Our greatest power is our numbers, hence, the relentless effort to shatter us into broken fragments. As their agenda is being exposed, the dividers will stop at nothing to cover their crimes against humanity.

They have bunkers. All we have is each other. The good news is, that’s all we need.

Contrary to social indoctrination, we do not have to be ideologically-aligned to stand together. We don’t even have to like each other.

There is only one thing we must agree on: That freedom is our birthright.

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  • If anyone wants to join in the movement the FBI all over the usa has been abusing people in secret for years, this people don’t care an terrorise people over freedom of speech, the fbi spying on everyonein the streets, if say something that catches there attention they mark u with red,white,black cars or switch colors, there listening to everyone cellphone s247. They have been crash small Cessna spy planes for years all over the country killing, harming the public, they harass people in secret by diverting things relevant to your life. Most agents are calling eachother, or tracking you or just listening with the (stingray cell tower) there taking advantage of people they don’t know how to stay out of your personal life. Since they don’t find anyone interested they go an abuse there federal policy an procedure s with there sources. There sources are random people in community s, sometimes police , or other types of people like people with visas that they try to influence to help them on tax payer money. A great example of corruption is the fbi agent Antonio pastini that died in yorbalinda California crashing his airplane killing innocent people in a house, or the agent from Moreno valley California scott Bowman stealing drug money, or the Richard Trask possible transfer from orange county California to Michigan got fired. List goes on folks. Just some agents have not been arrested an charged

  • Hi,
    I Disagree with Our Greatest Strength is Our Numbers.

    Our Greatest Strength is To Be Wise As A Serpent.
    This helps avoid the Dangers OF The Enemy.
    Wisdom Guides and Teaches and Then Learns.
    And just to clarify I’m talking about Productive Moving Forward in Life when I said wisdom.
    Freedom is a Term to Round Up and Control The People to do Wicked Things.
    Free-Dom = FreeDumb , without having wisdom and Only FreeDumb we Won’t Survive.
    I hope you Understand what I mean , the Term Prison Planet is used now and then by a few people Those people realize Our FreeDumb is an illusion to Control,
    and Keep People in a snare / A Trap ,
    Wisdom Keeps people out or in trouble based on their Choice , Their Free-Choice to do Right or Wrong.
    The Brain implant discussed in society Will Take Away The Free Choice.
    Rudolph Steiner in 1909 said 1 day in the Future Vaccines Will Be Used To Destroy The Human Soul.
    Dr. Pierre Gilbert Lecture in 1995 said: It’s Not A Conspiracy Theory It Was Already Done !
    Our Free Choice is being Dwindled Away each year and each decade, those who run the world Take 3 steps forward and 1 step back they’re very patient at Setting The Stage (World) to Their way of thinking.
    Numbers OF People Can Only Work IF Enough People Have Wisdom To Fully Understand The Evilness that’s on this earth since the opening of Pandora’s Box.
    Freedom of Religion Allows A Religious group of Satanists to Have after school clubs in elementary schools in the United States.
    Freedom of Religion Allows A Satanic Religion to say : Abortion is Part of The Satanists Religion.
    Numbers only work when enough people Have Wisdom To Fully Understand Good & Evil.
    The Bible even Mentions The Tunnels by saying: For those who do evil will try to hide underground.
    Ask yourself Why Do They Divide people ?
    Is It Really About Control ? OR
    Is it Really About Having People Loose Their Soul ?
    Look at how different countries Control Their People and IF You Use Wisdom when looking , You Will See , in certain countries people arrested for having a Bible,
    It looks like control but in actuality it causes people to loose their soul , And even when you have The Illusion of being Free ,
    Without Wisdom While Free You Can Still Possibly loose your soul.


    It’s A Messed Up World , and
    The Earth is The Devil’s Playground.

    Don’t Believe in The Devil ?
    It doesn’t matter if you believe or not believe in the devil or Jesus , They Still Exist Regardless.
    Look at Madam Blastsky in the 1880s , the same Madam Blastsky who was Alice Bailey’s Mentor.
    Madam Blastsky in the 1880s In Public Newspapers said: My Hero is Lucifer The Devil.
    Look at what Picasso said: My Thumb Alone Proves A God ! A Creator.

