Alex Jones was de-platformed for far less than what the Mainstream Media has perpetrated, with their constant barrage of seditious propaganda, drilled into the people over the past two years but will we see YouTube, Twitter and Facebook de-rank these outlets in response to their Fake News?

Of course not.

Nobody in the mainstream – not even Trump – is talking about how it is even possible that the Mainstream Media and the tech giants could get away with this for so long and more importantly, to ask what continues to drive this ongoing conspiracy to overthrow the President.

CNN was widely reported to have lost 30% of its viewership over the past year, downsizing its staff and online operation. The AP reports that Rachel Maddow lost 500,000 of her viewers this week, yet she and all of MSNBC remain resolved to double down the anti-Trump rhetoric, with Joe Scarborough saying, “We’re not going to divert our eyes. Damn the torpedoes. Full steam ahead. Follow the story where it leads us.”

Please. MSNBC isn’t following a story, they’re following orders. From whom?

Their agenda does not appear to be financially-driven, in terms of the straightforward, market economics that are supposed to drive businesses.

Don Case, who publishes the GettingTrump blog puts it very succinctly in his latest post, “The media, bought and paid for by the same global interests that had control of part of the US intelligence services, willingly pushed a fake narrative hoping the people would rally to their side and demand the removal of the legally elected 45th president.”

I suspect we’ll learn more about these merciless Globalists that have worked to fracture our society in recent years and who will continue to torture us with their psychological civil war until they can be stopped.

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