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We haven’t seen anything from the young and talented Mouthy Buddha in a while but this latest video was well worth waiting for.

Once again, I have to say that his editing – his sound editing skills, in particular – are up there with the best of Hollywood and seldom seen in the autodidact videos of YouTube. We follow him here down an “Alt Right rabbit hole”, attempting to find substance to the urban legend known as Pizzagate.

Part One lays out the context, with a level-headed dive into the Pizzagate story, the people associated with the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop and the people who commented on its owner, James Alefantis’ now-private Instagram account. Mouthy finds lots of gross images and references to Satanism, murder, pedophile slang words and Sadism directed towards babies.

He states, “I’m not going to apply sinister interpretations to hashtags…if your damning case against James Alefantis includes references to the Urban Dictionary and arguments for why he might be using them, you’ve failed. If there really is something here, it should reveal itself without argument.”

In Part Two, Mouthy digs into an Instagram post by friends of James Alefantis, who own a condiment business called Gordy’s Pickle Jar. It’s a still frame from the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s show, Parts Unknown, where he’s seen drinking beer with Barack Obama at a noodle shop in Vietnam.

Googling the Vietnamese words painted on a wall seen behind Bourdain’s head, Mouthy finds that “Khong Hut Thuoc” means “No Smoking” but the biggest Google hit for this term is a YouTube video of a Vietnamese girl band with over 36 million views – and by “girl”, we’re talking about 8 years old. The video is featured on a massive channel with over 7 million subscribers, whose logo is “BH kids”.

Part Three is where he says, “I discovered that the term, ‘BH kids’ leads to a plethora of websites, showing children modeling underwear and in several instances, showing young girls posing in an indecent manner…Surprisingly, as you just saw, some of these illicit images showing naked children were suggested to me by Google.”

Some of these were found on the website of a major European lingerie company. He discovered that “BH kids” acts as a code for child predators, acting as a key, which could activate hidden links that are otherwise inaccessible, when visiting the lingerie site normally.

Then he found a similar key involving Instagram posts using the hashtag “IN_ANDOUT_BURGER”. This led him to accounts that are apparently soliciting prostitution, mixed in with videos of child pageants run by a children’s clothing company called Crazy Pants.

The initials “CP” is a well-known indicator of groups involved in child exploitation, as in “Cheese Pizza” and “Child Pornography”.

“If nothing else, their parents should be informed that the Crazy Pants website has a section called “CP for Guys” and is uploading their photo shoots to an Instagram page filled with explicit adult models who appear to be advertising themselves to a specific set of individuals.”

What he saw was enough for him to report Google’s suggested images for “BH kids” to the FBI.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Oh how comforting he reported it to the FBI! The same FBI that brought us OKC bombing, WACO, 1st and 2nd WTC events and so much more. We still have Larry King loose. FBI was designed to work for and protect these perps. How many arrests? None!
    Weiners laptop? Where did that go? The two NYC commanders were suicided.
    We have to have a collective rejection of these people, demand arrests and executions.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Sadly the depravity of mankind knows no bounds!

    The higher up the echelons of the Deep State, seemingly the more depraved they become.

    But none more so, than the Satanic Pope himself! The very act of being ordained as a Pope requires the rape and murder of a very young child on an altar!

  • Unfortunately, I’m sure legal issues forced him to leave a LOT out of this video. Early on, when Pizzagate first came out, I saw a bunch of those Instagram posts as well as being able to read the Wikileaks Podesta emails. Once you learn about Abramovic, adrenochrome, some of the satanic rituals, it all fits together. 8oo,ooo missing kids each year this stuff is real.

  • This is an excellent video although the subject and his discoveries are disturbing to say the least.
    I appreciate his sober and intelligent presentation of a very traumatic subject. I hope there is more to come from him on this.


  • These are the “people” who ate the apple that the snake suggested.
    And should have accidents.
    Remember this old lie? “Do No Evil” Maybe I should Google it.

  • Of course you’re on to something. How many times has Q said “Their symbolism will be their downfall”…and “[KEY] ? “These people are SICK”

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