mRNA Vaccine Genocide 2021-2022: Testimonies from the Victims and Medical Staff


“mRNA ‘Vaccine’ Genocide 2021-2022: Testimonies from the Victims and Medical Staff,” tells the stories of people around the world who have been injured by the COVID jab
Their struggle, their pain, their deaths deserve to be acknowledged for what they are — the result of medical malfeasance, regulatory corruption and societal “mass formation” insanity driven by media fearmongering and outright lies

A common thread in these stories is the consistent dismissal by the medical community. Even in cases where the doctors do suspect a COVID jab injury, they still have no idea how the symptoms are caused or how to treat them, so they just send the victims home. Successful treatments appear to be extremely rare, which adds insult to injury
The COVID shot is the most dangerous drug in the history of modern medicine, and these dangers were foreseen and predicted by many respected and well-educated doctors and scientists, whose voices were censored

All-cause mortality by time is the most reliable measure from which we can detect true catastrophic events, and all-cause mortality started spiking AFTER the COVID jabs were rolled out. These increases also correlate to a nation’s COVID jab rate

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  • I’m hoping by now many doctors and medical practitioners have started to realize or suspect that the jab is causing problems. I’m also assuming many are never going to admit the problems connect with the jab because of liability and ego. Again, this will not fully bloom until it’s heard on major media but in the mean time let the truth keep pouring out.

  • We know the wool is being pulled over our eyes and we don’t care. Bad things happen to other people, just don’t make me look at them. Tell me only pleasant lies and I will be happy with them.

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

    But the man behind the curtain is just a man. There is no other wizard but him. And so there is, in fact, no medical science wizard at all.

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