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by Tom Bilyeu

In today’s episode, I’m thrilled to be joined by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as we tackle a wide range of critical issues facing America today.

RFK is a politician from the Kennedy Family, he is a son of U.S. attorney general and senator Robert F. Kennedy, and nephew of U.S. president John F. Kennedy and senator Ted Kennedy. He is also an advocate for public health, border security, and political reform, and an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

From the harrowing realities at the U.S. border, RFK underscores the urgent need for strong border security and a compassionate, streamlined immigration process. He also shares his bold ideas for cutting the military budget, focusing on economic power rather than military might, and advocating for sound fiscal policies to address national debt and inflation.

Our discussion broadens to cover the impact of government surveillance; whistleblower protection; how embracing cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain can rejuvenate the economy and restore faith in government; and the importance of truth in media and politics. RFK also passionately argues for the necessity of open debates on contentious issues, including COVID responses, vaccine efficacy, and broader health policies.

We also discuss: – Victimization of immigrants by cartels

– Advocacy for strong border security & legal immigration process

– Speculation on Biden’s border policy & cognitive decline

– Exposing unconstitutional surveillance – Criticism of politically motivated prosecutions

– Issues of chronic disease, addiction, and economic challenges

– Printing money, inflation, and national debt as economic threats

– Embracing blockchain & cryptocurrency to counter inflation

– Integrating bitcoin to save the dollar & create wealth

– Decline in American values & constitutional adherence

– Compromised press & spread of government propaganda

– Social media algorithms amplifying societal polarization

This episode is packed with thought-provoking insights and proposals aimed at addressing the multifaceted challenges the U.S. faces today and navigates the delicate balance between compassion, security, truth, and innovation.


[0:00] Faults in democracy

[52:13] Rebuilding US middle class

[1:09:56] Wars without accountability

[1:29:21] Potential positive uses of AI in the government

[2:04:51] Media & press corruption


“The polarization is partially a function of economic stratification but it’s amplified today by social media because the algorithms, these algorithms, which are self learning algorithms, and the engineers who design those algorithms really don’t even understand in many cases how they work anymore because they’re learning themselves.”

“I became kind of a social critic of a bureaucracy that is corrupt and that is twisting science and it’s twisting facts and distorting facts…our country really is no longer living up to its ideals.”

“But both the Biden and Trump campaign have said that they’re not going to use the debate, the presidential debating commission, and they made a side deal with CNN. And we think this ideal is illegal.”

“My first day in office, I’m going to issue an executive order saying any government official who lies for any reason to the American public will immediately lose their job.”

“So what I would do is take all of those studies and get AI to identify the stuff that we don’t need and put it up on blockchain so every American can look at it and understand the ideology of it.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This interview should be seen by everyone. Robert F. Kennedy Jr is the finest candidate to become President of the United States.

  • Until all the secret societies are destroyed these politicians are nothing more than puppets

  • The country has not been at war since 1812 – the last actual battle was with, you guessed it…our deceitful cousins across the pond…again. Since then every “war” has been a commercial mercenary conflict by the British Territorial Branch USA Inc. The Territorial branch of our “Federal” government (contract government) headquartered in the “District of Columbia”. The Territorial branch is a CROWN subcontractor with an equity contract dated 1789 called the Constitution of the United States of America “Inc.” King George III didn’t lose everything as we have been led to believe. George’s Admiralty got the bulk of our military contracts…why you may ask? Because we didn’t have a Navy to speak of and required cargo protection to get products moving across the pond – COMMERCE!

    3 Branches: Commercial Subcontractors exercising “Delegated Powers” (DC Headquarters)
    Federal Republic – staffed by Americans known as United States Citizens
    Territorial – staffed by British “Tories” known as U.S. Citizens – our Military & Dependents
    Municipal – staffed by HRE known as Municipal Citizens of the United States – Civil Servants

    BTW, are you aware the word Federal is a synonym for contract? Yup…
    Webster’s circa early 1800’s: Federal Government = “Contract” say it correctly!

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