Clif High’s predictive linguistics are better at forecasting the rise and fall of emotional tensions than they are at precisely predicting their causative agents.

Back on August 5th, when he posted this video, Afghanistan was not at the forefront of the minds of most. Forced vaxxinations and lockdowns were. But Clif was very clear that there was going to be an event occurring around August 14-15th that would cause an uproar among the people.

On August 13th, Biden’s (or rather, China’s) DHS made a an absurd announcement, which conferred “domestic terrorist” status to over 50% of the US population, who oppose the draconian COVID measures and who have questions about the 2020 Election.

This coincided with the Tennessee governor signing an executive order to call up the National Guard “in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations” and to construct “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities”. This coincided with the Army National Guard posting recruitment ads for the job of “Internment/Resettlement Specialist” and the emergence of military documents about procedures for detaining US citizens.

It also coincided with New York Congressman Ritchie Torres’ bill, HR 4980 to mandate vaxxines for all airline passengers and with the Los Angeles City Council’s unanimous vote to deny unvaxxinated people access to grocery stores (this, even though the LA County Sheriff had weeks ago said he will no longer enforce any COVID mandates).

However, the Taliban were sweeping across Afghanistan and within 36 hours of the DHS announcement, Kabul had fallen, with the puppet Afghan president fleeing to Tajikistan with as much cash as he could take with him. According to Reuters, “Four cars were full of money, they tried to stuff another part of the money into a helicopter, but not all of it fit. And some of the money was left lying on the tarmac.”

It is my dearest hope that the loss of credibility that the fall of Afghanistan has brought upon the so-called “Liberal Establishment” will spill over to the public’s view and response to all the COVID tyranny. This same Liberal Establishment has been engaged in a genocidal campaign, directed especially against the peoples of the West and it must be stopped now.


Clif High is back, with predictions for a very difficult emotional period, marked by a mass die-off of the vaxxinated between December and May, for which we need to prepare.

He says, “We see how weak…the Biden’s Pretendency is. They know they didn’t win. They know they cheated. They also know that we know and that pretty soon, all the Normies will know.”

And as soon as the Normies know, it will all fall apart for the Globalists, which he says is what explains the evasive behavior of the Biden White House; going on vacation, not answering questions – and in the case of our putative future president – disappearing altogether.

“This is Next Level Woo,” he says, “Yes, the American military left Afghanistan. Yes, it was a defeat for the American Empire. But the American Empire was based on the Petrodollar and is not America. It was the USA Petrodollar Empire that died in Afghanistan.” 

He says – and I feel this in my bones to be true – that the fall of Afghanistan is actually a “Victory on the road to defeating the Globalist monster that rules Planet Earth…Biden is the face of the Globalists for the whole planet…We’re at a point where they have taken a huge, huge, huge blow…The Globalistas have lost Afghanistan and the US Globalist Petrodollar Empire has lost in Afghanistan.”

Clif explains that his father was a commander and he was an Army Brat, living on bases all over the world. From his point of view, the US military won World War II but the United States lost World War II, because it was in reality 100% taken over by the Globalists at that point in time.

They had previously had foothold, starting in 1913, with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank. “And so we’ve been occupied since 1913 and they use our army – and that’s all they have. They don’t have an army of their own…

“They have NATO. So they’ve convinced all the countries of Europe to pony-up their sons and daughters to go die for the Globalists – just the way they did for the United States.”

He says his father saw this and he wasn’t in denial about any of it, “And he told me, repeatedly, just to make the point, that the United States Army was not supposed to win in Vietnam. That was never the plan. They weren’t going to let us win in Vietnam. They weren’t going to let us win in Korea. That was never the goal.

“The last time the US Army was on a winning streak was with MacArthur, when he was kicking the s*** out of China and he was brought back by Truman – who was a Globalist– because…they couldn’t have a free China, because they had to have Mao take it over…

“So the United States Army being removed from Afghanistan, I think is a great victory.”

