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Speaking of monkeys and the bedeviled “monkey mind” of spookdom, this is a new documentary about MUCH, MUCH cuter monkeys. Possibly the cutest monkeys ever!

A recently-discovered species of snow monkey has been discovered in the Eastern Himalayas of Yunnan Province, China, the Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkeys. They live at a higher elevation than any other monkey.

There are are valleys, there reminiscent of the fabled Shangri-La, with warm micro-climates, where there are blossoms and colorful birds of paradise. In the absence of people, these achingly cute monkeys haven’t learned to be afraid of us yet.

They are absolutely precious and there are only a few thousand of them.

This film follows the stories of two baby male monkeys born to a troop, one nurtured and coddled by his mother and the other one abandoned.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed the film made so laboriously by the research team about the Snub Faced Monkeys!

    Beautifully done with a tender, precious story about the orphan monkey and the older
    males, etc.

    Highly recommend to those whose spirits can embrace the story and its’ spiritual meaning!

    • Yes. This is a special piece. It’s a wildlife film almost in a league of its own. Very instructive about life.

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