On the night of July 17, 1996, when TWA Flight 800 was shot down, I was in New York City, working on the crew of a Hebrew National hotdog commercial.

At about 10PM, I received animated calls from my friends who were out on the beach, where we were all renting a shack on Fire Island together. They told me they could see fire floating on the ocean’s surface and a clamor of rescue helicopters.

Not long afterwards, the local news began to report that a plane had crashed into the ocean, right in front of the beach where we were staying.

A week or so after the plane crash, I was back at our beach shack when a sketchy-looking detective in a cheap suit waltzed through the open door without identifying himself, asking us if we had seen anything. We told him we hadn’t.

This guy looked like the ‘Bad Lieutenant’. We didn’t think we should talk about the many reports from people who saw what looked like a missile striking the plane before it went down.

The wreckage washed up on the beach for the rest of the summer. There were reports of passengers washing up further east, still strapped to their seats.

Several trucks bearing various federal insignia were on the beach every day to cordon off areas, as the bigger chunks washed in.

A black pickup truck with a fake magnetic sign slapped to its side, purporting to be that of a local business was the only vehicle I saw receiving the pieces of wreckage to haul them away.

The rest of the summer, we were sad about the hundreds who’d died in the crash and paranoid about the creepy Feds crawling all over the beach.

This angst was compounded by the most active hurricane season in 46 years,. The ocean breached over the dune right under our shack, which was on stilts. The vegetation around it turned brown and stayed brown all summer and everything just looked dead.

The hurricanes were incredible for surfing but you might get slammed in the face by an industrial luggage bin if you weren’t careful.

The flotsam and jetsam from Flight 800 kept churning up from hurricanes and kept getting spit out all over the beach all summer long.


That same night of July 17, 1996, William Teele III was an Operations Specialist (OS) aboard the Guided Missile Frigate USS Carr off the coast of Fire Island doing battle exercises with another Navy vessel when he heard communications that a commercial airliner had been hit. He joins Stew Peters to talk about what really happened on the night that the crash of Flight 800 took the lives of 230 passengers.

Teele recalls, “On the headset…a few minutes into the transmission, there was a little bit of silence…I heard somebody say, ‘Oh no. We hit an airbus.’ And about two minutes later, I heard, ‘Radio silence!’ That means, ‘Everybody be quiet on the net.’

“And the two guys I was standing in between were looking at each other, like, ‘Oh no! This is a horrible mistake! Something really bad just happened. We couldn’t just hit an airbus!’

“And I asked him, ‘What is an airbus?’ and he said, ‘That’s a commercial aircraft.’ And I said, ‘You mean we hit a commercial aircraft?’ and he told me, ‘Be quiet. Just be quiet.’

“And then a radio went off from the ship that actually fired and they called our captain. Our captain came up to CIC [Combat Information Center] and walked in and got on the red phone and had a conversation. I could hear in the background the conversation of him saying, ‘These have got to be the most dumbest idiots in the world to not recognize a white missile and a blue missile. How are you on the bridge wing and not see that we’re not supposed to fire? You’re supposed to see a blue training missile come up on the rail!’

“And they went back and forth about the conversation and the captain left…At that time, we stopped the drill and we were told were going to go into a high speed evasive maneuver…we was told ‘Go back down to the berth. Don’t say nothing at all.’

“We get into Bermuda about a day later and that’s when we were told that, ‘No one’s allowed to leave the ship, There’ll be no communications,’ and that, ‘Some people are coming onboard and they’ll be taking care of some some things that need to be done.’

“They brought all the OSes and everybody else involved inside CIC and…that’s when they instructed us then, that what happened didn’t happen and that we are not to discuss it and that some people were coming onboard and we need to stay out of combat.

“So I was told, right when we were getting evacuated to leave the space, my OS1 told us, “I need you to grab all the log books, close ’em all up, tape ’em up, initial ’em…place everything in this box. Someone’s coming to collect it.

“After they came onboard with the items, we went back to the CIC, my OS1 was sitting in a chair and he’s explaining to me clearly that, if I open my mouth about what had happened, the government will ruin my life, based on my Social Security Number…

“We left Bermuda a few hours later, we went back out to sea to go back to Norfolk, Virginia. So it was never discussed amongst us again but we cracked jokes about it throughout the ship, about a logbook and about somebody being dumb and actually putting the keys in and actually firing a real, live missile for a simulation.”