He continues, “The Globalists…in their thinking, they’ve simply handed Afghanistan over to the next owners, who are the Chinese. I don’t think that’s going to work out so well for them…

“Over the next three weeks, we’re going to see a huge tranche of Normies that wake up and everything’s going to get real frothy, as these people come to an awakening and have bazillions of questions…

“During this period of time, those of us that have answers should be able to hand it out and those of us that don’t know but know that somebody does can point. We can do this for all the Normies and we can start getting everybody onto the same page of the Woo that we’re gelling up on; this morass of unknown.

“The Woo is everything that has been hidden from ourselves…the Woo is that aspect of life that is denied.”

He says we’re moving into a very tough period that will have some relief in January. We will still have a long, hard slog but we will know, from January going forward that we are making progress.

“By ‘we’, I mean us, that are not the Globalists…70% of the Normies will have the delusion of the two-party system, here in the United States falling away. They’ll have the delusion of the Petrodollar falling away, the pandemic falling away, the Globalist wars…falling away.”

Clif says, the die-off from the vaxx will extend for several years, with a big intermediate peak going through to next May. “There’s going to be a lot of dead people. We will not be able to prevent the deaths, we will not be able to do anything other than to cope with the impact on the social order.”

The people behind the vaxx intended to kill billions of people and he says they must be held to account. He thinks that fitting revenge against people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci would be to give them 10 or 20 doses of the jab and to keep them in prison to see how long they last.

Lots of other valuable info in this video, that can help us to cope with what’s to come.

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  •’s news…reminds me of what cliff aas talking about in the above video..I can literally see that scenerio playing out! This definitely does not bode well! And interesting dates of Oct 31 and Nov 1…woo dates… Oct 31 being halloweird and sanhain the Wiccan holiday and Nov 1 is all saints day…the day before is called all souls day too aka halloweird and the thinning of the veils of the aethers..if I remember right…been a while remembering that stuff…anyhoos…

    Just read in today’s news…looks like
    all businesses mandate jabs for all
    employees and people frequenting
    their establishments…darn..the walls
    are closing in!!!

    August 25, 2021 at 9:43 am

    …”The FDA’s approval is a real game
    changer for the workplace,” said
    Jason Habinsky, an employment
    attorney at Haynes Boone, a Dallas,
    Texas-based law firm. “Employers
    essentially have the blessing of the
    federal government that the vaccine
    is safe and effective and approved,
    and an employer is no longer making
    a unilateral judgment call on
    whether or not the vaccine is
    effective. So this really gets
    employers across the finish line in
    terms of being comfortable mandating
    it in the workplace.”

    Some large employers that had
    stopped short of requiring employees
    to get the vaccine on Monday
    announced new mandates. Goldman
    Sachs on Tuesday instituted a new
    requirement that all individuals who
    enter the bank’s offices, including
    employees, be vaccinated. Employees
    have until September 7 to get
    vaccinated, a spokesperson told CBS

    After the FDA’s announcement, U.S.
    energy firm Chevron said that it is
    requiring “workers in certain jobs”
    to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
    “Chevron is committed to protecting
    the health of our people, and
    vaccinations are the strongest
    safeguard against the COVID-19
    virus,” a Chevron spokesperson told
    CBS MoneyWatch.

    Impact of FDA approval for Pfizer’s
    Expatriates and individuals who
    travel internationally, U.S. fleet
    members, Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico
    offshore workforce and some onshore
    support personnel are among those
    who will have to get vaccinated,
    effective November 1, according to
    the company.

    CVS Health, which has administered
    more than 30 million COVID-19
    vaccines across the U.S., will also
    now require employees who interact
    with patients, including nurses,
    pharmacists and care managers, as
    well as corporate employees to be
    vaccinated by October 31. New hires
    must also be vaccinated before their
    first day with the company.

    “From the start of the pandemic, our
    decision-making process has been
    driven by health, safety and
    science,” said CVS Health President
    and CEO Karen S. Lynch in a
    statement. “While the vast majority
    of our employees have chosen to be
    vaccinated, this decision is in
    direct response to the dramatic rise
    in cases among the unvaccinated.”

    On the same day the FDA granted the
    Pfizer vaccine full approval, New
    York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also
    announced that public school
    teachers and staff must be

    More corporations are expected to
    swiftly follow suit, according to
    experts. Employers that insisted
    they would make vaccination
    mandatory pending FDA authorization
    now have the green light to do so.

