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Immigrants began squatting in a woman’s home and vigilantism has kicked in, since the police and military are being ordered not to protect the rights of their country’s citizens.

One military veteran tells the interviewer:

“The woman has rights. It’s her property. She has all the paperwork to prove it.

“So obviously we’re not going to call the police, because they don’t tend to help out. They come and hinder the situation. So as a community, we’ve taken this into our own hands.

“We’ve come from all four corners of England. And this is how we’re going to be beating this. We just keep growing the numbers and sticking together.

“This is enough of a corporation. Enough of us getting sh*t on left, right and center. This is our country.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This will be test case.

    Either British Laws will Protect property owners, or the British Military, will infiltrate this and other groups, and take it over.

    Justice is not a simple thing, because corruption, controls…people in a mob; like Frankenstein’s people with pitchforks and torches are not backed by the gov’t.

    Octogon’s Authorities control.

    So a new approach is needed by humanity; overall.

      • It goes beyond Whites, it is Establishment Coulture of People who believe that they are Free.

        Think Globally, act Locally….the Credo of the Scumbags…..

        These illegals are not to replace the sheep that live in America; they are to used…..for a Purpose….if you are around long enough you might see, them building the NAFTA Highway.

        Put that in your head, Man.

        Wakey Wakey

      • You are not the absent minded professor, you are a Goose Stepper.

        Hitler killed more Whites then anyone else……so you are a paradox.

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