This story and this video by Greg Reese is severely traumatizing but this story must be told.

We must SaveBabyWill!!!



Four-month-old Will has a rare heart disease. His parents, Samantha and Cole lost custody of him, because they were not willing to accept blood from vaccinated donors, with the spike protein.

They found their own donors, which is allowed but they were denied and they provided evidence that the experimental spike protein stays in the blood of the vaccinated for at least 14 days.

An experimental spike protein, which is killing people and causing heart problems primarily with young males, just like Will.

But it was ignored.

The New Zealand government locked the three of them under police guard in a hospital room.

At around 11PM last night, masked police came into the room and took Will away.

The New Zealand government has now kidnapped this young child and plan to immediately operate on him, specifically using the tainted blood of the vaccinated. Blood that we know will most likely have the spike protein that has been killing people. People much older and healthier than four-month-old Will, who needs our help.

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  • Doctors wants to operate on a boy using regular blood? Parent says we have volunteers with super blood will to donate it? The government says no all must use regular (inferior) blood.

  • BRAVO FOR THE PARENTS to fight this . The Prime Minister is DEMONIC. and so are those that are wanting to transfuse the baby with the Bioengineered Nanotech Bioweapon that makes spike proteins that can injure or kill the child. This a a Demonic Cult Child Sacrifice Ritual. These people are sickos😈👹👿

  • This like the nazi’s only worse , I never thought in my wildest dreams ,this would be permitted, it’s time to fight back, power to the people.

  • I am not sure what is worse; the government for ordering this form of action without morals, the police who carried out the kidnapping without question or protest, or the doctor who will knowingly perform the procedure without conscience. We are watching tyranny in action. No government should be allowed such power or authority.

  • When you take away people’s way of protecting themselves, the government will kill you, never give up your guns.

  • This would have never happened a generation ago simply because New Zealand yet retained the Judeo-Christian ethos.

    No more! Obviously, something has replaced it and we don’t need to guess what – Darwinism and science which is now god in the minds of the rulers. You can’t prove Darwin, therefore it’s a religiously held belief system.

    Payday has come to foolish New Zealanders!

    The irony is that high profile Evangelicals fled America for New Zealand a few years back, thinking that place offered them more peace and safety. No English speaking nation had a more totalitarian government than New Zealand during the recent pandemic scare.

    I suppose perhaps only Australia excelled more than New Zealand in the deification of Darwinism and with similar outcomes when the pandemic rubber hit the road. Apparently the British crown was satisfied with it too.

    We should not be surprised.


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