Matthew Tye is originally from Binghamton, New York and he lived in China for ten years, first as an English teacher and later as a successful YouTuber, making fun videos about his life in China, along with his fellow YouTuber, Winston Sterzel.

For years, Matt and Winston posted their amusing slices of life, offering a full immersion into China, sharing their love of that country and offering advice to Westerners interested in living there. They also began producing their own design of hand-built motorcycles, which they used in their road trip documentaries filmed in the Chinese outback.

Over the past three years, it’s been interesting to observe the shift in China through the very personal lens of their videos, as tensions eventually escalated to such a degree that they both relocated to Southern California about a year ago with their Chinese wives and Matthew’s two infant daughters.

This video starts being about a new genre of CCP propaganda films being made about third-tier Chinese cities, that rhapsodize about how their local attractions have made these cities (that nobody outside of China has ever heard of) are now “famous” in the United States. Yes, that United States, the irrelevant dying country that nobody cares about anymore.

Matt says, “Things like this just show you how fragile and how simple a lot of the propaganda campaigns actually are, because if you have to convince your people all the time that the country that they’re supposed to hate is still relevant or it’s still really important for that country to acknowledge China, then that’s really kinda sad.”

Matt’s also notes the burgeoning development of “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy”, exemplified by the video that went viral of a speech made by Chinese sociologist, Dr Yi Li, in which he brags about how China is “driving America to its death”.

Matt tells of how his in-laws back in China, concerned by what they see in the local media, constantly send him articles that gloat about how America is dying, how the GDP is down 10%, how everybody is unemployed, how ‘the election has turned everything upside down and how everybody is now killing each other’.

“There isn’t going to be a civil war, there already is a civil war…everything is being portrayed as America is falling apart – yet, there’s still tons of Chinese people immigrating here – particularly, the ones that like to parrot the message that ‘America is falling apart’.

“Because, guess what? If you’re a Chinese Communist Party official, where else are you gonna hide your money? Where else are you gonna put your kids in school? Are you gonna let them go study in Senegal or something?”

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  • We can complain, worry, squawk, hope, pray, fear, blog, and fret about this BOGUS ELECTION RESULT, but unless we can control the LEVERS OF ENFORCEMENT, we have lost.

    There needs to be some EXTREME actions taken. I mourn. Even if Trump enacts his EXECUTIVE ORDERS, or impliments MARTIAL LAW, this will cause his remaining four years to be called into question by all of these CORRUPT swamp creatures who will again claim that HE stole the election.

    What needs to be added to the mix is the tens of thousands of CHINESE TROOPS performing military “EXERCISES” in Canada and Baja California.

    I have also seen videos of Chinese tanks parked in Mexico. This stuff is being ignored by the corporate propaganda news.

    I strongly recommend that you all get prepared. The storm might be much worse than you think. (I believe that one reason Trump was so adamant about the wall was to guard against a military invasion. Will the wall hold back a tank?)

    When the chaos reaches fever pitch, I worry that they will begin an invasion. We have never before been openly invaded. I believe the infiltration of China into all levels of power and media has been their preparation to invade our country. I hope the traitors are rounded up, tried, and met with the justice that they have earned.

    • Me too!
      I wish that I had faith that it will happen?
      We are fighting an ‘Evil’ so Satanic…
      Our naivety barely begins to imagine …
      Nancy Pelosi on steroids,
      Hunter Biden riddled with ‘coke’.
      The AntiChrist Pope, whose ‘Evil’ Luciferian grin …
      Causes my Christian heart to vomit.
      Hilary stripping the skin off a young girl’s face,
      Before eating her alive.
      All the time, laughing and joking.
      The bankers boasting of their wealth
      As they evict us from our homes,
      Ne’er batting an eye-lid,
      For the world is theirs, not ours!
      I want to smite each of them down with aggressive cancer,
      Their stinking flesh from within,
      I can thus, but hope that Trump has the determination,
      To start to throw ‘Evil’ off the edge of our planet.
      Into the stinking Hell from whence they came!
      If only I could believe that it will happen?
      If only I could believe?

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