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This is 153 pages of the confidential agreement between Moderna and the US Government. And it goes back to 2015. What? Jason, what was happening in 2015? Uh, Frankenstein coronavirus.

That’s right! The same time Dr Baric and Dr Shi published their paper on the new Frankenstein coronavirus. In fact, let’s skip down to page 104. It shows that the NIH and Moderna were collaborating with Dr Baric.

Wow! His signature is on page 106 of the material transfer agreement. But let’s get back up to the top of this specific agreement. The NIH appears to be transferring the mRNA tech to Dr Baric.

But look what they want to make clear. Quote, “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by the NIAID and Moderna.”

I’m sorry. I mean, I’ve seen ulterior motives before, but usually, you see them coming. Did you know that the Government co-owns the vaccine? By the way, this is not part of the Trump’s thing. This is not part of that.

This is 2015. The same government that is now mandating its use owns the vaccine.

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  • The Territorial Government is a privately owned, D&B registered commercially chartered for-profit CROWN corporation (1789)! Our government has not been in office since 1860. Our British Territorial subcontract DBA the United Sates of America Inc, (international sea jurisdiction) stepped up and declared a post Civil War “State of Emergency” for us until we reconstruct our Land Jurisdiction Government that bolted in 1860 “Sine Die”. Our beloved cousins across the pond have been masquerading as the American Government while latching on to our credit to run their private business venture…While they were at it they conspired to convert our political status as Americans Nationals to U.S. Citizens as if we were an employee, franchise, volunteer or dependent of the their benefit/privilege “essential governmental services” PCT foreign corporation. This allowed them to shirk their constitutional guarantees to us as “Americans” because technically on paper we ARE NO LONGER Americans! Time to WTFU! The birth “Registration” is the “Application” of U.S Citizenship. Our mothers signed in a box labeled “Informant” on the application. The Birth Certificate is on bond paper for a reason! It is a negotiable instrument! Mine indicates AMERICAN BANK NOTE COMPANY in very small print along the edge. Yep…Notes are evidence of a debt…why is my (and yours) Birth Certificate a debt note? Commerce my friend…MARITIME COMMERCE is the jurisdiction for Incorporated businesses such as United States of America Inc. Corporations have owners…last time I checked our government doesn’t have owners. Pissed off yet? The Brits (and the BAR) are at the bottom of every dog pile!

  • this document is more proof that the CIC fuhrer and godfather of operation warpedseed was talking out of his rump to claim 9 months for him to birth the three beautiful whackcines that his fan club loves to hear him brag about at those rallies where he fund raises to make isrealhell great again . trump the swamp drainer leads the pack of dead presidents as replacement actor for the mostly dead guy joey who hopefully has ass-spread his last lost turd . USSA , USSA , USSA .

  • It seems that this, is just part of a Long Saga, detailing Plans for Humanity.

    We all know that the Gov’t owns Corporations and Companies, through its Stock ownership, and vice versa, Corporations own the Gov’t through Facist Partnerships.

    Diseases and Illnesses are created, when Companies discover, new potential medicines, through their research.

    This is one piece of a largerer puzzle, with potential for mis-direction.

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