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This film is truly a piece of history and a snapshot of Old School Americana.

This is the original First edition full length film produced by Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) in March 1937, where he describes his encounter with Andrew Carnegie that inspired him to write the classic self-improvement book, ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ which has inspired countless people and created many fortunes.

This film is essentially his book in spoken form and the lessons are timeless.

Napoleon Hill was a Pioneer of the New Thought movement that flourished in the United States from the mid-19th Century through the mid-20th Century.

The ultra-successful 2006 video-on-demand film and book, ‘The Secret’ is the first commercial feature film presentation of New Thought. Created by a team of virtual unknowns from Australia, ‘The Secret’ has grossed north of half a billion dollars, since its release.

Making lots of money is great – but what this teaching is ultimately about is becoming engaged in your own life, rather than being a bystander; how to be the consciously-directed captain of the ship of your own life, rather than an unconscious victim.

Anybody can learn a thing or two about this film.

Alexandra Bruce

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