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    According to Newsbud’s Sibel Edmonds, intercepted communications have exposed that the failed coup in Turkey was staged by the CIA, in partnership with NATO and that NBC, at minimum was in collusion with the coup attempt.

    During the night of the coup, several of the most important news outlets in the US and in the UK followed the lead of NBC and falsely reported that President Erdogan had fled Turkey and was seeking asylum in Germany, in what Edmonds calls a classic PsyOp to demoralize the Turkish people, implicating NBC as a co-conspirator in the failed coup.

    Edmonds is leading a call for NBC to come clean about their collusion with the CIA and NATO in propagating this psychological operation, by organizing an Occupy NBC gathering in front of their New York City headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza this coming Thursday, July 28, at 9:00 AM. If anyone reading this is planning to attend, she asks to please confirm by emailing: [email protected] and to join Newsbud’s #ConfrontNBC Campaign on Twitter.

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    • The actions taken by not only NBC but by all the mainstream media (all the time) is not “borderline criminality.” It is collusion in criminality, therefore criminality itself. The media has obviously conspired with the criminal cabal that has the world by a political and economic stranglehold, and the United States most prominently . Where is the reporting in the mainstream media about this cabal? The evidence of criminality of the mainstream media IS the obvious collusion BY false reporting of rampant war crimes , financial crimes/frauds, breaches of international sovereignty and international law of all kinds by the United States of America and its mercenary proxies, such as ISIS and its further arms of enforcement the CIA and NATO. These news agencies are not journalists but co-criminals who perform cover up services.

      Great job for being true journalists and activists in the the uncovering of the MSM criminality, Newsbud!

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