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Dr. Nick Delgado is a researcher of biochemistry and endocrinology, with a special focus on anti-aging medicine. In this clip, Dr. Delgado speaks to me about a disturbing new phenomenon that he’s been observing for about a year and a half.

When he examines patients, Dr. Delgado puts a drop of their blood beneath a microscope. After 40 years of studying blood morphology, he has never previously seen or heard of the 1-micron-sized* tiny “tadpoles”, which he’s been seeing lately, which school like fish in large groups around the blood cells, moving in unison and changing rapidly in direction. The people carrying these “tadpoles” all describe having a persistent cough.

These “tadpoles” somewhat resemble a class of microbe called flagella. A common example of a flagellate bacterium is the ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori – however, these “tadpoles” behave differently from anything he’s ever seen.

Dr. Delgado isn’t sure whether these are a “super” bacteria or exactly what they are but he’s encountered cases in Northern- and Southern California, as well as in Florida. After I suggested that if they were not readily identifiable as microbes, that these might be some sort of bioweapon, he remarked that he was open to this possibility.

Earlier this week, a colleague of his had confirmed that he’d observed the exact same thing – so it truly appears that we may be looking at an emerging and pervasive phenomenon.

As Dr. Delgado described their movement to me, I was reminded of the way swarms of tiny drones called Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) can maneuver, as they are radio controlled using “swarming” software, which keeps the movements of dozens of MAVs in perfect unison.

These “tadpoles” are of course much, much smaller than MAVs. The idea of nanorobots or “nanites” also popped into my mind. At 1 micron in size, these “tadpoles” are at the large end of the nanoscale, the size of a complex nanobot, per Robert Freitas, in his book, ‘Nanomedicine’.

As Dr. Delgado described the distribution of cases in California, it reminded me of Morgellon’s disease, a controversial condition described by officialdom (the crooked CDC) as “delusional parasitosis.” Morgellon’s is nonetheless addressed with sincerity by the Mayo Clinic and certainly by its sufferers, many of whom believe that there might be a connection between chemtrails and Morgellon’s.

Dr. Delgado will be showing images of these strange new blood “tadpoles” in his upcoming October 16th Immortality Webclass, a free webinar he’s conducting with fellow leading anti-aging experts, that’s all about revolutionizing the way participants think about and experience aging, with critical scientific insights into the findings of recent research and how to safely use biochemistry to improve all areas of human performance in advanced ages.

This FREE webinar will be held on October 16th, between 3PM to 6PM Pacific Time.


* (Not 4 microns, as discussed in the video interview).

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  • Get video and thank you Mrs.Bruce for bringing on Dr. Delgado he is very informative. I was wondering yours and his thoughts on bioengineered bacterium and how common is it? I myself have Hpylori bacteria the underlining cause of stomach cancer (go figure) and I have a deep suspicion that this bacteria along with Lyme and other ones such as the ones in your interview with Dr. Delgado are all man made. I’m curious to get your thoughts and if possible info to confirm my suspicions. Thank you so much for the great content.

  • Hi my name is Terry Calcari, I have been a very active person my whole life along with being very athletic & body builder, I’ve been sick for for over 3 years now. Ever since I had major surgery to remove My Ovaries & at the same time I had bladder mesh put in.. while they were taking out my ovaries they nicked an arterial / vessel in surgery and was having a very hard time to stop the internal bleeding, they closed me up hoping it will stop on its own… if it did not stop by morning they were planning to open me up again to stop it… it finally stopped but I lost a lot of blood so I had to get blood transfusions. I went in as a very healthy person and came out a very very sick personal, my thyroid went bad, then they tell me I’m infected with Lyme’s disease & now chronic Lymes along with other bacteria and chronic pain, chronic fatigue disease, along with morgellens which has left me with ulcerated sores all over my face and legs. I have pulled thousands of the same thing you are describing in your web news… note!! I know I after that blood transfusions I became very sick.. I feel I was infected with Lymes and all that I’m going through fro the blood transfusions. Please contact me I do have a number a samples of fibers & the little creatures I’ve been pulling out of my sores…

  • We’re about to shoot another segment in a few minutes on this with someone who actually has these things in her blood and we’re going to test it and see how it responds to various stimuli and treatments. We might be able to post this as soon as tomorrow!

    Stay tuned!

  • […] When he examines patients, Dr. Delgado puts a drop of their blood beneath a microscope. After 40 years of studying blood morphology, he has never previously seen or heard of the 1-micron-sized* tiny “tadpoles”, which he’s been seeing lately, which school like fish in large groups around the blood cells, moving in unison and changing rapidly in direction. The people carrying these “tadpoles” all describe having a persistent cough. […]

    • Test the TGF beta-1 levels. (Transforming growth factor bera 1)
      If elevated, quercetin with bromelain works to:
      A. Decrease TGF beta 1 (a B cell activating factor)
      B. Decrease sclerotic related vessel formation

  • Hi there….I have been seeing these in a number of blood samples in my clinical work and in the past these have been identified as Toxic Fungal Forms.

  • I would catch a chest cold each winter until I started taking one 400 mg capsule of NOW brand quercetin dihydrate (“Quercetin with Bromelain”) mornings. I believe quercetin clears and protects the sinuses and lungs.
    Maybe quercetin would help in cases like this tadpole parasite.

