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    The Pentagon paid a controversial UK PR firm over half a billion dollars to run a top secret propaganda program in Iraq. Martin Wells describes here how he was haplessly entrapped into working this job
    for Wells Pottinger.

    He describes how, working out of the super secure Baghdad Camp Victory headquarters, he helped to produce short TV segments made to look as if they’d been created by Arab news networks.

    They also made fake insurgent videos, all of which were encoded and tracked online, using Google Analytics*, to study the people who watched this content.

    The PR firm, Bell Pottinger reported to the Pentagon, the CIA and the National Security Council during their 5-year stint Iraq.

    * Forbidden Knowledge TV does not use Google Analytics to track its viewers.

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    • Many years ago, back in 1995, I was starting a production company with a lawyer from Vancouver Canada (I am by birth, Canadian). His name is John Hardy. A Hollywood actor and screen writer at the time, I proposed an interesting business plan which involved raising Canadian money to finance films as well as having a distribution company to handle distributing our own films. Visiting film festivals and obtaining distribution for certain hand picked low to medium budget films. I at the time had connections to people such as Robert Redford as I had co starred in films such as A River Runs Through It. Hardy was insistent on calling the company LionsGate.
      In October 1995 I had returned home to see bruises on my wife’s (at the time) face. My 4 year old son told me of men hitting mommy. Things started unraveling and at one point my son was threatened to be hurt if he talked to his daddy(me).
      What followed was a horror show of being tracked, followed and even at one point Hardy told me, Keep your mouth shut about your kids or you’re dead.
      He denied ever starting a company with me. I ended up blacklisted. On three occasions I even had safety box breakins in banks. I received death threats, harassment and eventually lost everything. My children were taken to Europe and all agencies, whether local police or the Hague denied me my simple rights
      Frank Giustra was never to my knowledge involved in my fledgling company . For years when one would look up LionsGate, including on their website, there was no indication as to the origins for that company. Then around 2007 it started to credit Giustra with being the founder with a story attached as to how he formed it
      Reading about the Clintons and the involvement with Giustra has been illuminating as I believe some very rich powerful people have kept me from ever finding out who had threatened my children, destroyed my career (yes, including forming that production company) and harassed me for all these years.
      I have much more information plus some concrete proof although that (as I am sure you can imagine) has been tough to hang onto. Stephen Shellen

    • Not too much surprise that “our” government does this shit, is it? Then we have all the false flags done by the Criminal Intelligence Agency in this country. Witch is totally against the law. But that has never stopped them before. Is really the end of the United States of America? It sure seems to be. Should never have brought the Nazi’s over on a “paperclip”, and installed them in the C.I.A. and expect something different from them. We have a lot of work ahead of us, to fix this, if possible.

    • Bottom line: You can’t believe anything anymore. Good advice is: “keep your reality bubble permeable” and don’t react. Instead only watch, listen and incorporate the information to marry with other information as it comes in.

    • The health and well being of Banks &Corporations are the main priorities of our benevolent Gov. not the Citizens, our Gov. lies constantly and consistently. The duties of Citizens extend far beyond the voting booth, unfortunately, it is in the voting booth that many of our problems begin….Abstain from voting

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