    Look at What Klaus Schwab said: By 2030 No One Will Enter The New World Order Unless They Take A Pledge To Lucifer The Devil.
    That’s the year predicted We the Public will Own Nothing and We Will Be Happy.
    I’m Happy Now Cause of the Things I was shown and understood good from evil.
    This Summer Will Be 48 year Anniversary of me Dying with no heartbeat , no pulse, no breathing and I got a glimpse of life is about not loosing your soul.
    B = BOOK
    B = BEFORE
    L. = LEAVING
    E = EARTH
    It’s Not A Coincidence that those letters Can Say That.

    Jimmy Jukebox,

    • Your points on etymology are definitely valid. Words have meaning and there is a difference between perceived freedom and true liberty.

      I didn’t hear of Klaus Schwab saying this, but unfortunately they’re not going to get their way. Too many people awake, too many people defiant. I’m not a professional historian or theologian, but according to people who are, the man known as Jesus was never in the historical records but there was someone by the name of ISSA, at least I think that’s what it was but this is speculation that the old coins throughout the centuries & millennia that have a j or an i before the number of year means we have at least 1000 years added to our history timeline. This just goes to show so much of our history is lied about, covered up and just unknown to what we have “available” but there’s some people doing alot of really good work.

      As far as the DNA thing goes, I will NEVER rely on what so called “experts” say in any mainstream science again. Without being able to prove any of this, because they have not proven that is encoded in our DNA — and by the way, Yahweh in the bible is a genocidal murderous psychopath in many portions of the old testament and the exact opposite of what Jesus is in every facet, so I even if that’s in our DNA, that entity is not the God of all. More like a usurper which is what Satan or Lucifer is supposed to be. It’s been proven many times over that both the old and new testament are plagiarized from FAR older and texts from other parts of the world that shouldn’t have had contact, according to the lack of “technology”. They took old texts and rewrote this stuff to fit their narrative, as I said, there’s plenty of evidence of this.

      That does not mean that there’s not alot of truth in the bible even if it was rewritten many times over. The teachings of the man known as Jesus or Yeshua, whatever his real name was, I feel he was just that well hidden from the historical records because the teachings were of the utmost importance. Here’s why: If he did truly exist and if they did kill him — they did so because he wasn’t able to be controlled. His teachings CLEARLY teach people to never take a knee or bow to another “man” and that is the epitome of what an anarchist would be…in a sense, he was the ultimate rebel but there were plenty before him that were enlightened, or shall we say, a better version of “human”, that did all of the same things.

      As much as I would love to learn the truth in our lifetimes, I don’t know that we will but I think that if we continue to work together for the good of humanity we are the ones that are spiritually evolved enough to not have to come back and do it again — regardless of what anyone’s “beliefs” are, there’s plenty of evidence that people have lived multiple lives here as well so that’s another deception from the 3 mainstream religions.

      We’re all on our own separate journeys with what we’ve learned but I think we’re definitely trying to go in the same direction. All in all, you bring up many excellent points so even if people like us don’t agree on every little facet, that doesn’t mean we all don’t want the best for our fellow man so in this lifetime or the next, I would consider anyone here my “people”.

    • All I see, is pathetic “Peasantry”, Remember Voltaire “It is difficult to free Fools aka Peasantry, from the chains they revere ” …..Enough said

  • From one old person to another, I agree that our enemies have meticulously manipulated us since birth with precalculated propaganda, false history, false science, fear mongering, division,…but, at this point before the slaughter, we must inform each others and organize resistance to the enemies.
    First we must identify the enemies? The godless globalist Zionists.
    Then we have to identify their source of inspiration to hate us? Luciferians/Babilonian Talmud.
    Then, we start isolating them, and form peaceful resistance en mass.

  • The agenda of our enemies is depopulation. Therefore, we have to know 1- who are these enemies.
    2- why are they seeking to slaughter the human race
    3- talk to each others about their agenda, and organize resistance.

