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Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange was in Paris covering the Yellow Vest revolts when a massive explosion went off near his hotel room in a residential neighborhood on Rue du Trévise near the city center before 9AM local time. He was livestreaming on the scene before emergency crews arrived.

Initially, a terrorist attack was feared but it’s now being reported that the explosion was accidental in nature, due to a gas leak that was being investigated by the fire department when it occurred. 7 people were seriously injured, with 2 firemen in critical condition. The shock wave blew out windows in a radius of several city blocks and dozens of residents were evacuated.

At this time, the explosion is being reported as unrelated to the Yellow Vest protests.

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1 comment

  • Terrorists are gutless pussies, murdering innocent bystanders – For WHAT?

    I would like to offer to fight any of them hand-to-hand to the death.

    When someone commits terror, they have no agenda (other than terror), and deserve execution. I have no sympathy, no compassion for such twisted psychopaths.

    Of course, the same goes for the Rothschild banksters and MIC traitors to humanity that propagate war.

    I support the Yellow Vest movement. It would not surprise me if that twisted pervo Macron hired some twisted ex-para-military douchebags to either commit, or “handle” terrorist events.

    I feel so helpless. I suppose the smart thing for Parisians to do would be to simply move out of the city. Let it wither and die economically. Perhaps that is their strategy to force change, b ut like 9/11, no false flag is ever justified in the eyes of God. You have to fight your enemies man-to-man.

    So I reiterate, whomever committed this act, contact me, and we’ll podcast a fight to the death. Are you game, or just another Islamic pussy, brainwashed to believe no logical thing?

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