    “I’ve had a lot of employers who
    were on the fence for various
    reasons, and I’ve already received
    phone calls from clients convinced
    this is the support they’ve needed,”
    Habinsky said.

    Attorney talks workplace COVID
    vaccine mandat…
    For example, United Airlines earlier
    this month said employees will be
    required to verify that they’ve been
    vaccinated within five weeks of the
    FDA fully approving a vaccine or by
    October 25, whichever came first.

    Employers’ hesitancy to implement
    vaccination requirements has faded
    over the time, particularly with the
    arrival of the highly contagious
    Delta variant. Now, it’s expected to
    evaporate altogether, and employers
    that don’t require the vaccine could
    become outliers.

    “Now the walls have started to
    crumble,” said attorney Barbara
    Binzak Blumenfeld of Buchanan
    Ingersoll Rooney, where she helps
    clients navigate matters involving
    FDA approval of medical products and
    practices. “I think they’ll continue
    to crumble with respect to companies
    that have been hesitant to mandate.”

  • Cliff…’methusalah’….the people died a year before Noah’s flood…in genesis speaks of it and Matt 24…Luke 21, mark 13…speaks ‘as the times of noah’….the times of noah was the global flood and the great die off of the millions of people’s at that timeframe…it was liken to a global reset in essence..methusalah in hebrew means those who died the year before the flood!!!

    I posted about methusalah back in early 2020 when I got the word in Spirit on the forum I frequent.

  • Cliff…I keeping getting this recollection too….lockdowns equal mind control, fractured/minds and or fractured souls which then can be brainwashed/mind controlled…just look at those in the asylums in the 1800s with the women and children globally. Experimentation of drugs etc, torture, killings and rapes galore..think mk ultra, monarch programs too from fractures souls/minds…to
    become brainwashed/mind controlled silent assassins etc…aka programmed useful idiots in the elites eyes for methods of destruction, fear and chaos… Abuse and also neglect birth these very fractured souls as well..for sex trade, breeders,human trafficking etc.
    Nothing is worse than a wounded animal…get my drift…scary times!

  • Cliff…weird thought here…a wound dog bites others sorta thing.

    I had a dream and the eird I heard in Spirit was ‘Christmas would be good this year’…what it means tho is unknown to me at present.
    Also last year before creeper Joe became prez…I had a small group of stargazers looking up at this celestial alignment and the date I got was 2024! Next in the dream the dark shadowed tall thin man escorts the stargazer group into a very long dark black limo and were driven to a very long dark black mansion. Then I heard that the fallen ones were leaving the earth to set up base elsewhere to continue their bs…leaving those who were left on the earth that was completely pillaged ,exploited of all resources and left the left over people on basically a very dead planet in the aftermath! The dark shadow man very bad dark vibes to him…evil infact…and it was creeper Joe Biden!!! Just had to share what I saw via dreamtime. Shalom.

    • Oops…ary…typos…but you get the message all the same. Btw…was raised a military brat too…yeah…my dad was army, a paratropper, fought in the Korean war…messed him up very badly btw…special ops, rainbow and the Queens army. When the parent is military…so too becomes the rest of the family as well…boot camp for all of us kids in essence.

  • So Woo, You had stated that you are an “Military Brat” & that your father had known that he was Complicit in the crimes that were being done across the world by the U.S. Military. So I was wondering why you think we need to advocate the same kind of character of people, as you put it “from the Great Depression & those who fought WW2,” when in fact these are not good qualities. These “Type of Characters” are the same kind of Vaccines recipient characters of its day & are very frightening obedient.
    Does this have something to do with the returned ‘Clearing House /Bearer Bonds Certificates’ from the Pope/Vatican & its ‘Digital Records’ returned by the Curia/Archbishops. These Bonds belong to the American People & not the Pentagon/Military/Washington D.C. just to fund another Scheme! Washington D.C./Pentagon do not represent the American people. Any officer caught holding them or dealing in them is complicit in a crime.

