Last week, Patrick Bergy got on David Nino Rodriguez’ podcast to explain why he believes Patrick Byrne, Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell were out to set up President Trump when they pleaded with him to sign the Insurrection Act (which Trump did not do).

Bergy essentially claimed they were guilty of knowing that by his signing the Insurrection Act, it could have launched the country into civil war and it could serve to implicate Trump in the J6 incident and to justify an eventual FBI raid, which finally did occur 20 months later.

Bergy told Nino, “Last week, Thursday [August 25th], I filed an affidavit in the Southern District Court of West Palm Beach with the presiding Judge Bruce Reinhart, who is the judge who authorized the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago. I did that because of an affidavit that Patrick Byrne had filed a few days earlier, I believe on the 18th, if I’m not mistaken.

“In that affidavit, he [Byrne] was stating some things that I felt were factually incorrect…What I had seen, before he even filed the affidavit was that he had testified before the January 6th Committee on or around the 20th of July. Then, about 10 days later, on or around the 1st of August, Pat Cipollone was called to testify…That got my attention, because both of them were at that December 18th [2020] meeting, which was a pretty big focus of the January 6th Committee.”

This caused Bergy to wonder whether Cipollone had been called in to verify details from Byrne’s affidavit – perhaps details about a document – because a couple of days after Cipollone’s testimony, a sealed warrant was issued, ordering the raid at Mar-a-Lago.

This, in turn caused Bergy to surmise that Byrne’s J6 testimony had something to do with the Mar-a-Lago Raid, which Byrne confirmed in a podcast the day after Bergy filed his own affidavit – apparently in response to Bergy’s filing.

“I kinda think Byrne has been setting this up, actually going back to about 2019, where even Millie, Gavin, InfoWars; these people were pushing…in videos, on InfoWars, for the National Guard to get brought in, for the Insurrection Act to be invoked by Trump – all the things that were like the basis of the January 6th Committee.”

I definitely remember that whole thing on Twitter and looking back, it appears, indeed to have been an influence operation. I remember also that awkward period when Trump unceremoniously distanced himself from Sidney Powell, while she continued to file election lawsuits independently in district courts, ultimately losing four federal lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin.

Bergy refers to the above mentioned people as “Narcissistic sociopaths” who “Claim to support Trump; claim to support the MAGA movement but all I see are lies coming from people that know that what they’re saying is not true.”

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  • Giuliani is a Knight of Malta, which most people agree is a big insider trading/stay rich club. He is probably working for the Royals & Privy Council & Bank of London. No one yet has called out Malloch-Brown & Soros connection. Would not put it past him. But, people keep saying Trump is working for Goldman-Sachs. So tired of banksters literally getting away with murder.


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