Alexandra Bruce
November 24, 2014

WeAreChange Founder, Luke Rudkowski presents hard evidence that a fake viral video that has been running throughout several news media outlets in many NATO and other Westernized countries, as if it were the truth was actually a completely phony propaganda piece.

The BBC was the only mainstream news organization that actually looked into the origins of this viral video, which has been pumped into living rooms around the world via television, to discover that the piece was created for the purpose of spurring public acceptance of a boots-on-the-ground war with the Syrian regime. This is something Western governments have been trying to do for a couple of years, without success, due to the lack of support for such actions by the citizenry of these countries, so they’ve had to settle, instead on doing so covertly, by funding, arming and training ISIS and other regional terrorist groups.

The only good news here is that, at least the film crew hired to produce this bogus propaganda piece isn’t from the US; they’re from Norway, a NATO country, which according to numerous polls usually emerges as the “least corrupt” nation on the planet.

Yet another bubble, busted.

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