The stop-motion animation masters are back!

The rock band, OK Go are perhaps better known for their incredible videos than for their music, in our post-music industry, post-video music era.

They’re adept at getting advertisers to give them hundreds of thousands of dollars to, in this case buy 567 office printers and go through reams and reams of expensive photo paper. I was a bit anxious about the paper but found out that in Japan where this was produced, you’re paid to recycle your paper. The proceeds from the paper were donated to charity.

Because most of us are used to seeing digital animation (CGI), this art project looks deceptively simple but it took two and half years of testing and one week of rehearsals to put together, with a head-splitting amount of work to sync up the audio playback with the cameras and the printers at various speeds, among many other elements.


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  • I’m sorry, but there really are much better ways to consume our energies and resources for the advancement of our species’s minds, bodies and souls than squandering them on frankly dreary performance art like this.

  • Liked the black and white introduction. Expected it would be pushed forward creatively as the piece continued. There was great potential to do so. Disappointed. The printer “thing” not being CGI in a world of artificial everything was technically notable. However, had I not been told up-front that the printers were actually operating, I would have been less interested overall while watching. Unimpressive? No tension. There was nothing in the piece that made me think “wow” and the equipment from which each band member was hanging was clearly visible–a messy detail; not artistic. Unlike poster Karen, my impression level, even considering the technical coordination of the printers, was much more “oh, interesting”. If it had not been a commercial I would say they wasted two years.

  • Amazing! Between the beat and rhythm of the music, the words spoken in monotone,
    the colors and the movement of papers and bodies, my eyes tended to fix in a far away day dream state or I felt the need to close my eyes because of a sense of being overwhelmed. I needed to keep refocusing. To have the ability to create and develop this work of art is sheer genius.


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