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All Alex Jones and InfoWars have been taken down from YouTube and he was mass-de-platformed in a Fascistic multi-lateral Blitz in over a dozen social media and  on August 8, 2018.

Pending these videos’ reinstatement on another platform, I’m using this classic Tom Jobim music as filler, avoid web-crawling problems…


The hardest working man in the Conspiracy Business, Alex Jones needed a break – and he got someone amazing to guest host for him – none other than the biggest NSA whistleblower, ever, William Binney!

Binney might not quite be ready for Prime Time and this talk appears unscripted and extemporaneous – and it reveals his rather adorable, quirkey math geek personality – but there can be no doubt that he does know what he’s talking about, having worked within the belly of the Beast his entire adult life.

Binney is not here to talk about the hopelessness of our situation. He’s here to remind us of who we are.

He says, “We have to start standing up, as Americans. Americans aren’t supposed to sit back and let government do what it does, we’re supposed to be up there, challenging. We have to be participating in there, in our Democracy and Republic. We cannot sit by and let these things happen and be quiet. If we do, we’re going to get this totalitarian state that we’re sliding towards, right now.


“So, that’s that’s really the basic issue I have to convey to you: that and you need to stand up. How could you do that? You can’t sit there, and say you don’t have power. You really do have power – and the power is to talk to your Representatives and Senators and complain to them and make sure that they get that this is a major concern to you. And when they come around to give you Town Meetings and talk to you, to get your vote, stand up and address them and and make them publicly come out with a statement of their position on this issue.

“If you don’t, they’re going to continue doing what they’re doing…Stand up! Challenge them. I mean, after all, they’re even [invading] the the Free Press, which were supposed to have – like, with Jim Risen and Jim Rose, in the AP and in various other reporting journals, two investigative journalists, there; they’re shutting down their sources and information and keeping them quiet – well, it’s destroying the Free Press.

“The Free Press is supposed to be interrogating the government, to see what they’re doing, so they can inform the public about what the government is really doing.

“The press is falling totally apart I mean, look at Jim Rose. In his case, they had him under subpoena for any number years, trying to get him to [reveal] the source of the information in the books and things he’s published. Well, under the under the Press Rules, he had the right to keep the sources confidential. So, they’re attempting to destroy a Free Press, which is the next step into going into a totalitarian state.

“So, if we don’t stand up, then, Americans, we’re gonna lose our country. We’re gonna lose the process that we all hold dear – at least, the Republic I had, when I grew up and that my father and his father before him had.

“I mean we’re gonna lose it, because we can’t trust the government and what they’re saying. They, in fact have been deliberately keeping us in the dark, as to what’s going on and keeping a lot of Congress in the dark, too. So, by doing this complaining to the Congress, you have at least an opportunity to change the process, in the sequence of things and where it’s headed.

“Short of that, you have to fire everybody in Congress! It’s the only way to get rid of the bums because they’re not living up to their their Oath of Office, which is to protect and defend the Constitution.

“The President, of course, has the additional responsibility, under his Oath of Office, to *preserve* the Constitution; to preserve, protect and defend.

“The others – like when I was in government – I had to protect and defend the Constitution. That’s why I felt that what I was doing was consistent with my Oath of Office and also consistent with being a Citizen of the United States, of actively getting up and participating in this Democracy…standing up, in defending that Constitution – protecting – at least trying to protect it, and defending it.

“That’s something that our Representatives in Washington are NOT doing – and that’s something we have to call them on. We have to make sure, as the Citizens, that we stand up and say, ‘Look, you’re in office and we voted you in there and your oath is to protect our rights – and you’re not doing it.’ Put them on the spot, publicly. This is the only way to do it: sunlight is the only cure.

“That’s why Edward Snowden has really performed a huge public service, by exposing these programs that have been put in place since 9/11, to spy on everybody in the United States and to accumulate information on everybody. It’s one thing for companies to do it, which I also disagree with. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that – but they’re doing it for the purpose of advertising and making money.

“The government’s doing it for the purpose of finding criminal activity and also being able to control the population – that’s really what’s happening. I mean, you can see it, in the militarization of your local police and the spread of the Department of Homeland Security and of their equipment, worldwide – and in the buying of the bullets, and so on.

“They’re all leading to the state of basically being able to control the population…That’s what I testified to, in Germany, when I gave testimony the Bundestag that the entire process that was adopted by NSA and has been spread around the world, through all the intelligence agencies is one of controlling and assembling information, to be able to control the population – not just in the United States but around the world.

“So, this is not just threatening us and our Democracy…We’re destroying Democracy around the world. In effect, we’re doing such a good job, that the Russians and others who we used to call ‘totalitarian states’ are now adopting the procedures that we’ve implemented – and this basically tells you that that we’re on the wrong path!

“…Dick cheney’s said, publicly on television that, we had to go to the ‘Dark Side’. Well, that meant we went to the Dark Side, for rendering, torture, murder…drone strikes, spying on everybody. All of this is the ‘Dark Side.’

“Well, that’s not American and that’s certainly not consistent with the Founding Principles of this Government. We were founded on the principles of Human Rights – and what these processes are being put into place, now are, in fact, taking those rights away.

“So, the only way we can change this is to stand up. We have to get active and say something. I don’t care what it is you say or how you say it – but get up and participate in this government and make sure that if you oppose this move towards totalitarianism, you need to speak up and say something. You can’t be quiet. You have to get out there and participate and that’s really that theme of what I would like to say to everybody in America.

“And the only way to do it, now is to address your Representatives and Senators and to make sure that you push that on them and keep pushing; that if they don’t start the saying that, just tell them that you’re gonna fire them, by voting against them, the next time.

“That will get their attention, because that’s really what they want to do: they want to stay in Congress and be there an for years. And as part of our problem: we don’t have term limits, so we end up with what I call ‘petrified politicians,’ in place, in Washington. They’ve been there for so long, that it’s a never-ending career for them.

“Well, when you do that, with politicians, they tend to think, over time that they know better than anybody else and that they don’t they believe that they can make the decisions that are right for the country, whether or not the public in the United States would agree or not – or even if they disagree, that it doesn’t matter. If their opinion says, ‘Let’s go another way,’ then that’s what they do.

“So that’s where we have to stand up as a group and we do have to do this as a group and make sure that the that the wave of public opinion hits them in a place that hurts them – and that’s that in the voting both. If you vote against them and fire them, that will get their attention.

“That’s…what I would say: ‘Fire the bums’. Get rid of them. And I would say, if there’s an incumbent…when you’re in the voting booth…more than likely, it’s better to vote against them.

“Like I said earlier: maybe the best way I would see to do it (laughs) would be to be randomly select people from the phone book and give them, every two years, a chance to get into office, that way.

“Think about that for a minute: that would mean you get mostly people who would want to be honest: that’s certainly a change from what we’ve got – and you’d get people who would like to balance a budget. That’s certainly new! I mean, we’d reduce the deficit, that way, for sure! And you’d get mostly people who would like to cooperate to solve a problem – *that* certainly is new, too! So, the other benefits to think about are that political parties would be gone. You wouldn’t have to do campaigns! You wouldn’t have all these vested interests and lobbyists going on!

“So you could end up getting all these positive effects by selecting from the phone book! And a politicians should realize that, from us: that we’re saying *that’s* a better way to do it, than what we’ve got now!

“So thank you very much for your time and listening.”

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