  • Out numbers are worthless now. Unfortunately “WE” have been modified into selfish dishonest narcissists by our “Kulture.” Being somewhat older, I have watched this process for nigh on 70 years and it’s not slowing down. An objective measure of this are the longitudinal personality surveys such as the Pew and others that have looked at America for over 100 years. In 1910 people when asked if they were trust worthy and did they trust others: 80% said yes. In the most recent in 2020 the result 15%.
    As Carlos Castaneda as Don Juan said:
    “They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”

    • If you base your future projection on your past experience, what change can you expect. Even Castaneda knew that. He was a GREAT story teller, but not much of an example. We can do better, but not by repeating the past.

    • I bet if they were asked the same question about the government that many people would have said no.

      I don’t fully agree with your statement because when push comes to shove I think most people are going to stand up against tyranny. Yet, it still has merit because there’s plenty of boot licking order followers out there.

      There are also too many “half truthers” and everyone involved in the previous films, mainly these doctors still pushing the false germ theory that are part of that group, which I named some of them in my own comment above.

    • GOD forbid ! I don’t trust our government. I am coming to the realization that we can all of U.S. citizens get along & band together. With prayers & warfare prayers we can break the lies off the mind controlled victims who are not yet awake & are starting to awake even in the gov’t. But it is going to take GOD’S Divine Intervention 🙏 to open the doors that need to be opened & to close the doors & portals that are wide open. Only with GOD will we succeed.

    • Mark Passio former high up occultist exposing all the psyops says just that- they make us de-facto satanists he proves- to keep us enslaved in their system using their same knowledge just at a LOW level. The frequency of music was changed from natural/ God 432 hertz to 440 hertz. Petrol based Rockefeller meds. ELF frequencies to lower our vibrations. etc ETC

      • Yes, Mark Passio has exposed a great deal over the years along with many other people who have also been on podcasts such as Crrow777radio. Anybody who’s not listening to at least the free first hour twice a week needs to start.

        Mark Passio’s only “fault” that I have seen (in my opinion) is that he’s so insistent that we’re on a spinning ball with curved water in the heliocentric religion. Anybody, and I literally mean ANYBODY who has taken a serious looke into this and that there’s no such thing as a “virus” that is transmissible between two people or more; these are just two areas in the many deceptions that have rightfully had the light shone upon their darkness, so to speak knows, but probably the two most important of them all because they’re literally the only two that can still “enslave” people out of fear. So, someone such as M.P. who was allegedly failry deep into these orders within orders within orders. We should all know by now Freemason, just like so called “satanism” or “Luciferianism” is just a scapegoat “name” and the real evil is many layers within. Freemasons to Shriners to Jesters – it’s not until you get to the Jesters that you start seeing the real ideology of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” from “The book of the Law” starts to be seen and taken to extremes.

        So, anyone that is deep in would know damn well wherever or whatever this place is we live, it isn’t a spinning ball in an endless vacuum in supposed “absolute zero” and that viruses have been a hoax all along, thus making Virology a fraudulent pseudoscience and every vaccine ever created nothing but a poisoning of the population; probably altering genetics all the way back to their inception. Even if that was the case, nature always wins in the end and we (humans) will revert back to what we were always meant to be in the eyes of God, or “Sofia” or “Source”…. Whatever God might actually be, we were all created and born with unalienable rights and this is acknowledged in every court room IF one knows how to invoke them, and as sad as that is to have to forcefully defend them, we must know how to do this in all aspects & teach those that aren’t aware and still bucking against us because they’ve been so brainwashed; this has to be done collectively or we absolutely deserve our enslavement.

        That being said, nobody’s perfect and whether he was as far “in” as he says is irrelevant because with the amount of information regarding legalese & natural law that he has put out over the years, Mark Passio has done far more for the side of humanity, thus damaging the dark occultists/globalists plans who’s wet dream of transhumanism have clearly been rushed.

        They’re not going to win and it’s pretty obvious they’re losing but we should remember that doesn’t mean we can just sit back and do nothing.


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