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  • Everybody knew, but the mainstream media ignored hundreds of witnesses. The FBI and other government agencies set about intimidating and threading witnesses. Everybody got depressed and exhausted. That is when a lot of people saw the sign and started walking away from America. The are called ex-patriots

  • U.S. nuclear bomb exploded off the South Carolina coast after U.S. military leaders refused an order by Pres. Barack Obama to destroy Charleston in a false-flag operation to create chaos in the United States, The GRU discovered that Obama fired Navy vice admiral Tim Giardina, Air Force major general Michael Carey and Marine Corps major generals Charles Gurganus and Gregg Sturdevant for refusing to execute the diabolical order. “Adm. Giardina and Gen. Carey were the first to note Obama’s transferring of nuclear weapons to Charleston outside of the normal chain of command, GRU experts say in this report, Generals Gurganus and Sturdevant were tasked with leading U.S. Marine troops from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to begin the implementation of martial law after this false-flag attack had taken place,”

  • I happened to be on the road listening to talk radio when this went down. Radio was abuzz with this story, eyewitnesses everywhere. Later eyewitness pilots spoke up. The USG/Media propaganda went to work covering it up, even CIA shill Limbaugh chimed in with the official smoke screen. Eyewitnesses even ratted on the FBI liars, told them what they thought they saw was’t real that what the FBI told them was real and that they had put a lot of pressure on them to lie about the event and some did. I don’t even recognize my country any more. We are awash in lies and spies.

  • There is an excellent documentary on tubi TV now, regarding a 2013 investigation of TWA 800. They irrefutable concluded the plane was struck by 3 military grade missiles from 2 ships in the area at that time. They inferred the FBI colluded with the Navy to hinder the true cause of the crash. The FBI intimidated all the eye witnesses and blocked the ATF and National Board of Transportation investigators. Basically the FBI ran the coverup for Navy’s accidental release of live missiles during a training exercise.

  • Stew,
    USS Liberty was saved by Russian trawler coming to it’s rescue USS Amberjack submarine was shadowing the Liberty.When French torpedos.fired by Isreali pt boats, failed the Amberjack was ordered to torpedo the ship. It’s torpedo struck the Liberty below the waterline,but luckily for the Liberty crew,it hit where a support beam was located,allowing it to remain afloat All personnel in that area of the ship were “blown to pieces”. It proceeded towards the mdrydock in Malta ,with “body parts” and “top secret” documents floating out of the torpedo hole.LBJ’s quote,regarding the Liberty, after calling back rescue attempts by our Navy, was”I want that f—kin’ ship on the bottom of the ocean!” He wanted to start ANOTHER war in the Mid-East.Vietnam was “hot” by then.


    • Hey Kenny, Truer words were never spoken. I’m,Dave Gaetke ,father of Daniel -deceased,that Will mentioned during the interview. I’m a “TRUMP” supporter and a 9-11 Truther,living in Panama. A good site,if you might wish to do some “deep diving”,is https://newtube.app/user/HENOTI_1904/SZcXpeq.Let me know what you think. FEMA and Obama (queer as a “dodo” and married to a “dude) ran that “false flag” op at Sandy Hook. Following up,4 days later, with ANOTHER gun grabbing attempt,at Parkland.Little FBI “wannabe” Davy Hogg paraded for all to see.Parkland bulletin board displayed a “request for donations”,THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT! for Sandy Hook victims. Nothing but “wing nuts” in charge! WTF! Good luck and STAY THE COURSE! WWG1WGA

  • I had a patient that was a TWA stewardess that was assigned to the TWA 800 crew in New York. Her stewardess roommate was killed on that flight. She got news from other crew members that TWA 800 went down in the ocean. They all suspected it was shot down by a terrorist missile. After she got off the phone she heard a knock on the door. There were two men identified as FBI agents. They were very intimidating, warning her not to talk to anybody about the accident including other crew members,family or news reporters. They warned her if she did that something very bad may happen to her.

  • We knew this; not long after it happened. We knew that plane was shot down….we just didn’t know by ‘who’. There were many reports of people seeing a missile, when the plane went down. Alex Jones covered this, when it happened. Once again……(and I DO just LOVE saying this)…….ALEX JONES WAS RIGHT!!!

  • Old, old story. But probably deserves repeating. My son was in the Army at the time, military intelligence. He told us the story. A large meeting of military intel personal was called that day. They had an emergency. The Navy had shot down a civilian airliner was the briefing. What happened after that is anyone’s guess. But rumor had it someone high in the Navy was in deep you know what. My son came in the house one day after listening to Limbaugh belittle those who disagreed that the plane was shot down by military. He was upset and shaking his head asking us why the Army would lie to them. His step father reminded him, “Tell the lie long enough and everyone believes the lie,” referring to the Limbaugh story.

  • Believing that the 747 spontaneously exploded from a spark in the fuel tank is like believing the twin tower were taken out by two airplanes.

    By the way, I haven’t received a newsletter from you since, 5/27/22.

      • His email might be blocking or rejecting it; same thing happened to me until I got a different virus protector program.

    • ‘They’ are now censoring emails. Mine are getting censored (via aoHell). If you have gmail (and I cannot understand WHY it is that people still do?!), they’re mega censoring. My advise is to get a ProtonMail email account.

      • I always check my spam, as well as the “all mail” category, that sometimes hide things. Thanks, July Hunter.
        Thank you, Alexandra.

    • We are all being censored by server “spam blockers”! Your server will deny it as mine has, but this old hunting dog has been to too many hunts to fool. “Policies” don’t cha know!

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