YouTuber, Sarah Westall contacted me as the Mueller Report was coming out and I hopped on Skype to talk to her about how the report’s language appears to be allowing the Democrat narrative of “Russian WikiLeaks” to persist and how the corrupt media, tech giants and politicians are not ceasing but instead doubling down on their psychological civil war against the US populace.

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  • The is only one way for a snake and only one path: SLITHERING.

    As they lose an issue or make total a-holes of themselves, they simply morph the conversation, change the language and continue slithering down the path.

    THEY ARE EVIL. YES, it exists and they practice the dark arts of occult and use it to control. The CIA is the domestic mechanism for it as well as elements of the military.

    James, I agree with much that you said except about Trump. Even if he is not a puppet, he is controlled by the new world order and the rockefeller family. Trump has been on both sides of just about every issue out there. Much of what he ran on remains undone. You can blame the never trumpers and the evil cabal, yes. But Trump said he’d get it done. Catch and release at the border goes unabated. What has he really done to stop agenda 21? Not much. I give him credit for some things like jobs and going after pedophiles. But, he’s all for the new world order as long as the USA leads the pack of thieves.

  • I will always say that the CIA runs this country, and has since JFK was killed, except for a little b.s. from Nixon, who they took out of office, instead of killing him. Maybe most don’t see the connections that I do. But, when the CIA was formed with agents from operation paperclip, we were dead meat, I mean, we still had the same bankers in place that helped Hitler, as well as Ford. Hell, the bankers of this country are still the same families that got us into so many wars, with collusion from the CIA, to control the words we hear from most all media. There are a few exceptions. Thank You, Alexandra, for finding them for us. At any rate, Trump is not one of the sock puppets, and they have been very busy tossing distractions at us for the last “four” years, and will continue to do so while he is in office. How do you drain a swamp, when you are standing in it with seasoned swamp veterans? Who will “advise” you who to select for a position of power. Too many strings, with so, so many controllers. Best wishes for us all, have a happy Easter, with family and friends. I’m not very much a believer in religions, they too have been controllers of this world.


  • this has to be the slickest most biased , poorly written bs i have ever seen, OF COURSE THERE WAS RUSSIAN COLLUSION WITH THE VERY PEOPLE THAT STARTED THE LIE THE CLINTONS, COMEY , MCCABE, BRENNER . This entire video is just ridiculous just like the Biased Mueller Report , they (mueller )actually left out data on purpose like who paid for the dossier , lol CLEARS THE DEMS ???ARE YOU INSANE ? IT JUST MADE THEM DIRTIER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE IF THATS POSSIBLE. THE WORST DIRTIEST SPY OPS IN OUR HISTORY AND ALL DONE BY DEMORATS , ITS DISGUSTING AND HORRIFIC TO EVEN COMPREHEND ,

  • This “Border BS” is nothing new folks! This country started “Inviting” people to come over the border since the 1970’s….Even making it MUCH easier for them to WANT to come here by providing EVERYTHING they would need to “Blend-In” via “Dumbed-Downed tax payer here.
    I know because I lived close to the Mexican border for many years (San Diego)
    They could be Regularly be SEEN running into this country ALL THE TIME!
    I had times when I would see them sneaking through my own home back yard!
    They Directly effected my income as a auto body repair technician, because most auto repair shops would pass over a citizen to hire a Latino worker because They were easier to “Manipulate” and would for much Cheaper wages.
    So they provided: Shelter; Drivers license; Med-care; Food Stamps;…ANYTHING!…so that they would be ENCOURAGED to come over the border…UNDERSTAND Folks???
    CORPS’s (Vatican) and Bankoholics Helped BIG Time too, with Cheap Loans…and NOW you are wondering WHY there is a problem NOW.
    I now live in Portland, Oregon and STILL See More Latinos than Citizens….In fact They even have their little Cart businesses like I used see IN MEXICO, when I would visit there…Almost ALL food prep Vans are owned and operated by Latinos.
    This is a PERFECT example of HOW they CAUSE a Problem…The Offer THEIR “Solution” to the Problem (Problem=Reaction=Solution….REMEMBER???
    Only a Certified Moron belleves this Border BS will ever be solved by building a Wall…AND “WHO” YOU SUPPOSE WILL WIND UP FOOTING THE BILL???DUH!

  • Alexander Bruce somehow hadn’t seen the movie, The Obama Deception by Alex Jones, and so, was tricked and voted for Obama, a third generation CIA agent as discovered by Wayne Madsen. As learned as she is, I was surprised how naive she is. All readers should be familiar with Alex Jones, David Icke, Wayne Madsen, and many more, to have a deep understanding. see this

    • @Ray Songtree
      Obama is a “Coon” Set-Up to FAIL (As Coon’s usually are)…Talking about “Change! You can Believe in” (Laugh!!!) And COULDN’T Change a Damn thing, because IF he was “Selected” (Not Elected)…That means the so-called “Deep State” folks would have NEVER Allowed him to be there.
      They wanted Him there to expose his Failures…Witch THEY wanted to do in the First place.
      The POOF of this NOW being brought out RIGHT NOW.
      White Supremacy wanted to be able to Point at a FAILURE Black President…SEE how this is “Playing Out” NOW???
      Remember!…The Bush Family showed Him the “Zebruda Film” as a reminder of What would happen if he Ever attempted to CHANGE things.

  • The establishment party is imploding on its incompetence. When the Cabal was in full power they needed ignorant government puppets to control, but as the cabal loses its power, the puppets look like the idiots they are. The Mexico border is the most flagrant demonstration of the collapse of rational actions in Congress. We see the trafficking of drugs, guns, and people like we have never seen before because the cabal no longer controls the criminal activities as they did under past Presidents. Its no wonder why Trump has focused his attention on it. Vast sums of illegal money are being disrupted by regular military personnel deployed there. The corrupt border agents are being exposed. The invasion of illegal migrants is an obvious attempt to swing the American vote to a UN globalist point of view. Also, the MSM is hiding the number of Chinese, and and Middle Eastern Muslims entering through our southern border.

  • This deep state corruption became obvious when President Kennedy was murdered. All Presidents after Kennedy were puppets of an organized crime ring (cabal). Trump is the first President since Kennedy to challenge the criminal cabal. We need to support a complete disclosure of the covered up crimes.


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