  • Alice W comment is true. Listen to Oydessy Project Camelot on Dr Presser and De Ragavan who developed and promote Nano Soma. This has been tested for 10 years. It stimulates the body to remove what does not belong ie also Nano from the jab. It’s the remedy Alice says must be out there. The challenge is to convince the jab takers that they need it before it’s too late. Also check out This is news not even Cliff has. Start with Speak Project. Lots of jaw dropping info.

  • WTF? I get this QUEER “woo” baby talk notification thinking… okay it’s a china related thing… and here is this hard to look at bonehead dropping some psychobabble and tags on regular folks. Is this what we’re reduced to? Goo Goo Woo Woo? Clean it up damn it, you’re insulting our intelligence. Frankly, an embarrassment with a drawer filled with Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers!
    There’s nothing here we can’t find somewhere else Woo boy, clean it up.

  • You need to include World Economic Forum Director Klaus Schwab in the list of those deserving revenge for his part in Depopulation and Global Genocide. This psychopath from a Nazi bloodline who calls everyone not part of his elite club “useless eaters” needs to be brought before a Nuremberg Tribunal and then guillotined. He, Bill Gates, and Demon Fauci are all part of the Georgia Guidestones Eugenics Cult and need to be held to account for their part in the Vaccine Holocaust.

  • I like reading Clif but I take his predictions as our 3D level of activity. This is biblical and so we will see a 5D answer. That should be October or soon after. There will be help for the vaxx people, and should there be a noticeable absence of population it may be because of Ascension. This is not just about our physical existence. If you are not in touch with Spirit, this is a wonderful time to start.

  • The roots of the Plagues that will kill so many will come from this biowarfare.
    If America is special in the world , then what is going to be left of it will be worth suffering for.
    My particular land of blessing is not here but We are supposed to be pilgrims and sojourners , watching for all this to unfold , and the BIG REVEAL , Expect the futility of the greatest minds to be laid bare. No one will be saved except a select few. The realization will send billions into a zombie rage. Then the sun will nova and end the suffering .

  • How do you feel about Julian Assauge’s comments about AGST War continuing while US and EU taxes are being siphoned through to a UN(?) …group…

  • Yep, yesterday I felt something special was going on. It just doesn’t seem only about me. CLIFF seems to infer something happening, it has started! 60% of Koreans don’t want shots, if they come after my children it will be ugly for them.

  • Great info Clif. Thank you. I worry about the parents that took the poison jab. Who will take care of their kids if they die off? There could be many, many orphans. When they go into an institution to be raised they will have further mental issues. Lets hope those with kids survive this.

  • Money left on the tarmac, a coup at the white house and a president suffering from dementia leaving people unprotected in a war retreat …are too obvious clues for the upcoming hollywood smash hit [living room] movie but they won’t alter it too much.

    My money is on Liz Warren.

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Popcorn?

  • P.S.

    There exist two WOO-WOO type Powers :

    Angel of Light vs. Angel of Darkness
    (( a Dead Sea Scrolls reference )).

    Clif’s “Woo” lectures serve the former.

    You and he ought to visit here, re C-Hoax :

    Clif sounds as if he may have gone through
    Monroe’s Gateway program.

    I had had my class in the Seventies.

    – Rick

  • I beg to differ, with Clif. Those individuals are NOT ‘normies’! They ARE, in FACT……..ZOMBIES! A ‘NORMAL’ (aka HUMAN) is one who is CONSCIOUS; ACTUAL ADULTS; SEES REALITY. The Zombies are Mentally Stunted (retarded 3 year olds), LOW IQ and UN-Conscious.

    • Pretty sure Jesus said something about: “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me…”. I realize it’s not a popular point-of-view, but it sounds like he is implying that ASSETS ARE SATANIC, and all the time and effort you spend on acquiring, keeping, and growing assets (including your body) are good in the eyes of, well, Satan.
      Jesus? Not so much. He was more like: “whatever you will, Father, I’m down for that”.

      • Jesus never said that as a general statement for everyone. He pointed this out to one particular individual or others like that. Having riches or wealth isn’t the sin. The sin is being attached convulsively to your possessions. Mark 10:17-31. We can use everything and anything to gain spiritual maturity, as long as that in itself does not become a propensity and makes us lose the long term objective or infringe upon someone else . Luke 12:13 also elaborates on this theme.

