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We’re all aware to some degree, of the immensity of the role played by petrochemicals in modern civilization – but this film blows your mind with the overarching reach of the hydrocarbon industry into so many unknown aspects of our daily lives and as the driving force of history in this Age of Petroleum, during which we’ve lived our entire lives.

We are also treated to the rarely-recounted history of the Rockefeller family, prior to John D., the world’s first billionaire and the founder of the Standard Oil monopoly. His father, “Dr.” Bill Livingston, aka “Big Bill” or “Devil Bill” was a celebrated “cancer specialist” who was neither a doctor nor a cancer specialist. He traveled around the US and Canada, selling the potentially carcinogenic mixture of laxatives and petroleum that he called “Snake Oil” (!) His name wasn’t even “Livingston”, either! He was actually a psychopathic bigamist and rapist, who lived constantly on the run from the law and from every community from whom he’d previously swindled. He boasted, “I cheat my boys every chance I get…I want to make ’em sharp.” His real name was William Avery Rockefeller.

James Corbett likens the entire oil industry to “Devil Bill” and his parlor tricks, but with the unprecedented power to monopolize life, itself, in this must-see documentary, ‘Oiligarchy: How Big Oil Conquered the World.’

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  • Excellent report. Unfortunately I suppose due to time constraints, but its a very admirable brief account of this infamous family. PBS did a series on them a few years back based upon Ida Tarbell’s investigative journalism (something that’s hard to find today).

    Thy Will Be Done by Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett is also helpful to expose their corruption of church, university, and political leaders in the Americas

    They have all the money they need, but an insatiable lust for more and more power seems to drive them through each succeeding generation. They and like ilk mean to rule the world from behind the scenes. The Wizard of OZ I think was inspired by them, with old JD as the model for the Wizard.

  • So well done it makes me want to throw up. It’s in our face now. Does that mean it’s too late? And what about the Internet, which allows us to learn these things? Is it intentional that we can still get this sort of news? Or does it give us hope that it’s not too late as we wake up?

  • Every American should see this as soon as possible. This puts so many of the pieces of the puzzle together that has been total deceit for so many years. We really need to clean up Washington D.C. and all private corporations that are involved.

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