  • Genetic modification organisms cannot produce their own seed.Farmer who grow GMO wheat seed have to buy new seeds each season before planting crops.I believe bees have been infected a fungus in their lungs and biologically cannot break this substance down.Because molecular level,GMO don’t use sugar sucrose.Instad they submitted whither wood succor which bees and human cannot break down.Wood sucrose turns airborne white powder,that inhaled by bees causing a fungus to grow in bees lung,ultimately killing the bees.

    • My understanding in the are of GMOs regarding reproduction is that initially they can not reproduce but eventually (depends on the crop or the insect) they revert back to their original DNA codes if the can survive.

  • I’m very interested in this. I registered for the doctors’ seminar but when I received the agenda it mentioned NOTHING about this. Not interested in a training course on long life. Interested in this issue.

    • Elle, Dr. Delgado will be showing the latest slides taken by him and by his colleagues in this webinar but the main thrust of their talk will be about anti-aging medicine and extending quality of life in advanced ages. That is Dr. Delgado’s specialty. This discovery is an anomaly, which as more days go by with this post up, we are seeing more hematologists come forward to confirm his findings. This is an emerging story for those who don’t study blood morphology every day.

  • About six months or so ago here in San Juan Capistrano, So. Cal. , on a Saturday morning I heard the sound of very low flying aircraft- alarmed, I ran outside in time to see a tight formation of four aircraft flying very low and spraying something over our area. Since that time I have had a weird cough and have been hearing a lot of accounts of “chemtrail cough” . Lovely. Just lovely.

  • Think these bacteria with flagella are bad, try dealing with the ultimate bacteria with a tail, borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Completely destroyed my health and life and if you don’t catch it in the first 30 days after exposure, you probably never will be cured. CDC has lied about it for years as was demonstrated last year when they admitted that there are 10 times the number of cases a year than they have previously been reporting. That is over 300,000 cases a year, 10 times the number of cases of aids. Think it is a coincidence that the disease was first discovered in the town of Lyme , CT, three miles from the Plum Island Animal Research Facility? I don’t.

    • I don’t either. If you study the pattern of cases, Plum Island is the bullseye in the center of its spread.

  • I just finished reading the web site ….…IF ANYONE thinks the US GOVERNMENT aren’t a bunch of TERRORISTS,you better read this,IT REALLY PISSED ME OFF,all these people need to be rounded up and SHOT,their working on destroying your family,children,ALL the wildlife and the planet in general,and they will succeed if their NOT stopped …READ THIS ..THEN SPREAD IT WORLD WIDE…….

  • BIOWEAPONS created at the US ARMY BIO-WEAPONS LAB at ft.detrick ,maryland…..allowing the government to create bio-weapons was playing with fire,THEY’VE BEEN TESTED ON THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD….NOW THEY’LL BE USED ON YOU and YOUR FAMILY…….

  • A subscriber in the natural health business sent me some information that I think may be of help to some people out there, so I’m posting his comments here:

    “…try blood electrification to neutralize the flagellates. The Albert Einstein Univ. patent states that it kills all blood born pathogens including HIV.

    “I have been using a device from Sota Instruments in Canada for many years. It works.

    “Original patent:

    “The Blood Electrification unit from Sota is non invasive. Electrodes are placed over blood vessels in the wrist or leg and a 50-100 micro amp current is passed into the blood. Device is pocket size & can be strapped to your arm.

    “Herxheimer Reaction is the only side effect I have experienced. (only the first time I used it) an indication that the current is killing pathogens.

    “I try to use my device about once a week. It’s also inexpensive , the units are only about 150 bucks & mine is 20 years old & still works.

    “…another effect of blood electrification is something called electroporation which increases the permeability of the cells. So, it is advisable not to take any medication/herbs etc about 30 minutes before or after blood electrification.

    “I was also thinking that if these things are not biological but, electro-mechanical nanobots a 50uamp current would be like hitting a mosquito with a lightning bolt. Also, a nanobot might carry a small electrical charge of its own making it susceptible to scavengers like carbon 60, diatomaceous earth or calcium bentonite.”

    • On the other hand, a commenter on Dr. Nick Delgado’s YouTube page says the following: “Whatever you do ~ do not zap or run any electrical charge or this will explode in production and spread and activate and replicate at an alarming level~ this is not the first breaking news as they say a lot of other clinics that have contacted me have seen this and they have validate about the charging of the system ~ I repeat do not use energy devices on this this has a morphology and will change.

      “Another tid bit ~ metal evolves due to the integration of proteins and metals called metallomics this is not jut bio and not a morgellons at all but nano poisoning.”

      • You are correct, Alex, more than you may even imagine, presently. This discovery by medical personnel was going to emerge sooner or later. Moreover, as more detailed information is revealed about it the story will take on an ever more creepy and sinister narrative–a found truth.

    • I’m aware of Sofia Smallstorm. Dark Journalist is currently editing a recent interview he did with Elana Freeland, who always shares the most hair-raising information around – especially in this area of “smartdust” and nanobots being incorporated into the bodies of every living thing.

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