The Chinese passenger drone company, Ehang is working to be a leader in the burgeoning Low Altitude Industrial Drone Economy and to meet the demands of clients, like Dubai with its “self-driving transport strategy,” to have driverless vehicles of all kinds to account for a quarter of all journeys made in that city by 2030.

This model is a single passenger drone taxi that’s piloted remotely by a team working from a NASA-style control room and whose data commands are sent via a commercial 4.5G network (soon to be upgraded to 5G).

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    • you mean a spiritual technology inside, where the soul is bound in levitation?
      This for sure happens with the silence of one hand clapping.

  • Is it not so that any human being is under remote control??
    There is some organism inside universe by remote controle for fighting on earth
    and there is an organism for healing and loving by remote control.

    By this technical remote control more and more human beings become without any possibility to work. Now this working time must become replaced by some kind of activity or actions.
    Activities base on fight.
    Actions base on love, where I guess that in the near future more fight as more love will appear.

  • Back in the day as we watched “The Jetsons” cartoons who knew we would have George and Jane’s flying car among the other in plain sight futuristic contraptions exposed on the show at our disposal in our lifetime?
    Were these things already on the drawing board or were they seeds planted in young minds to further develop during their lifetimes?
    What will be the proportion of “taxi drones”
    to the humans needed to build and operate them? More loss of jobs to technology.
    Will everyone who needs transportation be able to afford to use one or will we be trapped in our little corner of the world?
    And if we misbehave might our drone have a mishap?

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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