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    For those of us not drinking the establishment Kool-Aid, the past three years have been oppressive. The Internet has been weaponized to de-platform and disenfranchise those who aren’t Far-Left enough, including those on the Center-Left. We’ve watched in horror as TV news anchors we’ve known for decades have morphed into saboteurs seeking to overthrow our Government and legal system, setting a precedent from which the institutions may not recover. Worst of all, many of our loved ones have mutated into fools because they believe the endless gaslighting from these toadies of Globalism.

    Yesterday, however, there were some breaks in the unrelenting perfidy:

    • US Attorney John Durham’s probe into the origins of Russiagate was officially declared a criminal investigation.
    • Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper melted down on CNN, while discussing his imminent deposition by Durham.
    • Former FBI Assistant Director-turned-CNN host, Andrew McCabe dropped his wrongful termination suit against the DOJ.
    • Usually-blustering former CIA Director, John Brennan has remained silent for over a week.
    • Sidney Powell, attorney for Former National Security Advisor, Lt. General Mike Flynn filed a motion with newly-declassified exculpatory evidence, proving that her client had been set up and framed by the FBI, which could overturn his felony conviction for a “process crime”.

    All of these are signs that the establishment’s coup narrative is collapsing and that we may perchance dream of a restoration of the rule of law.

    Meanwhile, this TV commercial for Thinx “period proof” underpants aired during prime time, while throughout the week, all the major Woke candidates tweeted their support for the Menstrual Equity Act, which seeks “To increase the availability and affordability of menstrual hygiene products for individuals with limited access, and for other purposes”.

    As we know, Google Search’s auto-complete tells us, “Men can have periods” and Thinx, the underwear manufacturer describes itself as “On a mission to empower every body with innovative solutions and social change.” They can’t just make absorbent underpants, they have to transform society and they have to time their ad campaigns with the introduction of woke legislation.

    In this spot, we see the surreptitious destabilization all norms of rationality and logic that is the hallmark of the Social Justice movement. Democrats want us to have Menstrual Justice with our baseless impeachment.

    We will not be safe from stealth bludgeonings by militant transgenderism until the Wokesters establish their New World Order, after which they’ll send all the trans people to concentration camps.

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    • I laughed my ass off when I watched the “Menstruation” commercial – I dare them to feature it during the Super Bowl!
      On a serious note, I sense that things are coming to a head. I worry that a major false flag may be staged to divert attention away from potential arrests of Deep State swamp creatures. We must stay alert and be prepared to weather an event in which power may be shut off as well as communication via internet.
      The Tiffany Fitzhenry interview with SGT Report was spot on. You go girl!

    • As any real man knows, you can definitely have your period, albeit not as frequently as our female counterparts, and without the bleeding, thank god!

      When we say “I’m having my period”, what we really mean is, “I’m feeling really moody right now, and I’m unstable enough to remove your skull from your neck, should you push me too far.”

      What do women think when they’re likewise enthralled? From my time being married, I got a ring side seat to bitching, moaning, and complaining, when not being a miserable bastard. She got my credit card…

      Seriously, the entire current gender confusion is just more ‘Illuminati’/ ‘Rothschild Satanist’ conspiracy to divide and conquer us along our gender and sexual differences. We shouldn’t make it easy for them – in fact, let’s take the opportunity to heal our religious, cultural, and social divides. The real enemy is the politician and the power-welder. Let’s stop following!

      So when you interact with someone who has biodiversity (you don’t judge flowers on color, what makes you think humans should be any different?), or speaks a different language, or worships a different-named God? These are ALL bullshit schisms, and we are falling for it, being the sucker to take the bait of such polarizing propaganda.

      Stop listening to the liars – those who use tv and other media to convince you that “the other guy is the problem”.


      If you’re buying into those lies, YOU are the problem. It doesn’t matter if you lean Right or Left, Gay, Straight or ‘Other’, Hindu/Christian/Jew (but those Zoroastrians…!) – the ONLYT schism that matters is RIGHT v WRONG. Just follow the Golden Rule.. and stop buying the programming. Look at the sources, not the interpreters, and use common sense with evidence. The Facts matter, so when will we indict the liars, the propagandists, and the criminals?

      Not Right v Left,
      It’s RIGHT v WRONG

    • Rep. Meng who sponsored this bill needs psychiatric help…immediately. Then again she reps for NE Queens, so I guess she fits right in with the crowd.

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