  • I agree with Clif about Australians pushing those in the US to do something. The Australians have allowed their right to bare arms to be taken away. Now they are paying that price. This is a problem Australians have gotten themselves into and one they will have to solve on their own. If there is enough of them pissed off then they should all go out and protest en mass, overwhelm the prison, overwhelm the system. They are allowing a select few abuse their power. Set a date, promote and organize. They can’t arrest and fine everyone.

    What I don’t agree with Clif is that we can’t save the vaccinated. We won’t save everyone but I believe we can save a large number with something. There has to be something. The bible said every cure can be found in nature and I believe there is something out there.

    NAC clears out the graphene oxide.
    Vitamin C and D boosts immunity and helps with detoxing.
    Zinc slows down and stops viral spread

    The clotting is the biggest issue. Pine Needle tea has a compound that helps with clots. I also heard flush version Niacin dilates vessels to get blood flowing. I remember something about aspirin is good for the heart, maybe it also helps dissolve clots? I don’t know, but I believe there is a solution.

    The other aspect is DNA damage. Exercise such as cardio and resistance training is said to boost human growth hormone and also repair DNA. I3C is a compound found in broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage that helps repair DNA. There is also something called genistein found in soy beans that may also help. These are avenues we should start looking into ASAP to save as many lives as possible.

    Hopefully someone smarter than me will have a protocol ready to tackle each vaccination issue.

  • People with character are going to have to start stepping up. As far as the normies in my world, they need a BIG wakeup call. It will be hard. I try to be optimistic, but I am cynical in the extreme, I have been paying attention for 20 years. At least I won’t be surprised.

  • The cabal know they will be annihilated. Some have turned back to God to seek redemption. These ones have been forgiven and clemency granted. Note this applies to their souls and not their bodies. They will still reap what their 3D peers determine to be their most appropriate punishment. In other words, they will be killed but at least their souls will be intact.

    What is happening is all in accordance with God’s Plan. Yes, many of the populace will die and have been dying but when you look at this from the soul’s point of view, they are meant to leave the earth plan during this period. I refer you to “The Appointment At Samarra”
    Their deaths serve the highest good in awakening those left behind. We should thank them for their service.

    • Who’s death? I don’t see anyone being arrested. The fact of the matter is, they are still in charge. So don’t bullshit me. And whenever I talk about anything. I get deleted. Especially on woo bobblehead’s channel. This is nothing more than the usual right/left narrative. This will go on and then everyone will want their hero, Trump, and the Republicans to go back in office. And soon this will all start over again. The problem is this representative form of government that can be controlled by London. We The People, should be making our own laws and running our own affairs, democratically. Again, the controlled opposition like Alex Jones, and ALL of the rest keep saying, “…that’s mob rule”. All of these pundits are paid to spout this crap. And they and Wall Street are very happy with the way things are. They’re getting rich off our backs. Damn right it’s mob rule. The whole damn mob of us running our own country. But first we have to take it away from the owners and put them all in jail. And stop the American Empire from bullying, murdering the innocent people around the world and stealing their resources. Or shut the f… up, quit bitching and go back to sleep. Bahhhhh! Capt Joe Kelley.

      • Great minds…here’s what Locke said about that: “Whosoever, therefore, out of a state of Nature unite into a community, must be understood to give up all the power necessary to the ends for which they unite into society to the majority of the community, UNLESS THEY EXPRESSLY AGREED IN ANY NUMBER GREATER THAN THE MAJORITY.” (emphasis mine)

        So my 2cents is The Consensus Party which will only have candidates, leaders and support laws which have greater than 7/8 (87%) backing (otherwise use sortition – leaders or reps chosen by lottery – and rescission get rid of all laws and programs etc not supported by a supermajority). People need to leave their religious beliefs at home and just live with common law; the alternative is on full display. More brilliancy on my LOC-archived website alanforcongress (no dot com). Tap the yellow area to select the final 2010 version. Also on Twitter, same name.


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