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    ‘Montauk Chronicles’ is a film that I wanted to make for a long time. I interviewed 20 experiencers and ended up being commissioned by Peter Moon to write a book that became part of the series of books about the Philedelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project, published by Sky Books.

    It’s the chilling story of three men who claim, that between 1971 and 1983, secret experiments were conducted deep beneath the surface of the Camp Hero Air Force base, in Montauk, New York, where experiments in mind control, time travel and contact with aliens are said to have occurred. The whole story had a very dark energy about it that almost swallowed me up. I’m not surprised it had to made twice and that it took a decade to be released.

    Director, Christopher Garetano began his journey in 2006, creating two different films on the subject. The final film, ‘Montauk Chronicles’ (2014) is a culmination of almost a decade-long investigation regarding the alleged Camp Hero experiments, during which Christopher traveled around the country to personally interview the men who initially reported their experiences, which have, over time become an underground urban legend; including Alfred Bielek (RIP), Stewart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols.

    The final version of ‘Montauk Chronicles’ was ultimately completed in the summer of 2014. Triumphantly, ‘Montauk Chronicles’ premiered at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival in January of 2015, in New York City, taking the Best Documentary award.




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