla is a former high-powered lawyer, with a background at the EU’s Court of Justice and as a Director on the Board of Unibank, one of Haiti’s largest private commercial banks.

Ulla Bak went on to found a string of companies in Denmark and in the US, from cellphone technology to light railroads. Their PR pieces claim that they’d retired as extremely successful attorneys in Denmark but that she became bored and began looking for a challenge when they decided to go to Haiti after the devastating earthquake there.

In 2013, with money they received from the US State Department, they founded a firm called sûretab, to assemble cheap, iPad-like tablets in Haiti from parts made in China.

The couple claimed they never considered it a viable business but when they entered a grant contest from the US State Department’s Agency for International Development, they had to describe the operation as a “business” in order to qualify – and they won.

As Polly says, “Wouldn’t you have expected that that contest to have been about Haitian entrepreneurs, not some Danish rich people that came from abroad?” Polly was unable to find the exact date of their win but the US Secretary of State who approved of this was either Hillary Clinton or John Kerry.

Polly says, “Are you seeing…the shape of the swamp creature, that just takes over every country they can, all the business people use their contacts in government, they use other people’s money, they make products on the backs of cheap labor, devastated economies and then they get rich and when they’re done, they just close shop and move on – which is what the Baks did. After sûretab got going, they moved their business over to the United States…They chose Buffalo after receiving tax-free incentives from the Startup New York initiative funded by New York taxpayers.

“So that in both cases, in sûretab, in Haiti and in…[Bak USA] in Buffalo, New York, they got US taxpayer money to start up their businesses.”

Polly finds that New York Governor Cuomo repeatedly touted their company, whose cheap tablet sold for $45.99. “It’s out of stock, of course,” Polly says. “One wonders if they’re ever in stock. One wonders what this money’s really going to?” On November 1st, 2018 Bak USA shut down operations, blaming the Trump Administration’s China policies.

Now for the kicker: Polly says the way these swamp creatures connect to the Senate’s report on corruption is found on page 70. “It says separately between May 6th, 2015 and December 8th, 2015 Baturina. This is a Russian woman who was the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow. [Elena] Baturina sent 11 wires in the amount of $391,000 to a bank account belonging to Bak USA, LLC…

“Nine of the 11 transactions totaling $241,797 were sent from Baturina’s [Chinese bank] accounts to a Rosemont-Seneca-Thornton bank account, which then transferred the money to Bak USA. 11 transactions, all listed ‘loan agreement’ in the payment details section.”

Elena Baturina is the richest woman in Russia. She gave Hunter Biden’s firm, Rosemont-Seneca lots of money and she also gave Hunter Biden’s other company, Bohai Harvest $3.4 million, which made the headlines last week.

Polly also found evidence that the “unnamed Chinese partners” in the Senate report that she believes might very well be Bill Gates and Microsoft. Many more details that justify these claims are in her video.

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  • The indifferent and ignorant are yet to feel the effects of the Deep State. Once they feel affected, they will seek answers and retribution, then, your voice, and the voices of your counterparts, will resonate and lead to action against the Deep State.

    The Deep State is now accelerating its evil plans using the internet to broadcast propaganda intended to mislead and divide the polity of free states. As Marine Le Pen said: “to be right too early in politics has the same result as being wrong”. That you are emotionally drained is understandable, but perhaps your lack of “cut-through” is because you are ahead of your time.

    Please keep up your advocacy.

  • why not starting with corporations and put them back where they belong – as not being persons,

    dead hand (mortua manus) in old dictionaries prior to 1880 in reference to corporations

    not being persons

  • If only we had more “connect the dots” Polly’s in the world, I wish I could help in your investigations and expose the swamp and lighten your load. Peace-Out!

  • thank you so much for your hard work. All of these corrupt businesses & individuals need to be named & shamed.

  • Bah Humbug. the “Amusing” Polly Parrot. Limited Hangout LLT.
    She lives in the Commonwealth and does NOT ever dare point the finger at the Queen, Privy Council, and the continuous Brit Empire interference, which sits up high near the top of the Pyramid.

    And Alexandra will suppress my comments as usual. Well, you made your bed.


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