Devin Nunes tells Rob Schmitt:

“I think there’s two to three dozen rats at the FBI, the DOJ and in the Biden White House that are all working – they control the levers of the National Security Division, which is how they’ve weaponized our intelligence agencies and our Justice Department.”

These rats operate under the banner of counterintelligence so that they get to “keep all their little rats in their little ship and the other FBI agents don’t find out about it.”

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  • Talk about Pulling The Curtain On Obama, What a Sick Human Being (if he’s human)
    This should be broadcast worldwide, more than half planet claims he is indeed the “AntiChrist”
    Sure Fits the description… Hanging around since 2008 – 2023 No Intentions to ever Leave.

    These Whistleblowers Just Nailed Obama To The Wall,
    It’s About Time, I’ve been watching this Creepy Crawler For A Long Time.


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